ODST in the world of Remnant (On Hold Momentarily) by Viper_prime3030
ODST in the world of Remnant (On H...by Herobrine 3030
In this story you are an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) named Mike Johnson. You were originally going to be deployed on a planet to assist in fending off the covenant...
  • blakebelladona
  • unsc
  • odst
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The ODST and the elite (a halo fanfiction) by deathbringer747
The ODST and the elite (a halo fan...by /???/
When a ODST sniper encounters a wounded female elite on the battle field she goes against all her training and hatred for the species. She soon finds out that they are m...
  • odst
  • elites
  • friendship
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Halo: Snow and Blood by AlphaAbi
Halo: Snow and Bloodby Abigail H. R.
"They find it hard to work together. But, I think they might find it harder to work apart." An ODST and a Spartan is a more than unlikely team. Yet Private O'B...
  • spartan
  • odst
  • halo
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      Project Apollo In Rennmat  by cryolightsabre12
Project Apollo In Rennmat by alex rose
What happens when the best of the best is sent to a new universe read it to find out. I do not own anything ecatpp fireteam Apollo
  • odst
  • winter
  • blake
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Helljumpers Don't Come Back by Demonblade1138
Helljumpers Don't Come Backby JohnHaloMasterChef
Spartans never die. But Helljumpers know they won't come back and drop in anyways. This is the life of a simple boy turned hardened Helljumper. Killing covies is just p...
  • halo
  • spaceship
  • covenant
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ODST  by AnonymousWriter201
ODST by AnonymousWriter201
What if a ODST gets to Remnant
  • remnant
  • ironwood
  • vale
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Halo: Team Shadowleaf by Helionian
Halo: Team Shadowleafby The Guardian
A team of the best snipers in the history of UNSC have been brought together and are now going to be assigned to a mission in which will determine the fate of the human...
  • halo
  • unsc
  • comfort
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SPARTAN-HISTORY by The_Master_Chief
SPARTAN-HISTORYby The_Master_Chief
Este libro reunirá varias historias cortas sobre la serie SPARTAN,historias sobre eventos y personajes de la serie SPARTAN reuniendo los libros Proyecto SPARTAN 5/SPARTA...
  • guerra
  • reach
  • combate
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Master Chief x Reader  by dovahkiiiin
Master Chief x Reader by dovahkiiiin
Nowhere near enough of these fanfictions so here's a short one to add to the fandom :p (originally posted on my tumblr, Portalatlas123)
  • masterchiefxreader
  • angst
  • fluff
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Tiara by jhallam2001
Tiaraby Jade Hallam
Beth and her friends are transported into a fairytale like world when she finds a mysterious tiara, will Beth and Jade be able to escape the king's wrath? And who else w...
  • medieval
  • adventure
  • action
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Gathering Darkness by Obsidian_Productions
Gathering Darknessby Obsidian_Productions
A HaloxSlenderman crossover. A small team of battle-hardened Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are given a strangely simple assignment in an isolated region of space. As the...
  • crossover
  • horror
  • slender
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Halo: Renegade Threat by Dabeasthalofan6
Halo: Renegade Threatby Niles Villaverde
*Please note this is a fan fiction* Takes place 2552. A prequel to Halo: Path of Verdict series. The Renegade threat: One of the most feared Spartan team aside from the...
  • odst
  • threat
  • blueteam
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Feet First To Hell by kingzord
Feet First To Hellby kingzord
A botched up drop sends private Amber Rose to an earth far different than her own and meets a rag tag group of high school students in the zombie infested lands of Tokyo...
  • halo
  • fanfiction
  • swords
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HALO RP  [Open] by D1D4CT
HALO RP [Open]by D1D4CT
Halo RP, exactly as the name says, and yes, you can play as an Elite.
  • odst
  • covenant
  • spartan
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Halo: Path of Verdict by Dabeasthalofan6
Halo: Path of Verdictby Niles Villaverde
Leaving the men you grew up with in the UNSC is a tough thing to do. Especially for Corporal Collins who left the ODST hesitantly but for a purpose. The Spartan IV progr...
  • firefight
  • halomarines
  • science
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Halo: Of Elites and Men by thehackerstory
Halo: Of Elites and Menby thehacker
A small story about two wounded warriors, one Elite, and an ODST, both broken and too injured to attack each other, but sit across from another. During their final mom...
  • different
  • covenant
  • perspective
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Fenrir: Feet First by Agentai
Fenrir: Feet Firstby Agentai
The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are a special operations capable organization of the UNSC Marine Corps that specialize in orbital-dropped shock infantry and speci...
  • halo
  • comedy
  • helljumper
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Halo x rwby (still thinking about a title) by Sargent76
Halo x rwby (still thinking about...by William Schuele
This is my first story so if it's bad don't judge. Diablo, ghost, and spartan c137 are transported to a new world. Will they make friends or enemy's with the people they...
  • halo
  • odst
  • rwby
Dear star, I'm at war. by Blitzed440
Dear star, I'm at war.by Blitzed440
(Mix of SVTFOE STARCO and my favorite game HALO 3 ODST. I do not own any of these titles I'm just writing a fan fic) Star leaves for Mewni without any goodbye nor note...
  • starco
  • haloreach
  • halo
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Shadow of the Jungle by 1countryfella
Shadow of the Jungleby The Country Fella!
Set in the Halo Universe. A team of ODSTs was on mission on planet Vega 7. The mission: take out a high value Covenant target. After their completing said mission, the t...
  • halo
  • odst