Alpha's Little Omega by LoveStoryOfDeath106
Alpha's Little Omega by GalaxyLover106 Fanfiction
Prince Levi Rivaille Ackerman is the prince of Wall Sina. Who is taking the throne when his reach 21st birthday. It was 3 years ago when he met his little omega. In a al...
I Finally Caught You (OmegaVerse: Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) by x_kira
I Finally Caught You (OmegaVerse:... by Levi <3 Fanfiction
OmegaVerse AU! Prince Levi x Servant Eren. Levi Ackerman one of the strongest and most adored in his kingdom. His Uncle declares that Levi needs to find a mate, so they...
Alpha finds his Mate (Yuri!!! on Ice) by cassandraanne2212
Alpha finds his Mate (Yuri!!! on I... by cassandraanne2212 Fanfiction
Yuuri was an omega male and he has yet to expirens his heat. He's never met his mate even though.... already knows he is Yuuris mate, but won't say it until Yuuri gets h...
Namjin Family by Victor-Katsuki
Namjin Family by Brea Fanfiction
Kim Namjoon- Alpha ❤️ Kim Seokjin- Omega Kim (Min) Yoongi- Alpha Kim (Park) Jimin- Omega Kim (Jeon) Jungkook- Omega This is the Namjin family~ Everyone else is either...
ALPHAS - VKOOKMIN by 罪 Fanfiction
alphas like you disgust me. © HEARTFILM
vueltas de la vida by LiviRendon
vueltas de la vida by Livi Rendon Fanfiction
la historia de un chico que la vida no le a sonreído......
Families {Sequel to Namjin Family} by Victor-Katsuki
Families {Sequel to Namjin Family} by Brea Fanfiction
Sequel to Namjin Family❤️ Namjin Sope And more~
His Toy (Omegaverse) by daina4497
His Toy (Omegaverse) by Flora Joseph Romance
"I'm pregnant and its your's" I Will be updating 1 chapter every day
Maria and Rose  by jaegerackereri
Maria and Rose by jaegerackereri Fanfiction
There are two tribes, one called Maria, the other known as Rose. Both equal in power, both have an equal amount of members. However when the two omegan children of the...
WAY OF AN OMEGA by anrebkyo1990
WAY OF AN OMEGA by anrebkyo1990 Fantasy
After knowing how cruel the world is to an omega like him --- Yulrir Bellaire, an omega, promised to change everything and strive hard to get a power stronger than any...
Insane [Jikook] by FluffyChiminie
Insane [Jikook] by Zae Fanfiction
Jikook Omegaverse. Bottom Jimin Top Jungkook
Meant To Be Yours ~|||~ Levi x Eren by ErenPastel
Meant To Be Yours ~|||~ Levi x Eren by •Eren Jeager• Fanfiction
Levi x Eren Omegaverse and Soulmate AU crossover. --- 18 year old Eren Jeager, a transferred student who moved from Germany to France due to schooling issues and his fa...
Married With Bad Alpha ?! (KooMin / Jimin Uke) by SungSooRa
Married With Bad Alpha ?! (KooMin... by Tania Intan Fanfiction
(PRIVATE ACAK) Jeon Jungkook, Alpha yang sempurna, selalu dipuja, dan seluruh omega maupun beta akan bertekuk lutut di kakinya. Ah kecuali satu orang omega, Park Jimin...
En manos de mi sádico Hitman - R27 Omegaverse by Nadii1827
En manos de mi sádico Hitman - R27... by Nadii Fanfiction
Tsuna vivía un infierno, todo comenzó desde que su familia se entero de su clasificación... su padre y su madre lo maltrataban en todos los aspectos, tanto físico como m...
Untouched ☆ j.jk • by Sinnher
Untouched ☆ j.jk • by “Plot Twists.” Fanfiction
He was innocent and pure, a virgin seeking for love and a mate, until he laid his eyes on him. Started ☆ 6-9-2017
Fish Tails {Klance Mermaid Au} by bakugouuu
Fish Tails {Klance Mermaid Au} by Plus Ultra Fanfiction
Rival merboys Lance and Keith get into a race that end them both lost. While trying to find their way back, the come across a boat of land dwellers in need of assistance...
Mate~[Jinkook] by taewhy
Mate~[Jinkook] by 보라 Fanfiction
❝ Mate.❞ Top!Jungkook Bottom!Jin Warnings~may contain smut or heated scenes. •♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡• Giving this under-appreciated ship some love.
Be Your Everything by NeedForMuke
Be Your Everything by Emma Fanfiction
Otabek is a 21 year old alpha with no mate. Yurio is an 18 year old omega who just got kicked out of his home. What will happen when they meet?
Scent - a Sheith Omegaverse AU by Raelynnrose
Scent - a Sheith Omegaverse AU by Raelynn Fanfiction
Keith - a hidden omega living with 2 alphas and 2 betas. Before leaving to get Shiro from Garrison and meeting everyone, he made sure he had plenty of scent blockers and...
The omega's secret [Slow updates] by mattyagami7
The omega's secret [Slow updates] by matt yagami Fanfiction
Delirious is a omega, But to all his friends they see him as alpha. when a day comes when they finally meet delirious. he finds out that he's not the only omega hiding...