Lexi's Promise [Bk 3] by neverfakeit
Lexi's Promise [Bk 3] by Morgan Rider
Let's say you found true love. And say you had eternity to spend with that lover. So what if he was the god of the dead and you had to manage his dysfunctional family. Y...
  • greekmythology
  • wedding
  • underworld
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Nymphet by ooofkay
Nymphet by ▽ K a y l a ▽
"I don't think your cat would use butt plugs, glass dildos, glitter nipple clamps, and pink ball gags." -in which a young girl is sexually appealing and loved...
  • nymph
  • daddydom
  • ddlg
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The Consorts (M-Preg) by firelipz
The Consorts (M-Preg) by Nuria
He must choose five. Five to be his lovers, his protectors, his advisers, his everything. Hand picked by the King himself, Prince Killian Innis, heir to the throne of I...
  • âu
  • harem
  • royalty
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Skysnatched ? by EinatSegal
Skysnatched ? by Einaty
Nyllas is a warrior who dreams of the sky while bound to the earth. A catastrophic meeting with a deadly demon severs her connection to the earth and traps her in a sky...
  • adventure
  • action
  • violence
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Nymphet essentials 2 by lolitasgayaunt
Nymphet essentials 2 by Fiona
A guide to being a nymphet
  • nymphetessentials
  • guidebook
  • humbert
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Til Death Do Us Part by firelipz
Til Death Do Us Part by Nuria
(ManxMan Harem) Noah Kismet had fallen in love once with a Witch whose impulsiveness would guarantee his demise. He fell in love again with a Nymph whose attitude put t...
  • manxman
  • harem
  • werewolf
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Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award Winner) by KatieSpektor
Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award W... by Katie
* A Wattpad Featured book! * ** Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award ** In a world of magic and chaos, seventeen-year-old Lannie Brackenbury has only ev...
  • magic
  • royalty
  • elementals
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Forsaken Deity by saturn137
Forsaken Deity by Mel-Belle
[2013 Watty Finalist] Thea Gibson lives a normal life. She waitresses at her local bar, pays her bills on time, has a secret crush on Detective Josh Cooper and let's he...
  • thea
  • nyx
  • romance
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Anthousai(Septiplier) by SinpaiCasanova
Anthousai(Septiplier) by Cassibae♡
(Completed) The lush hills of Ireland, a beautiful and serene place. It's home to many mythical creatures, one of which is a flower Nymph named Sèan. He's a curious and...
  • nymph
  • jacksepticeye
  • markiplier
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The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon Nymph by Illeandir
The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon N... by Diaval Thrid
One girl One boy One dragon One fallen empire Freya Wilde, her name says it all. She'd rather run wild in the wind than wallow in society's mud. Fiercely independent an...
  • nymphs
  • illeandir
  • mystery
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Unwanted  by laeme300
Unwanted by laeme300
Trust is like an eraser, after every mistake it gets smaller and smaller -Emely [Intro is inside the book] Some chapters are private so you have to follow me in o...
  • royalty
  • angel
  • magic
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Different Sense by Inconvenient_Ideal
Different Sense by Charlie
Lothiriel is a Nymph from the forests of Eryn Vorn, Bilbo is a Hobbit from The Shire and Thorin and company have left behind their home, Erebor. Being unexpectedly rope...
  • gandalf
  • thorin
  • rings
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10 Mates?! by SeriouslyMessedUp23
10 Mates?! by SeriouslyMessedUp23
Fourteen year-old Ruby White has lived with her father all her life, so when he passes away Ruby is sent to live at Werewolf Academy. What happens when she learns that s...
  • witch
  • elves
  • love
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Mythology And Supernatural by My_LifeIsA_Story
Mythology And Supernatural by Blake
I just like mythology, mythological creatures, and the supernatural. If anyone wants to make a book with supernatural characters or mythology mentions, I got you. You d...
  • werewolf
  • siren
  • mythology
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The Emery Chronicles: The Red King's Romance (THIRD BOOK) by _lovestoriesrmylife_
The Emery Chronicles: The Red King... by _lovestoriesrmylife_
(THIRD BOOK) As war begins to brew in the lands of Emery, King Roux of the Red Autumn Kingdom of Aspentia decides it is time he strengthens his army as well. Invited to...
  • passion
  • nymph
  • fantasy
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How to: Aesthetic  by heathersaesthetic
How to: Aesthetic by heathersaesthetic
This is a book on how to be aesthetic and it's not only focused on one but on multiple aesthetics There will be no body shaming or any sort of shaming, only positivity a...
  • smutish
  • niallhoran
  • dracomalfoy
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MATURE//DRAGONS//WITCHES//MURDER In the Godiva Galaxy, on the star of Xantos... a diamond Dragon appears in the sky, signaling the start of a war that will change the...
  • gypsies
  • genies
  • magic
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The Lovers and the Suckers (BxB) ✔️ by KuroHorizon
The Lovers and the Suckers (BxB) ✔️ by 🕸Kuro🕸
Before he is put to death for having red hair, Artemis is rescued by a beloved doctor, only to learn this man is actually a vampire prince. He could've gone on forever...
  • mpreg
  • fantasy
  • love
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How To Be A Nymphet by Candynymphet
How To Be A Nymphet by candy
This is your guide to being a heavenly little nymphet. <3 Notes: - Even though a nymphet may be male or female, they are typically female, so this is directed towards...
  • daddy
  • nymph
  • tips
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Tails (Transformations: Book 1) by JessicaGraceWrites
Tails (Transformations: Book 1) by Jessica Grace
Aria is a professional mermaid at an aquarium. She wears a fake tail and performs for visitors. All her life, she has been in love with the mythical creatures, but her w...
  • mythology
  • fantasy
  • prejudice
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