Shadow Moses [Fransykes]  by Enchanted_Christina
Shadow Moses [Fransykes] by Enchanted.Girl
In a dystopian world where technology has ruined everything a small civilization strictly controlled by it's government managed to break through the land of toxicity and...
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The Same differences /FRERARD/ by Luciiiisek77
The Same differences /FRERARD/by McrTrash#1
"Jsme hrozně rozdílní. Nechápu, jak si můžeme rozumět." "Myslím, že nejsme tak rozdílní, jak to na první pohled vypadá." Když jsem se na něj otočil...
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Broken Rules Oliver Sykes X reader (sequel to New Home at Last) by KilljoyX10
Broken Rules Oliver Sykes X reader...by Squidgy!
It's been five years since I've performed at Vans Warped Tour, but this time I'm in my own band, my dad's band is obviously coming as well, it was great, I got to see my...
  • concert
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Midnight Snack (Motionless In White/Ricky Horror) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Midnight Snack (Motionless In Whit...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Chris is a centuries-old vampire, a myth around town. But Chris isn't as monstrous as people make him out to be, he's lonely and wants some company. Rose has...
  • love
  • devinsola
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Gone // Brendon Urie fanfiction by rhayjjackson
Gone // Brendon Urie fanfictionby Rhay & Bri
Rue is a 19 year old girl. Born and raised in San Diego, California. Brendon Urie is a demon. Watching Rue. "Who are you?" She breaths. "Your wors...
  • andybiersack
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Instagram|Multifandom by AskingtoPierceSirens
Instagram|Multifandomby AskingtoPierceSirens
Exactly what it says in the title 👆🏼👆🏼
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Hold on till May (boyxboy) by swsptvobsessed
Hold on till May (boyxboy)by Hedvig
15 year old Kellin Quinn Bostwick and 16 year old Vic Fuentes have been internet best friends for two years now. They convinced their parents to meet. Or did both of the...
  • gabebarham
  • justinhills
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Band Smut. (PTV, OM&M, BMTH) by handmedowntown
Band Smut. (PTV, OM&M, BMTH)by theodore
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Don't Go || Fransykes by thats_r00d
Don't Go || Fransykesby ṿıṅċєṅṭ
Oli Sykes: Isolated, insane, depressed, addict, caring and somewhat a asshat. Josh Franceschi: Popular, liar, shy, secretive, and jock. Two somewhat polar opposites. But...
  • loveislove
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Glimpse Of Bliss, Taste Of Heaven (Lynn Gunn X Girl) (PVRIS) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Glimpse Of Bliss, Taste Of Heaven...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Kylie moves to Wakefield, a town in the middle of nowhere where rumours spread that once you enter the town limits you never leave, and the only way out was...
  • kellinquinn
  • death
  • alexbabinski
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And The Snakes Start To Sing {Oli Sykes} by hannahtaylorburris
And The Snakes Start To Sing {Oli...by Hannah
Audrey, an ice skater with a tragic past, finally steps out onto the ice for the first time since the accident. After a mishap while skating, she meets the man who saved...
  • bmth
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Remember.. by marshmallow0444
Remember..by marshmallow0444
Scott is kellin's girlfriend..they have alots of happy memories every single day..but what if one day kellin forgot all of their happy memories??..would scott give it up...
  • austincarlile
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Breaking Me Down || Oliver Sykes by Last_Renegade
Breaking Me Down || Oliver Sykesby ☠️ Syn ☠️
Sydney Donovan, a girl from America who has lost her job multiple times. It's either the place she works on is closing and going out of business or because the boss had...
  • leemalia
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How Much? (Fransykes) by WhateverLife133
How Much? (Fransykes)by WhateverLife133
Josh is left all alone to face all responsibilities in life. Forced to leave his parents home with nowhere to go he ends up on the streets. Josh tries to make a living b...
  • joshfranceschi
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  • boyxboy
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Try me, See what happens | Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction by bringmetheantivist
Try me, See what happens | Oliver...by Mill
When Jade is allowed back into her old school again after being kicked out she has to deal with seeing some old faces she'd rather just forget. will she ever forgive th...
  • mattnicholls
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Hidden Scars // Alan Ashby & Oliver Sykes ✓ by no-one-gives-a-shit
Hidden Scars // Alan Ashby & Olive...by @babydoll_neko
[ histoire complète ] Chaque jour, Oliver voit ce rouquin de son lycée avec cette petite fille qui ne doit pas avoir plus de sept ans. Chaque jour il se demande : Commen...
  • oliversykes
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The Band And The Busker (All Time Low/Alex Gaskarth) by mediagirl94
The Band And The Busker (All Time...by Beth Robinson
Kara's always been passionate about music, she busks on the streets of London to pay the rent but she wants more... When All Time Low request a song Kara finds herself s...
  • alltimelow
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Open Wounds // Alan Ashby, Kellin Quinn, Oliver Sykes ✓ by no-one-gives-a-shit
Open Wounds // Alan Ashby, Kellin...by @babydoll_neko
[ histoire complète ] [ Tome 2 de Hidden Scars ] Plusieurs années après la mise en prison de Scott Sykes, Alan, Rhéa et Oliver vivent ensemble dans un petit apparte...
  • omam
  • sleepingwithsirens
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Being Kellin Quinn's Sister by dusklite
Being Kellin Quinn's Sisterby ✧
Kylie isn't a very happy girl due to the years of being split up with her closest and oldest brother Kellin. But she just has to live with it, right? One day, Kellin sto...
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Oliver Sykes x reader (fluff smut ) by greendaysmuttrash
Oliver Sykes x reader (fluff smut )by greendaysmuttrash
I have an unhealthy obsession with Oliver Sykes sooo
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