An aether kid's story(gladion x type:Null/silvally) by YaoiFanatic248
An aether kid's story(gladion x Yaoi Lover!
Gladion has always been an aether kid, born and raised in an aether family, but what will happen when he sees type: Null's suffering and steals him away from the aether...
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Darkness Beyond Darkness by Pteragon
Darkness Beyond Darknessby Pteragon
(Cover by me. That's why it's so bad) The story takes place right after the end of Season 2 of Minecraft Story Mode. As soon as Jesse and Petra set off to the Unknow...
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Four Islands: One Disaster (Ep2 of 5) by magnetar144
Four Islands: One Disaster (Ep2 Magnetar144
Alola is under threat from an evil villain and it's up to four trainers to stop them. This is the second part of the series.
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The Lipgloss Fic/ Forbidden Love by holyhecc
The Lipgloss Fic/ Forbidden Loveby Emo Daddy
A fanfiction about my friends jochs and soggy, sequel to The Lipstick Fic by @anxiousSophie
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The Children Of Null by coconutpotato23
The Children Of Nullby coconutpotato23
Null fell in love with a human girl. They had two kids, before humans and creepypastas killed her. Now, on his own, he has to raise a daughter and a son. Things take tur...
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A New Beginning by Oopa_Da_Rad_Skele
A New Beginningby Oopa_Da_Rad_Skele
Cover is temporary, and mine. (Its Glitch) This story is based off of my AU, FamTale. Glitch had tried everything, but he couldn't figure it out. He just couldn't make...
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Un demone con gli occhi bianchi... by Moon9-chan
Un demone con gli occhi Moon9-chan
Ci sarà un gruppetto di ragazzi che comincerà finalmente l' qualcosa...o meglio...qualcuno gli rovinerà i piani...
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n u l l by korralistic
n u l lby ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)
| i'm not alone. i was never alone. they're everywhere. i'm everywhere. separate bodies, one mind. ...
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The mysterious enemy: a snakeman793 adventure by Mfju23_Again
The mysterious enemy: a BRAEDEN MACARTHUR
What happens when waves of mobs start attacking the villages all at once? snakeman793 is a minecraft modder who had been sent into the game to protect it, however, when...
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