sex tape » j.g  by fiftyshadesofsprouse
sex tape » j.g by 👀 Fanfiction
"let's make a sex tape." "why?" "so i can watch me fuck you whenever i want." + "c'mon baby girl, look at the camera." + in which...
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0 by Haide_cookie_
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0 by Heidee Fanfiction
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0, this will be the continuation of the OGOC and Freshlee imagines from my account. • • You don't really have to read the first book. But it...
Baby Gilinsky // Jack Gilinsky by Johnson_IXVI
Baby Gilinsky // Jack Gilinsky by KWEEN LIAH Fanfiction
Emmiey Oliver and Jack Gilinsky broke up when Emmiey found out she was pregnant with Jack's child. Fast forward six years to when Jack and Emmiey meet again. Will Jack a...
OGOC Groupchat by graysimm
OGOC Groupchat by sim ⚡️ Fanfiction
title explains it all
detention ; ogoc by simplyomaha
detention ; ogoc by anita 🦄 Fanfiction
in which four private school girls and four rebellious boys are forced to spend two hours of detention together every week, making the crazy events that occur much more...
Stepbrother || s.w by stickygilinsky
Stepbrother || s.w by lo Fanfiction
All Maddie knows is that she made out with some good looking boy at her mothers wedding. And next thing she knows is that same good looking boy just so happens to be li...
Cameron's little sister (Hayes Grier) by macbarb1e
Cameron's little sister (Hayes Gri... by macbarb1e Fanfiction
Brooklyn Dallas aged 15 Brother of Cameron Dallas there family is rich she is friends with a bunch of hot guys what more could she want right? Wrong Brooke's life has b...
texts • ogoc/freshlee by okokfreshlee
texts • ogoc/freshlee by crystal marie Fanfiction
❝ rt for jack g's nudes ❞ ogoc/freshlee text imagines and whatever [ requests | open ] [ ongoing ] [ © okokfreshlee 2016 ]
French Kisses || j.g by acidmaloley
French Kisses || j.g by mother mia Fanfiction
"I'm French." "Well babygirl, I can't speak french but I can french kiss." - ©acidmaloley
omaha boys preferences and imagines by greythunderstorms
omaha boys preferences and imagines by - abby - Fanfiction
a collection of preferences and imagines about four boys from omaha, nebraska. originally completed March 2016 updated July 2017
Omaha Boys Imagines/Preferences by funnibunny
Omaha Boys Imagines/Preferences by Vanessa♡ Fanfiction
Omaha boys | Completed | ©funnibunny
coachella; s.wilk by serenhity
coachella; s.wilk by ︎︎baby ☕︎ Fanfiction
"what's been your favourite part of coachella so far?" "meeting you." -in which a boy and a girl fall inlove at coachella. Story idea: toxicating
Jack and Jack Imagines by ChloeCreates
Jack and Jack Imagines by Chloe Fanfiction
Imagines for people who want to imagine themselves in a relationship with Jack Johnson or Jack Gilinsky.
T H E  M A I D<> J G by skizzymaloley
T H E M A I D<> J G by ya girl Fanfiction
she was a young girl all on her own, scrapping up all the money she could to make it day by day that was until she answered a request on a flyer. she thought her life...
 OGOC & Freshlee imagines  by Haide_cookie_
OGOC & Freshlee imagines by Heidee Fanfiction
OGOC Freshlee imagines
imagines • ogoc/freshlee「✓」 by okokfreshlee
imagines • ogoc/freshlee「✓」 by crystal marie Fanfiction
❝ i'm a hippie what did you expect? ❞ ogoc/freshlee imagines and whatnot [ completed ] [ © okokfreshlee 2015 ]
Johnson's Little Sister by troyesuvans
Johnson's Little Sister by s Fanfiction
I've always been the little sister.
OGOC Texts & Imagines {Slow Updates} by someoneonvine
OGOC Texts & Imagines {Slow Update... by Ur cute ;) Fanfiction
OGOC imagines & more I take REQUESTS as well Sorry for my language :\ I'll wash my mouth out now...
Baby Daddy E.D by Love5sos123xx
Baby Daddy E.D by Halayna Fanfiction
After a One night stand at Dolan Twins party , Unpopular girl Celina gets knocked up by Badboy Ethan Dolan but how does it go ? Carry on reading you will find out
Sammy Wilk by OGOCOMA
Sammy Wilk by OGOCOMA Fanfiction
DISCLAIMER: Some of these imagines are hella cringy or the grammar just sucks ass, please don't mind. Most of them are old. There are more imagines on my Tumblr > oma...