RWBY: ODST (Ruby Rose x Male ODST Reader) by TheNotSoLegend27
RWBY: ODST (Ruby Rose x Male ODST... by NotTheLegend27 Fanfiction
After being knocked off course during an Orbital Drop whenever a covenant air carrier created a massive shockwave when it made a slipspace jump. After waking up, a young...
Halo ODST One-Shots by SquishySnake
Halo ODST One-Shots by SquishySnake Fanfiction
A oneshot each with Master Chief, Rookie, Buck, Romeo, Dutch, Dare, and Mickey. I didn't see anyone else do anything like this so I thought I should. :) All of them are...
Helljumper of Remnants by Zone-Grandory
Helljumper of Remnants by Hobodestroyer Fanfiction
You seen and been through it all, you fought in the insurection, Reach, covanent, the flood, and promethians but nothing could prepare you for these teens.
Halo: Feet First into Hell by Zogman1
Halo: Feet First into Hell by Zogman Fanfiction
What's it like to be an ODST? To jump feet first into hell and perform the impossible once your there? This Rookie knows it all all to well. From his first combat on Har...
HALO: Return of Master Chief by SMspartan
HALO: Return of Master Chief by SMspartarino Fanfiction
What happened to master chief? War started on earth with the covenant and UNSC. An ODST is sent to find others to fight the covenant. While in space, captain Keys finds...
Halo Roleplay by hellboy430
Halo Roleplay by hellnight964 Fantasy
this is a halo roleplay of halo 5 halo 4 and halo reach (because halo reach is my favorite halo) #NOBLETEAM
Halo: Feet First Into Hell by AridArmPit
Halo: Feet First Into Hell by Arid Arm Pit Science Fiction
A narrative which follows a UNSC ODST soldier and his surviving squad through the gates of Hell that are now REACH. This group of ODST's and their accompanying Spartan s...
The Rookie (RWBY Creature Of Grimm x ODST reader by xXgrimm_LordXx
The Rookie (RWBY Creature Of Grimm... by xXgrimm_lordXx Fanfiction
you are the best of the best, only being a rookie was an understatement, even without all the crazy biological engineering you easily surpassed the master chief, once up...
Gathering Darkness by Obsidian_Productions
Gathering Darkness by Obsidian_Productions Fanfiction
A HaloxSlenderman crossover. A small team of battle-hardened Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are given a strangely simple assignment in an isolated region of space. As the...
Halo: Twenty Miles Below by LeapingLyra43
Halo: Twenty Miles Below by Orion Lyre Short Story
The Office of Naval Intelligence has deployed a lone SPARTAN-II by the name of Gavin-086 onto Reach to stop Covenant construction of Type-27 Ant- Aircraft Cannons ready...
Fireteam Oblivion by Demonblade1138
Fireteam Oblivion by UnsaltedPepper Fanfiction
"Armour self-destruct sequence initiated. Self-destruct in 3, 2, 1," was all I heard before everything stopped. My mind remembered everything that has happened...
Halo Scenarios by Spartan_Alaska
Halo Scenarios by Malfestio Short Story
Halo Scenarios. If you have any requests let me know and I will add them.
Fall into the flood by Anti-Miles
Fall into the flood by Anti-Miles Fanfiction
UNSC sends an ODST team known as 'The Fallen' to a newly inhabited planet to deal with insurrectionists but what happens when the flood somehow gets involved.
Ash G099 X Reader (Sensory Processing Disorder) by LeaCHOAS
Ash G099 X Reader (Sensory Process... by Lea Fanfiction
Sensory Processing Disorder is something that I happen to be passionate about bringing awareness to. One of my best friends is effected by it in her everyday life and I...
ODST  by AnonymousWriter201
ODST by AnonymousWriter201 Action
What if a ODST gets to Remnant
ODST (Halo) by X_whitewolf_X
ODST (Halo) by Xwhitewolf14 Fanfiction
It was just a investigation into a regular noise complaint but what they found made it turn into a man hunt across coruscant led by the Jedi
Helljumpers Don't Come Back by Demonblade1138
Helljumpers Don't Come Back by UnsaltedPepper Fanfiction
Spartans never die. But Helljumpers know they won't come back and drop in anyways. This is the life of a simple boy turned hardened Helljumper. Killing covies is just p...
Life within Halo by AdamMartin359
Life within Halo by Adam Martin Adventure
Born on Reach, years before the Covenant glassed the planet. Tony's life, forever changed after he enlisted to the UNSC Marine Corps. And the Great War raged on, what be...
An ODST's Tale (Halo Fanfiction) by KnightRolePlayer
Welcome to Hell (Halo ODST) by ToxicOutbreak3526
Welcome to Hell (Halo ODST) by ToxicOutbreak Action
New Mombasa isn't as I remembered, taken over and partially abandoned. I'm separated from my group and then only person with me, is myself. I'm alone and my only option...