Princes // l.s by Larry_smilinson
Princes // l.s by Louis Bottomlinson Fanfiction
"Does the one with the cheekbones know the prince is in love with him?" OR Where Louis and Harry are both princes who are destined to marry each other. (Arabic...
Saving The Omega {L.S.} by GoFlyAKayt
Saving The Omega {L.S.} by Queen of Sass Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson is the only omega in his pack and most of the neighboring packs. The Styles pack is willing to help. But they don't know how lucky there were after findi...
White Dove {Larry Mpreg} by LouisTwinklinson
White Dove {Larry Mpreg} by The Twinklinson Stories Fanfiction
The elders made a plan 20 years ago. Harry and Louis are that plan. CO-WRITTEN WITH @Shtyles
Beautiful Soul {L.S} by be-my-sunshine
Beautiful Soul {L.S} by Talysha Fanfiction
Louis is an omega that just wanted to feel safe, protected and loved. When Harry first laid eyes on Louis, something in him sparked. And thats where it all began. -Sli...
Friends//LOUIS CENTRIC by Larrylover523
Friends//LOUIS CENTRIC by QueenLouis Fanfiction
//In which Louis is an omega and his brother and alpha friends take advantage of him// OMEGA!LOUIS ALPHA!HARRY ALPHA!LIAM ALPHA!NIALL ALPHA!ZAYN Warnings in first chapt...
Chosen. by hemmo96_forever
Chosen. by Larry and lashton af Fanfiction
In a twisted version of society, omegas get shunned to the bottom of the social classes with little to no freedom. Alphas, brutish men with terrifying control, are treat...
Am I Enough (Louis Centric) by FluffedUpLouis
Am I Enough (Louis Centric) by FluffedUpLouis Fanfiction
A shy omega enters a new territory and runs into 4 alphas. What happens to Louis? Do the alphas let him join the pack or does he have to keep running? (Currently being r...
How would you feel, If I told you I loved you? by smallworldinsideofme
How would you feel, If I told you... by Karola Fanfiction
Harry, jest alfą, który uważa, że nie potrzebuje omegi. Pragnie jednak dziecka, a Louis ma to czego on chce.
Spokojnie Kociaku | Larry Stylinson by HelloFakeYellow
Spokojnie Kociaku | Larry Stylinson by Anna Fanfiction
Opis: Świat gdzie Louis to hybryda, Harry jest po prostu Harrym, Niall kocha puszyste futerko Louisa, Liam jest zazdrosny, a Zayn często wyjeżdża. Gatunek: komedia, fl...
Devotion [Larry A/B/O] by stasialee
Devotion [Larry A/B/O] by stasia lee Fanfiction
This fic is based off of Plato's ideal city! Louis is an Omega prince, and only has a little bit of time left before his deadline to pick a mate to rule with him is up...
Mated to Mr Styles by niallerscraziestmofo
Mated to Mr Styles by Nialler'sCraziestmofo Fanfiction
COMPLETED. He loves Louis, he knows everything about Louis, he always knows where Louis is... but Louis has never met him. ----------------------- Harry Styles is a 24 y...
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [Larry \Niam\Zouis] A/B/O Short Story by Harri-Boo
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [La... by Hi There :3 Fanfiction
Harry and Liam find Louis in the snow bleeding...Why is that? Alpha! Harry Alpha! Liam Alpha! Zayn(yes, he's in the story too) Beta! Perrie(I don't care that they broke...
•My possesive Alphas |l.s|• by Larrysnaughtyporn
•My possesive Alphas |l.s|• by The Bitxh who kicked you out. Fanfiction
"You are so beautiful, baby." "You smell so good, princess." "And you're just ours, omega." Or Louis is a lonely omega who goes into heat...
Princes // l.s || Română by darkface34
Princes // l.s || Română by darkface34 Fanfiction
"Cel cu pomeți știe că prințul este îndrăgostit de el?" SAU Unde Louis și Harry sunt doi prinți care sunt destinați să se căsătorească unul cu celalălalt. •Lar...
soft :: l.s by FlawedOreo
soft :: l.s by xø Fanfiction
where harry killed louis' fiance by accident, but harry fell in love with him on purpose. alpha!harry omega!louis [ larry stylinson ] .: coming soon :.
You And I (L.S • BDSM) by stylens
You And I (L.S • BDSM) by Royalty Fanfiction
Feeling empty after being rejected by his mate, Louis escapes into the forest with the hope of starting anew. Unfortunately to get to his new life he must enter vampire...
You Belong With Us by flightless-angel
You Belong With Us by flightless-angel Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson is known as the funny, loud, and boisterous partyboy beta of One Direction. But what if the titles explain nothing to how he truly feels inside? What if...
CEOmega | l.s by dejalou
CEOmega | l.s by ™󾓥󾓥󾓥󾓦󾓦󾓭󾓫💎 Fanfiction
The person on everyone's lips was the CEO of Empire Music. The CEO who inherited a 4.5 billion company at only 21 years of age. The CEO who made the meanest of people c...
The Triplets Mate II [Styles/Tomlinson] by stasialee
The Triplets Mate II [Styles/Tomli... by stasia lee Fanfiction
Continuation of The Triplets Mate! The Triplets and Louis already have their hands full with the upcoming arrival of their babies, but with the stress of their families...
Wolves by Official_Larry
Wolves by Heyo Fanfiction
A story of two wolves find love when total opposites