Sisters of the Heavenly Fire by krazydiamond
Sisters of the Heavenly Fire by Kristin Jacques Science Fiction
Spies, Brawlers, Gunslingers, and Swordsworn. The Sisters of the Heavenly Fire are ladies of dubious origins, gathered under the command of Mother Superior Ione. They a...
The sound of music roleplay  by ImNotShrimpy
The sound of music roleplay by — capтaιn υмa 🐙 Random
Roleplay of 'The sound of music' No OCs allowed.
Nunalicious by Maddythehoe
Nunalicious by Maddy Conrad Random
Sister Satan puss be poppin her pussy
Covenant by aquatic_authoress
Covenant by Aquatic Authoress Horror
Prequel of Don't TAP! For best reading experience, read Don't TAP! first, followed by the prequel, Covenant and finally, the sequel, I'm Fine. • • • • • Anna was a lov...
Lana & Kit by deliagoode
Lana & Kit by Laighton Romance
Never had Lana thought she could feel this way about a man, but Kit was different...
Passing Down the Flowers by Puntrumpet
Passing Down the Flowers by Richard "the spooked" Wunschel Short Story
"Are you trying to get a merit badge for this, Scout?" Sola Greyhard is one of the nuns at the Church of the Virgin Mary in Helgasell. She watched the years p...
Akatsuki randomness by ohhaitharr
A Demon's Ascension || s l o w u p d a t e s || by mrjeanfiery
A Demon's Ascension || s l o w u p... by h i a t u s Paranormal
| The first volume in the Gabriel Church Series | A pathological mastermind who's orchestrating a chain of murders involving priests brings consulting detective, Gabri...
The Little Peasant Girl [Book III in the Curse Of Blood Saga] by JeanineCroft
The Little Peasant Girl [Book III... by Jeanine🇿🇦Croft Fantasy
Asteria is a girl cloistered behind the anesthetic walls of her convent home. A life chosen for her by a mother she can no longer remember. When an unforeseen malevolenc...
The Academy by magatude
The Academy by Magatude Historical Fiction
Anne Margaret has been best friends with Marley Thatcher since they were two. William Taylor has been chasing Marley at the heels since he laid eyes on her. This trio of...