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**Featured Sci-Fi Writer** I'm an artist and writer based in Spokane, Washington, specializing in speculative fiction, poetry, and children's books. Currently I've self-published a novel, several short stories, and various poetry. I draw and design most of my own covers as well. Wattpad has become one of my favorite online communities. My tastes vary across genre and style, and I'm always on the lookout for fantastic writers. Most of my stories tend to be science fiction or dark fantasy. I'm fascinated with retrofuturism, the blending of eras gone by with possible futures. My current work-in-progress, "The Family Of Earth", is a series set in an alternate dieselpunk universe. I'm a member of @su-SPEC-t , a group of speculative fiction writers. Come follow us to join in the fun :) *** I recently took part in 'Project Nemesis'. We're Science Fiction storytellers who united to forge our first ever anthology for the public domain! (Amazon etc). All participants based their 3K-5K story on a 1-word theme, 'Nemesis!' Follow the project at @scifinemesis
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{LourinaTW a commencé a troller Les abonnés} [LT]: Yo mes loup ! Moi c'est Lourina, Lourina The Wolve~ €: Je suis une grande fan de Homestuck et Undertale. Si tu as lu quelques unes de mes histoires et que tu m'aimes bien: LIS ÇA: -les livres d'infos: •Les Lourina news •Mes rantbooks -histoires principales •Simpletrap •!le manoir des Sans¡ -les autres histoires: •des fics •des ___x reader •des trucs debiles Dédicace à ma Moirail @L-espoir666 love ❤️
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I Like In Sisuta Town And Attend Akademi Highschool Come Check Our School Out @akedemihigh
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Hi, I am Trace or you can call me 约翰 and I love to read... a lot. I write poems (English and Tagalog) and short essays (Tagalog). I only write whenever I feel like it so that makes me an occasional one. I grew up reading B1 Gang Mystery Series; Popular Tagalog Romance pocketbooks (especially Kristine Series by Ms. Martha Cecilia); Sydney Sheldon's, Harry Potter; RL Stine's Goosebumps; and Tagalog Komiks; I also read books by Bob Ong, Eros Atalia, Beverly Siy, Edgar Calabia Samar, Tony Perez, Ricky Lee; Dr.Louie Mar Gangcuangco (of Orosa-Nakpil, Malate) Pol Medina's Pugad Baboy Comics, Carlo Vergara's Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Comics Series, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, Karunungan (Philosophy Journal), History books; and Dapitan Prose & Poetry (Produced biennially by The Flame - Literary arm of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters) 'Never fall in love with me. Trust me, I always say Goodbye' - Trace Lavigne (Kristine Series) Questions - http://ask.fm/II_Trace_II Twitter - http://twitter.com/Le_Trace Instagram: le_trace Facebook: www.facebook.com/Le_Trace (Fan-mode account only) Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/goodreadscomLe_Trace Email: vigilantehunter86@yahoo.com (Please don't send SPAM!) I will follow your wattpad account not because of your good-looks or your fame, but because I like how your story is written and how interesting the plot is. I don't follow for follow; this isn't facebook, man! PLEASE AVOID posting your works (links) unsolicitedly on MY Message Board especially if I don't follow you and you just randomly dropped-by. If I follow you, then that's perfectly fine. I would be glad. ^__^
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cosplayer, artist, author. currently working on a Manga. I like cats. social media instagram- @Noboyuki_cosplay Google+- @MaKAckerman SNOW- yuuki_shinozaki email- ucandraw2speed@gmail.com languages- Japanese, English,
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Um, hi. Like my username, you could see I'm a Shopana shipper. I like Yandere Simulator, Hungertale, and memes. Ships Shopana (OTP) Shoka Chokuma Sakona Ayando AyanTaro Budoka Friends : Echowing1181 vdawson112.
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Alguém que vê a vida como um livro
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No Claims of being a "Writer"...I just write the Scenes and Things in this Magnificent Mind of Mine!
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I have been writing for more than 40 years. When it comes to writing fiction I see myself as an entertainer, and my stories are my performances; which is why I use the drama masks for my profile picture. As an entertainer, I am a natural comedian and when I am writing, this joker is wild. I've been writing on the internet since 2006. Until then, I'd only managed to sell one short story, for which I was paid a total of $5.20. I did not frame the check. I instead invested the proceeds in a breakfast at I-Hop, from which I received a very satisfying return; so the most practical advice I'd give to any aspiring writer is this: No matter how good your writing is, don't quit your day job. Since 2006 I've been writing fan fiction stories; based mostly on the TV Series "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer". More than 25 are posted at fanfiction.net, where I also use the penname MrBillyD. I've also written original fiction, posting the writings on fictionpress.com, and webook.com. I have also published two novels, that I originally posted on webook.com. They are now available in both paperback and as an e-book at amazon.com, and at Barnes and Nobel on line. They are titled, "We the People Are Good to Eat" and "A Gatored Community". For the author's name I've used my real name; William D'Andrea