Best Mistake by FlawsomeJan
Best Mistakeby Aries♕
A story of chasing and fighting for someone you love. A wife that begs for her to be loved back by her heartless husband who doesn't care for her. She fought alone in t...
  • husband
  • wife
  • romance
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The Girl I Cheated On by Abhilasha_Sinha
The Girl I Cheated Onby Abhilasha Sinha
She was crying her heart out. She was screaming and begging for me to come back. She loved me. More than anybody in her life. More than anybody can ever love. But I just...
  • hate
  • forever
  • wattys2014beginnersluck
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Can't Help Falling In Love ➳ Stanley Uris by SophiaMinette123ABC
Can't Help Falling In Love ➳ Phi-Phi Callista
❝Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can't help falling in love with you?❞ ~•~ In which a shy girl fell for a boy who doesn't even know she...
  • onesided
  • lol
  • serenity
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A Flirtationship // Complete by xShreyaPandeyx
A Flirtationship // Completeby Shreya Pandey
He's the attractive football player with a penchant for stealing girls' hearts. She's his socially awkward best friend who's fluent in sarcasm. They share a relationship...
  • wattpadprize14
  • badboy
  • bestfriend
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He' s my Damn Professor by NicaRama
He' s my Damn Professorby Nica Rama
maganda.. nakaka high hahah para kang naka drugs hahha nakak kilig nakaka bwiset maganda ang author hahahaha
  • wife
  • onesided
  • affair
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1-800-BABE §jungri§ by Goldenkokoro
1-800-BABE §jungri§by Goldenkokoro
in which yeri and jungkook aren't only good friends but fuck buddies too. *mainly txt format*
  • text
  • bts
  • romance
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The Dare Games ✓ by flowersoverboys
The Dare Games ✓by 笨蛋
For sixteen-year-old Parker Henderson, average and boring is her lifestyle. Until it isn't. One day into her junior year of high school she's given an invitation to join...
  • death
  • humor
  • bad
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|I'll ruin you| by DucklingKyungsoo
|I'll ruin you|by DucklingKyungsoo
These are some short stories of the EXO members, including past ones as Yandere's, Yandere meaning an unhealthy relationship. Where the boys will be crushing hard on you...
  • yandere
  • chen
  • xiumin
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Let Me Love You... and Lose You Too by Dakshinamoorthy
Let Me Love You... and Lose You Tooby Saffi Sanam
She loved him. He loved someone else. She gave up. He lost his girl. A twist of fate brings him to the girl who once loved him, but she has now lost all hope. Can...
  • college
  • india
  • pregnant
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I Like Her That Way by salorahsam
I Like Her That Wayby salorahsam
"I hate you so much! Can't you just disappear from my life?" She's annoying, chirpy, happy-go-lucky, a goody two-shoes and caring. God, I hate her so much! -R...
  • love
  • arrogant
  • billionare
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STIGMA _ ✜ K.TH FF ✜ by blackstar_xo
STIGMA _ ✜ K.TH FF ✜by 검은 별
❝can i ask you something?❞ ❝huh?❞ ❝what did you think about your 2 weeks at mr kim's fashion company as an intern? did you like it?❞ he nodded with a bright smile. ❝ne...
  • fashiondesign
  • taehyungandreader
  • taehyung
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Unrequited by taani18
Unrequitedby taani18
"you know why i can't do this, you bloody well know, I knew this will never work, just forget it Kanish, it's the end " saying so she walked away from him, le...
  • army
  • projectwomanup
  • aliabhat
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What If... [EXO Suho and Apink Eunji Fanfiction] by Kurai_Sen
What If... [EXO Suho and Apink Kurai_Sen
"I know we're only pretending, and that our entire relationship is fake, but what if...just what if...what if I liked you for real?" When a massive scandal occ...
  • suho
  • comedy
  • unrequited
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Last Mission by Dictator_Senpai
Last Missionby Dictator_Senpai
After the 4th great Ninja war, life is well in Konoha. But Naruto can't seem to keep his mind from wandering to the topic of a silver haired Copy Ninja, since he is lock...
  • teacher
  • love
  • romance
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Strictly Professional by bellskiess
Strictly Professionalby Bella
What happens when you lose a job because of a perverted boss? Get the same kind of job somewhere else, only the place is where I somehow got an interview for, only hires...
  • punishment
  • ceo
  • love
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The Millers by lovefromnini
The Millersby Nini
Running, it was always a passion of Maddison's but now the only running she can do is from the past. Maddison Heart was the reason her mother was pushed away from her fa...
  • mystery
  • mysterious
  • manor
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Faking It FanFiction: The Liamy Situation *COMPLETED* by ICEEYAA
Faking It FanFiction: The Liamy ImariC.
My take on Amy and Liam from season 2 and season 3! I hope you enjoy! :D
  • mtv
  • teen
  • love
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「Just Bestfriends?」→ Namjin by TAESTHICK
「Just Bestfriends?」→ Namjinby « h i a t u s »
« completed » When the intelligent yet dense Namjoon just see his childhood neighbor Seokjin only as his bestfriend. Nothing else... Ranked: #540 in Fanfiction 093017 ©...
  • love
  • kimseokjin
  • fluff
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[Yaoi] Blind Side รัก||ของ||แว่น by Earn_book4life
[Yaoi] Blind Side รัก||ของ||แว่นby Earn_book4life
แว่น แอบรัก พี่ต้นกล้า แล้วพี่กล้า...จะเคยเห็นแว่นอยู่ในสายตาบ้างมั้ยนะ? ตีพิมพ์กับ สนพ.เฮอร์มิทค่ะ
  • mm
  • onesided
  • yaoi
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The Side Wife by kater1n
The Side Wifeby Katerin
Maybe at the beginning, there was nothing, but so much happened in the span of five years.Feeling were developed and the desire between both man and woman burned. Well...
  • otherwoman
  • italian
  • notloved
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