The last Omega~Vkook by Elahtae
The last Omega~Vkookby Elahtae
Kim Taehyung is a bubbly, innocent 18-years-old Omega who currently lives together with his brother Baekhyun and the pack members of EXO. As the only Omega, he gets pro...
  • werewolves
  • topkook
  • exo
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Alpha Omega by bxaxnxa
Alpha Omegaby Mélanine érotique
{boyxboy ~ mpreg} Omegas are expected to be weak and worthless, always whimpering whenever a dominant comes near, bowing to every command and being victims of abuse. Wel...
  • drama
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Adopt Me 〉 YoonMin by fluffynamjin
Adopt Me 〉 YoonMinby bby kitten ♡
Yoongi is a small hybrid kitten who finally gets adopted by someone. That someone is a rich CEO who was lonely. Contains: ~ Swearing ~ smut ~ adult stuff and shit... ~ n...
  • bts
  • cute
  • cat
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The Broken Runt by JuliannaDavidson
The Broken Runtby The outcast
"I don't care that your a runt. An omega. I love you for who you are and I'm not about to let you go. I just found you and I'm not ready and never will be ready to...
  • abuse
  • omega
  • alpha
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The purebred L. S. Mpreg by indiloveslarry
The purebred L. S. Mpregby Indi !
The world has changed, people used to experiment on hybrids, this never happened to the werewolf's, witches or vampires. This lead to them getting very rare up to the po...
  • stylinson
  • werewolf
  • beta
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My Best Friends Brother is my Mate (COMPLETED) by Elizabethbloodstorm
My Best Friends Brother is my Elizabeth
Book 1 On a werewolfs sixteenth birthday, they finally are granted the senses to seek out their mate. Alyssa and Amy have been friends all their life. Alyssa, the eldest...
  • werewolf
  • love
  • sunsetawards
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The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)[Completed] by Never_Alone200
The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)[ Special
Ted short for Teddy is an omega, when he was small his father died when he tried to save the pack. His mother was broken and she had no where to go, she went searching...
  • happy
  • teddy
  • boyxboy
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Erebus by RainToTheMusic
Erebusby :Grey;;
She's a soft hearted omega who never deserved the torture that was put on her. He's the terrifying Dark Alpha who would kill without a second thought. Layla is an omega...
  • possessive
  • omega
  • abuse
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My Darling Little Kitten by iiLoveydoveii
My Darling Little Kittenby A N G E L
Kitten shifters are very uncommon and very disliked in this evil world......And I happened to be one of them. My parents abandoned me when I finally shifted at the age o...
  • scared
  • tiny
  • omega
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Enemies /vkook by lollipoppan1501
Enemies /vkookby Vkookbook
In witch alpha and omega clan is the biggest enemies. "They are our enemies Taehyung"
  • completed
  • alpha
  • omega
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The Perfect Mate by Chocolate013001
The Perfect Mateby Chocolate013001
Book One in Mate Trilogy Sorenson was adopted at a young age, into a family that was abusive. His 'parents' would adopt more and more children and dump them on Sorenson...
  • brothers
  • bitten
  • wattys2017
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Angels ➣ Stiles Stilinski by voiddylan-
Angels ➣ Stiles Stilinskiby . • . ☆ . • .
In which a girl was captured by a pack of Alphas and locked in a vault with two werewolf. After being rescued, she falls for a certain brown eyed boy. But will she make...
  • banshee
  • scottmccall
  • werewolf
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He is Perfect by agguerra
He is Perfectby Tiny_Chikorita
Elizabeth Wooldridge has everything going for her. She is the daughter of the Alpha of the strongest pack in America. Everyone loves her and admire her and she seems to...
  • drama
  • loner
  • romance
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My Little, Abandoned Omegas by YOLOwriting101
My Little, Abandoned Omegasby Just_Meh
"Help us..." I look down, seeing two twins sitting on the ground, backs leaning against the wall. As it rains I can see them trembling pitifully in the cold r...
  • romance
  • mxfxm
  • silly
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The Rise of The Royal Rogue by mynameisskippy
The Rise of The Royal Rogueby my name is skippy
"She was running and he was hunting. She was hiding and he was conquering. She was a spirit full of of fire and would he stop at noting to put out the flames."...
  • beta
  • luna
  • sexy
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My Rejected Mate boyxboy *1st part* by Baby_Jesus12
My Rejected Mate boyxboy *1st part*by ~Queen_pedant~
First book of the series. This is my first boyxboy story, I hope you guys will like it. Sorry if you will find any mistakes in my gramma if you'll see any please tell m...
  • stalker
  • alpha
  • mate
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The Tiger's Omega - MxM  by jaeteal01
The Tiger's Omega - MxM by Jae Teal
Kaleb has recently turned nineteen still anticipating the arrival of his mate. Much to his surprise the omega happens upon a giant sleeping male tiger in the woods. Ze...
  • manxman
  • boyxboy
  • mpreg
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My Unexpected Mate (GxG) by CchickenNnuggets
My Unexpected Mate (GxG)by 00Nuggets
"What's a mate?" *************** Eclipse is what you would call an innocent girl. Ever since her parents both died in a rogue attack when she was y...
  • romance
  • mute
  • werewolf
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Wolf of Cinders by TurtleCat5
Wolf of Cindersby Turtle Cat
The Alpha of the pack is the leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. The Omegas are the lowest of low in the pack, lower than the subordina...
  • omega
  • pack
  • romance
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My Mate Is A Male?! -VKOOK/KOOKV by KuteBunnyGirl
My Mate Is A Male?! -VKOOK/KOOKVby CuteBunnyNerd
When The Next Head Alpha, Jeon Jungkook, That Wants His Mate To Be A Female. Meets A Male Omega That Turns Out To Be His Mate, What Will Happen When Both Of Them Meets...
  • kookv
  • namjin
  • bangtansonyeondan
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