An Outsider ( A Ponyboy Curtis Fanfic) by TheBookNerd14
An Outsider ( A Ponyboy Curtis Fan... by TheBookNerd14 Fanfiction
Jasmine's life has never been easy. She is the kid sister to the famous Dallas Winston. Her life gets a little crazier after she starts dating Ponyboy Curtis. What happe...
Dangerous (BoyxBoy) by JustLostMyCool
Dangerous (BoyxBoy) by JustLostMyCool Romance
Sixteen year old Daniel Layman has been bullied since he came out. His best friend and protector, Sean, moved to Los Angeles, leaving Daniel to fend for himself at a sch...
The Other Randle [The Outsiders Fanfic] by Fandomgirl1130
The Other Randle [The Outsiders Fa... by Haylee Fanfiction
Stephanie Randle moved away from her family when she was only a child. She hasn't seen her brother, Steve, ever since. What happens when she comes back to Tulsa? Will sh...
Runaway [sequel to An Outsider (A Ponyboy Curtis Fanfic)] by TheBookNerd14
Runaway [sequel to An Outsider (A... by TheBookNerd14 Fanfiction
Jasmine is back and in Windrixville. She meets her newfound cousin Josh and is trying to find a place to stay. Josh wants to know more about why Jasmine left. When he fi...
An Angel in Darkness by heart_elyse
An Angel in Darkness by M. Elyse Lynch Fanfiction
'"Did you really think we would forget?" The blood drained out of my face. I knew exactly what he was talking about. And now they were gonna kill me for it...'...
One Of The Guys by DaniRebel123
One Of The Guys by Dani Teen Fiction
Quarterback of the football team, all of her friends on the same team, and a loving family is all Williams could ask for. There's just one thing.....her full name is Dan...
Deadly Skies  by JessicaCMadden
Deadly Skies by Jessica Madden Teen Fiction
Three out of four tornado warnings are false alarms. How would you act if you heard the sirens? For the residents of Brooke Creek, the EF5 tornado struck them off guard...
Decisions Under the Saturday Night Lights(Sequel To One Of The Guys) by DaniRebel123
Decisions Under the Saturday Night... by Dani Teen Fiction
High school is over, the guys have all went their separate ways, but still keep in contact with each other. Noah and Danielle are making it work long distance, but Dani...
|| Happy Endings Don't Exist in Real Life || (Outsiders FanFic) by OnlyOutsiderss
|| Happy Endings Don't Exist in Re... by OnlyOutsiderss Fanfiction
Her world was completely black and white, other than a city named Tulsa. Although, she was missing something. But what was she missing?
The Outsiders Preferences by TheOutsidersChic
The Outsiders Preferences by TheOutsidersChic Fanfiction
Just what the title says- requests are open and would be much appreciated
//REQUEST ARE OPEN// The Outsiders Imagines and Preferences  by AVADAKEDAVRABISH
//REQUEST ARE OPEN// The Outsiders... by AVADAKEDAVRABISH Fanfiction
//REQUEST ARE OPEN// This is an Outsiders Imagine and Preferences book thingy. I hope you read it and enjoy. Love Kat😮🔫 DISCLAIMER: THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO S.E. HI...
Oklahoma || Teen Wolf by r0cky_road
Oklahoma || Teen Wolf by I'm sorry bae Fanfiction
"You're part of the pack now and the pack is family. We will never turn our backs on you." Maybe, but for Madeline, her family did turn their backs on her. The...
Bloodlines by lynnlipinski
Bloodlines by Lynn Lipinski Mystery / Thriller
Fired from his job at the Tulsa Zoo, 26-year-old Zane Clearwater wakes from an alcohol-and cough syrup-induced blackout to learn his mother was killed the night before i...
Golden Years {The Outsiders} by allison4011
Golden Years {The Outsiders} by old soul Fanfiction
"She's a Soc," he scoffed to his best friend. "Like hell I am," she spat at what she had overheard. This is a story of a young girl who was new to to...
Nba imagines  by sheshe200
Nba imagines by Sheshe Random
Decided to write a book about players in the nba
The Outsiders Smut by TooCrazyForYou1
The Outsiders Smut by Crazy Fanfiction
It says it all in the title, enjoy!
Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong? by BlondeBabe12399
Best friends. Separated by fame. R... by Princess Romance
What will happen when the famous Justin Bieber returns home to visit family and old pals, but he comes to realize that he has deeper feelings for his best friend, Sarah...
A Unique Kind Of Love by luv_ya_hazza
A Unique Kind Of Love by inactive Fanfiction
Danielle, her friends call her Dani, is not wanted at home. She was pretty much a mistake, so her parents sent her to live with her uncle. Her uncle introduces her to th...
How The Outsiders Gang feel about you by _ponyboy_curtis_
How The Outsiders Gang feel about... by Veronica Fanfiction
ask the greasers anything and they'll tell you what they feel about you. Or even like about you ;) they'll tell you whatever you want to know you can inbox me questions...
The Outsiders' Sisters 2 by HotPinkMonkey
The Outsiders' Sisters 2 by Shelby Fanfiction
This book takes place when the three girls are 11,13 and just turned 14. The girls are older, sassier, stronger and are still the rude snarky comment masters. They're st...