Helljumper of Remnants by Zone-Grandory
Helljumper of Remnants by Hobodestroyer Fanfiction
You seen and been through it all, you fought in the insurection, Reach, covanent, the flood, and promethians but nothing could prepare you for these teens.
The Rookie (RWBY x ODST reader by xXgrimm_LordXx
The Rookie (RWBY x ODST reader by xXgrimm_lordXx Fanfiction
you are the best of the best, only being a rookie was an understatement, even without all the crazy biological engineering you easily surpassed the master chief, once up...
        Fireteam Apollo In Remnant  by arosabreal
Fireteam Apollo In Remnant by Alex Jerome Fanfiction
What happens when the best of the best is sent to a new universe read it to find out. I do not own anything ecatpp fireteam Apollo
Halo: Feet First into Hell by Zogman1
Halo: Feet First into Hell by Zogman Fanfiction
What's it like to be an ODST? To jump feet first into hell and perform the impossible once your there? This Rookie knows it all all to well. From his first combat on Har...
HALO: Return of Master Chief by SMspartan
HALO: Return of Master Chief by SMspartarino Fanfiction
What happened to master chief? War started on earth with the covenant and UNSC. An ODST is sent to find others to fight the covenant. While in space, captain Keys finds...
Halo: Deathsquads by chris_hartley
Halo: Deathsquads by Elliot Fanfiction
A battle hardened ODST veteran recalls his career against the Insurrection and the alien race now known as the Covenant (NOTE: Although this is technically fanfiction be...
Halo: Snow and Blood by AlphaAbi
Halo: Snow and Blood by Abigail H. R. Fanfiction
"They find it hard to work together. But, I think they might find it harder to work apart." An ODST and a Spartan is a more than unlikely team. Yet Private O'B...
Halo ODST One-Shots by SquishySnake
Halo ODST One-Shots by SquishySnake Fanfiction
A oneshot each with Master Chief, Rookie, Buck, Romeo, Dutch, Dare, and Mickey. I didn't see anyone else do anything like this so I thought I should. :) All of them are...
The ODST Of Vale. (RWBY X Male ODST Reader) by ODST-SHRIKER
The ODST Of Vale. (RWBY X Male ODS... by Quentin Spaulding Fanfiction
During a slipspace malfunction, three Orbital Drop Pods were dropped...the slipsace malfunction tore them from the clasps and into it...and the UNSC Cruiser was pulled i...
Halo 4: ODST by DominOMG007
Halo 4: ODST by Shotaro Fanfiction
A team of ODST's are separated and they are fighting the Covenent and the Forerunners! This is basically a side story, like in Halo 3: ODST!
ODST  by AnonymousWriter201
ODST by AnonymousWriter201 Action
What if a ODST gets to Remnant
An ODST's Tale (Halo Fanfiction) by KnightRolePlayer
Halo: Flood (Sequel to Purified Hell) by DNETJehrico2-6
Halo: Flood (Sequel to Purified He... by Jack Cantu Fanfiction
Read my other book Purified Hell first if you have not already. In a last attempt, Staff Sergeant Anthony Campbell, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper pushes into the Ruins o...
Unto the breach by Stormtrippin
Unto the breach by Noble 6 Action
An ODST is dropped into New Mombasa, and must find the remnants of his scattered squad.
The epic story of not just war and chaos but also of brotherhood and a bond worth dying for follow the story of two brave men as they fight for the safety of the human...
Halo: Feet First Into Hell by AridArmPit
Halo: Feet First Into Hell by Arid Arm Pit Science Fiction
A narrative which follows a UNSC ODST soldier and his surviving squad through the gates of Hell that are now REACH. This group of ODST's and their accompanying Spartan s...
Here is the bio of Deceased Characters from halo  by FriendsCallMeJesus
Here is the bio of Deceased Charac... by FriendsCallMeJesus Random
Peace to the fallen read there bios background home worlds etc took me so long to do throw I've been putting this together for 2 months before publishing the bio book
ODST strealth squad by king_of_masons
ODST strealth squad by king_of_masons Science Fiction
A group of ODSTs(orbital drop shock troopers) are sent on a secretive mission to the surface of a forerunner ring world to take down a convenient VIP. With only six days...
*UPDATED*Years before John 117*UPDATED* by sketchHUNTER
*UPDATED*Years before John 117*UPD... by HaloMatchMaker Short Story
This book is Dedicated to bunny Any thing u want to be in the book comment it
Soldier's Vengeance by SpArTaN09RWBY21
Soldier's Vengeance by DarkOrb1t01 Adventure
A soldier by the name of Benjamin loses his wife during battle. He promises to find and save her life from enemy hands. He's willing to have the law, everyone and anythi...