A new start! (Ko x reader) by Female-Gaster
A new start! (Ko x reader) by Female-Gaster
Your name is Y/N, and your lord boxmans new creation. Your mission was to go to gars and reak havoc but what if you find a new friend there instead? Find out in A new st...
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beyblade burst one shots. (Request Closed)  by berry_bey
beyblade burst one shots. (Request... by berry_bey
One shots of all our favorite beyblade burst characters. Are dream come true! New cover.
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papijun by BDSMINJUN
papijun by ❝ PRÍNCIPE ❞
"-all i wanna do is skate, and smoke, and rap, and fuck"
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(Shine) Niềm tin của Mặt trời - Bóng tối hồi sinh!! by Tapthe6B
(Shine) Niềm tin của Mặt trời - Bó... by Atminmeka
Niềm tin của Mặt trời.... Bóng tối hồi sinh...... _No 1_
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🍍🍇Baby mother 🍒🍋 by Roseeesme
🍍🍇Baby mother 🍒🍋 by Roseeesme
Би хүүхэдтэй болцон хариуцлагаа хүлээлээ Ким Тэхён.Гэхдээ би түүнд хайргүй
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The Orphanage ~Dorl~ by Potato93Q
The Orphanage ~Dorl~ by Dorl
(Corl) Braden has been in the orphanage since he was just 8 years old, no one had really ever wanted him. Everyone who came in always said that he was too old or too li...
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Ja, Psychopata by FAZEXENOMORPH
Ja, Psychopata by FAZEXENOMORPH
Nudziło mi się zacząłem. Zacząłem tworzyć. I stworzyłem opowiadanie o tym jak to jest być psychopatą, nie czuć emocji, być, Nie będąc. Żyć nie żyjąc. Czuć nie czując. I...
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my 'cousin', jihoon. by mochiimintaehyunh
my 'cousin', jihoon. by taehyunh
this is a story of a girl, not much i can say . she is really quiet and a tomboy. she has short hair and sometimes loves to wear baggy jeans. she doesn't really find an...
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Sylvester X Reader by pillowbun
Sylvester X Reader by vivi
ur crossing through some dangerous territory watch out eek
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\k e y b o a r d/ ~ j.jk x reader by youthfulchim
\k e y b o a r d/ ~ j.jk x reader by I enjoy uberwatch
You were deeply addicted to overwatch. Meeting the love of your life over a video game was not what you intended.
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Jimin y Tn by samanttaruizbello
Jimin y Tn by HistoriasZukulentah7u7
Nombre: Tn Edad:19 Hermanos: Yoongi , Jungkook y Naeyeon Pais: Busan,Corea Novio Actual: Sehun vivo en Corea pero soy de tp y vivo con mis tres hermanos y tengo novio...
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Skeletons And Texts by Bluechocowitz
Skeletons And Texts by Bluechocowitz
You're a cafe waitress who's in a love hate relationship with your job. But hey, it pays. One day, you receive an interesting text from an unknown number.
  • fic
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My opinions on MLP Ships!  by Savage_Dora
My opinions on MLP Ships! by •~{DORA}~•
So, dis Dora girl decided to make a thoughts on mlp ships... okay den. You can basically say ANY type of ship, lesbian or straight. Im Okay with that. SO YAA
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ticker tape ✦ spam by odetogrudges
ticker tape ✦ spam by anna🛸
let's read about my depressing life choices !!!
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Sketch Book  by redfox904
Sketch Book by redfox904
a book of adoptables, horable art , and bad spelling
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FUNNY STUFF #3 by escapella
FUNNY STUFF #3 by mxviii
THE LAST PART. (Of sh!t I find hilarious)
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Guzma X Reader by BellaHuskins
Guzma X Reader by BELLA
Just a bunch of little stories about my boy.
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gloom boys { spam } by 11ekc11
gloom boys { spam } by em
{ i brought my hell to you } events that probably no one cares about
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Cocoa Butter Kisses (An Interracial Love Story) by HalcyonEcstasy
Cocoa Butter Kisses (An Interracia... by HalcyonEcstasy
"You're my Cacao princesa." He watched the way she smiled and hid her face. She didn't say anything in return, she felt too nervous to say anything else. This...
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