Beautiful Disaster | ✔︎ by sanbenito-
Beautiful Disaster | ✔︎by 🥀 m a r t h a 🥀
[Completed.] (12/24/16) Highest Rankings - #710 in Teen-Fiction & #30 in Short Story (7/29/17) for What's Hot List. The story of a broken boy and the un-average girl. ...
  • stopmentalhealthstigma
  • ocd
  • wattys2017
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particular addiction by cashasclass
particular addictionby casper
Daniel Howell has Generalized Anxiety. Phil Lester has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dan gets drunk to distance himself from people. Phil gets high to forget his mist...
  • ocd
  • romance
  • phil
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Letters by isabelle_bl
Lettersby Isabelle B.L.
An epistolary novel. A series of letters written to various people who have in some way impacted the life of the writer - me. Some of the people I wrote to are dead, o...
  • abuse
  • nonficspotlight
  • eatingdisorder
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❤ Your Love Is My Therapy ❤ Jiall (Slow Updates) by JGsecretdj
❤ Your Love Is My Therapy ❤ Jiall...by ❤Jessica❤
Where Jade and Niall both have mental health problems and they are each other's therapy.
  • jade
  • jiall
  • mentalheath
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Don't Speak by StaceySomerville
Don't Speakby Stacey Shields
The pain and pleasure he brings is more than the sharp edge of the razor blade could ever offer me. Sixteen year old Ella's life is falling apart. After family life took...
  • domestic
  • social-anxiety
  • selfharming
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happiness ❁ larry au  by skeletonwithapen
happiness ❁ larry au by Michelle
❝ happiness is just outside my window ❞ • • in which harry has OCD and is obsessed with louis tomlinson. • weekly updates
  • louistomlinson
  • anxietydisorder
  • anxitey
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False Illusion by -Jewels-
False Illusionby Jules
Caleb Ellison can't seem to control anything that goes on inside of his head. Shortly after his best friend, Cole, disappears, things worsen. Caleb stumbles into a world...
  • schizophrenia
  • love
  • freementalillness
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flower crowns ;; larry stylinson by anxietybabies
flower crowns ;; larry stylinsonby ollie ☔️
;; harry, a broken boy with more problems than he can count. louis, a boy who's closed off with a sour attitude. what could possibly happen when these boys meet?
  • anxiety
  • larrystylinson
  • onedirection
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grief by jolybear
griefby lovesick
grow from the dirt that they left you in. started: october 2016 ended: november 2016
  • diary
  • death
  • denial
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Asia by Roanokee
Asiaby Roanokee
Asia is a girl who loved animals for her whole live. She studied them, watched their lives. In school, biology is the only subject she really loves. For her, nothing is...
  • sadness
  • child
  • misunderstood
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The Heat of Fire by happysun_23
The Heat of Fireby happysun_23
The year is 2089, and North and South America have been scorched by deadly fires. These fires have left the land barren, and civilization small. The fires have rekindled...
  • fire
  • powers
  • girl
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We Are More Than The Doctor's Paper by Rosey-Pebbles
We Are More Than The Doctor's Paperby Rosey Pebbles
A book about Mental Illness. Includes information and a story. I suggest you read to learn more. All characters are fake and the story line is fake that I thought of ou...
  • freementalillness
  • anxietydisorder
  • obsessivecompulsivedisorder
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A Class Of His Own (Nanowrimo 2017) by Jacklyn
A Class Of His Own (Nanowrimo 2017)by Jacklyn
Phoenix Jackson is in a class of his own, an utter anomaly. Highly gifted with the ability to solve any equation, he has the looks that has girls coming to him, yet he r...
  • arrogant
  • boy
  • shy
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Um- Ot4 by HeartEyesHowell123
Um- Ot4by Exsqweeze me
Michael has bad OCD- severe OCD. He has a set routine. If it's broken, he breaks down. His only friend is Calum. Calum knows his routine and follows the routine to the b...
  • ocd
  • michael
  • luke
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Obsessive Compulsions {OCD} by inlovewithlarry
Obsessive Compulsions {OCD}by inlovewithlarry
Arielle does things many times. For no reason. She soon learns the reason.
  • phillester
  • phandom
  • obsessive
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The Patients Files by Raythewriterforever
The Patients Filesby Ray Tag
Five teens are locked away in a mental hospital for "disruptive behavior" to their communities and families. The hospital is nice to them but never lets them o...
  • gettinghelp
  • thefighttosurvive
  • anorexia
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possession by DesireXgodess
possessionby la la loopsy
Physcotic Ichobod is on the prowl to find his love, Beharrie. Years ago he was admitted in the prison asylum but now he's out to prove to her if his innocence.
  • crazy
  • bipolar
  • possessive
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Prozac in my Cheerios by grapeleafgurl
Prozac in my Cheeriosby
A collection of short essays about my experiences growing up with mental illness.
  • hoarding
  • ocd
  • obsessivecompulsivedisorder
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OCD In Verse by debatablegay
OCD In Verseby :)
Obsessive Coffee Disorder Obsessive Christmas Disorder Obsessive Candy Disorder even Obsessive Cumberbatch Disorder Funny jokes, but where do they derive? Obsessive Com...
  • verse
  • poetry
  • ocd
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