Helljumper of Remnants by Zone-Grandory
Helljumper of Remnantsby Hobodestroyer
You seen and been through it all, you fought in the insurection, Reach, covanent, the flood, and promethians but nothing could prepare you for these teens.
  • flood
  • halo
  • sci-fi
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ODST in the world of Remnant (On Hold Momentarily) by Viper_prime3030
ODST in the world of Remnant (On H...by Herobrine 3030
In this story you are an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) named Mike Johnson. You were originally going to be deployed on a planet to assist in fending off the covenant...
  • halo
  • unsc
  • beaconacademy
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      Project Apollo In Rennmat  by arosabre
Project Apollo In Rennmat by blane willows
What happens when the best of the best is sent to a new universe read it to find out. I do not own anything ecatpp fireteam Apollo
  • winter
  • ruby
  • halo
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Rain (Odst reader x akame ga kill) by Jack2the7ripper
Rain (Odst reader x akame ga kill)by Jack2the7ripper
Ripped from one war to another oh boy this is going to be fun I just know it.
  • agk
  • halo
  • odst
Hell Jumper Dropping In by SpecialistRook
Hell Jumper Dropping Inby Project Chess
During a Routine drop a drop pod was consumed in a slip space jump. Now he is in a mysterious city with mysterious people. I don't own RWBY
  • halo
  • odst
  • rwby
Halo Scenarios by Spartan_Alaska
Halo Scenariosby Tracet Malfestio
Halo Scenarios, and I'm working on adding Rvb ones too. Requests are open.
  • haloscenarios
  • rvb
  • blueteam
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What Once Was Done by nightwing2
What Once Was Doneby Lord Glorfindel
Master Chief from Halo goes out of his way to save Commander Palmer but there's a price to pay. How long until he is returned to normal and will this change in events le...
  • sierra117
  • spartaniiandiiiandiv
  • masterchief
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Halo ODST One-Shots by SquishySnake
Halo ODST One-Shotsby SquishySnake
A oneshot each with Master Chief, Rookie, Buck, Romeo, Dutch, Dare, and Mickey. I didn't see anyone else do anything like this so I thought I should. :) All of them are...
  • videogame
  • dare
  • haloxreader
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Hell Jumpers (Halo Fan-Fic) by AbrahamLugoTavarez
Hell Jumpers (Halo Fan-Fic)by Abraham Lugo Tavarez
The story of two ODST troopers. Each from a different battalion, on completely different settings. One fighting for survival of himself and his squad in the ruins of Old...
  • delta
  • explanations
  • vehicle
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The ODST Of Vale. (RWBY X Male ODST Reader) by ODST-SHRIKER
The ODST Of Vale. (RWBY X Male ODS...by Quentin Spaulding
During a slipspace malfunction, three Orbital Drop Pods were dropped...the slipsace malfunction tore them from the clasps and into it...and the UNSC Cruiser was pulled i...
  • rwby
  • remnant
  • odst
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Halo: Renegade Threat by Dabeasthalofan6
Halo: Renegade Threatby Niles Villaverde
*Please note this is a fan fiction* Takes place 2552. A prequel to Halo: Path of Verdict series. The Renegade threat: One of the most feared Spartan team aside from the...
  • renegade
  • unsc
  • blueteam
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ODST strealth squad by king_of_masons
ODST strealth squadby king_of_masons
A group of ODSTs(orbital drop shock troopers) are sent on a secretive mission to the surface of a forerunner ring world to take down a convenient VIP. With only six days...
  • halo4
  • odst
  • fanfic
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Halo: Snow and Blood by AlphaAbi
Halo: Snow and Bloodby Abigail H. R.
"They find it hard to work together. But, I think they might find it harder to work apart." An ODST and a Spartan is a more than unlikely team. Yet Private O'B...
  • love
  • halo
  • odst
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White Owl (a Halo fanfiction) by TheSpaceFleet
White Owl (a Halo fanfiction)by TheSpaceFleet
A ODST tells the story of his first mission. Which seemed like it was going all fine until a Covenant super carrier showed up and started glassing the planet.
  • halo
  • odst
HALO: Return of Master Chief by SMspartan
HALO: Return of Master Chiefby LiI Sparty
What happened to master chief? War started on earth with the covenant and UNSC. An ODST is sent to find others to fight the covenant. While in space, captain Keys finds...
  • wolf
  • red
  • sms2012
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the crow and the yanderes (Mreader x yandere Ruby and yang) by JustAMechanic
the crow and the yanderes (Mreader...by KingPin
Okay, you are 15, your are the son of a famous, most intelligent scientist, you and your dad are wanted by many companies, the reason you are wanted is because of your a...
  • reader
  • odst
  • yandere
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Welcome to Hell (Halo ODST) by ToxicOutbreak3526
Welcome to Hell (Halo ODST)by ToxicOutbreak
New Mombasa isn't as I remembered, taken over and partially abandoned. I'm separated from my group and then only person with me, is myself. I'm alone and my only option...
  • buck
  • rookie
  • book
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The Rookie by wolfminer1987
The Rookieby • Q U I E T •
A halo scientist, living on planet halo sense he was born, doing research on Grunts, Hunters, and Elites for his whole life. His scientist generation has passed down fro...
  • halo2
  • halo4
  • halo3
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Another day of ODST:operation take down by romoats
Another day of ODST:operation take...by romoats
ODST member Chris Jones is fresh out of the academy when he is deployed to harvest to fight the new covenant army. All alone with no experience, Chris faces death in eve...
  • halo
  • odst
  • chris
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