Willow by bonberriechocolate
Willowby bonberriechocolate
Mature. His darkness consumed her. And his love destroyed her.
  • love
  • kiss
  • darkromance
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Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love #1) 18+ by karlaeros
Forced By My Bullies (Forced Love...by Karla E Ros
  • menage
  • pregnant
  • hotmen
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The Emperor's Obsession by orphicoblivion
The Emperor's Obsessionby ~ hera ~
"I can protect you, Lihua, but remember this.. No one can protect you from me.. No one." * With an unsmiling grandfather and an uptight aunt, Wu Lihua was perf...
  • fantasy-romance
  • obsession
  • ancientchina
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My Twin Stepbrothers by uniquelynisha
My Twin Stepbrothersby nisha
(DAILY UPDATES❗️❗️) Abby has a normal life. Loving parents two best friends on her final year in high school she couldn't be more happy. The last day of summer her pare...
  • brothers
  • daddiesgirl
  • romance
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His fake assistant by tom-yumke
His fake assistantby ...
"She's is the only one who can calm my beast. It lives for her. This body, heart and soul is hers." ☆☆☆ "Mason, let go of him, please", the angel...
  • possessive
  • erotic
  • romance
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HIS FIORE  by jerry__lvr
HIS FIORE by jerry__lvr
Daewon Zale She looked at my demon in the eye and smiled. He bows down to her. She calms him down. He will kill for her. I will too. If I'd get rid of him, then I'd loos...
  • wife
  • stephenjames
  • fanfiction
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Alana's Mistake ✓ by gs_banks
Alana's Mistake ✓by G.S. Banks
A young, happily married woman has a one-time affair with a guy who refuses to allow it to end and becomes obsessed with her. Alana is 22 years old, but she got married...
  • danger
  • adultery
  • thriller
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The Arrangement  by uniquelynisha
The Arrangement by nisha
Autumn was your typical teenager. She loved living her life to the fullest with her only best friend Sarah. One day Xzavier known as the schools bad boy notices little...
  • love
  • violence
  • torture
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Best Friend Obsession by moonscar00
Best Friend Obsessionby moonscar00
In which a friendship soon turns into obsession. HIGHEST RANK #391 IN MYSTERY/THRILLER
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • sexualcontent
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The Student's Fixation by NativeBeautie
The Student's Fixationby Sage
Italy gray a beautiful 26-year-old enjoying life along with her fiancée, Niko gray who have been together for 5 years. Italy's independent, Gorgeous, feisty, smart, mat...
  • highschool
  • forced
  • jealously
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His Obsession by TheSirensLullaby
His Obsessionby TheSirensLullaby
"N-No! Please Stop!" I screamed as he gained up on me. He tackled me to the ground and pressed himself against me. "Don't touch me! I hate you!" I sp...
  • forced
  • teen
  • psycho
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 Devil Incarnate |Jikook| by mochikookielove
Devil Incarnate |Jikook|by ~ 지민 씨 ~
Park Jimin, a sassy employee of a convenience store catches the eye of a multimillionaire/mafia leader Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook decides to make him his. WARNINGS: • Shitt...
  • violence
  • 정국
  • topjungkook
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Lost by _nomad_
Lostby nomad
"Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he molded their lips together, sealing...
  • tomriddle
  • obsession
  • mine
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His Fatal Obsession by Chris242017
His Fatal Obsessionby Chris
Antonio, 35 lives in a rural village in Mexico and is looked down upon because of his parentage. He is a product of rape and his own family hate him. He feels that love...
  • love
  • jealousy
  • family
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I'll Never Forgive You  by whysteriarose
I'll Never Forgive You by Whysteriarose
Len Kagamine. That name alone sends fangirls all over the world into a tizzy. His life is composed of fame, girls, and money. One look and he'll have you wrapped around...
  • group
  • famous
  • xreader
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I Will Make You Mine..Again. (Completed) by rickydonna7
I Will Make You Mine..Again. (Comp...by rickydonna7
#4 in ROMANCE [as of 14 February, 2018] ............... Agustin DeLuca looked at the photos infront of him, rage burning through his veins, as he watched his wife in som...
  • runningaway
  • brutal
  • billionaires​
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Yandere Scenarios by HopelessRomantic376
Yandere Scenariosby Jocelyn
Yanderes for all types Damion- A billionare yandere willing to do whatever it takes for his queen. Douglas- A professional cook obessed with you and will kill all rivals...
  • requests
  • love
  • obsession
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His Obsession  by khybabyy
His Obsession by Khymack
Nadira Andrews has been a psychologist for some time now with a lot of different patients. One of them being Zion Hernandez. He was panty dropping gorgeous. On one of hi...
  • obsession
  • possessive
  • psychologist
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Control by ImaginationStation22
Controlby B R I A R O S E
Her parents are cold controlling people who run her life the way they wished theirs were. She can only go to the best schools, only spend time with the best people. They...
  • abandonement
  • submissive
  • agegap
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Unloving Beast  by passion01042
Unloving Beast by passion01042
Every year they hold a hunt.For those beast to find their other half.To find their supposedly love of their lives. I detested them.I hated them. They don't love their...
  • obsessed
  • human
  • cruel
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