The mysterious enemy: a snakeman793 adventure by Mfju23_Again
The mysterious enemy: a BRAEDEN MACARTHUR
What happens when waves of mobs start attacking the villages all at once? snakeman793 is a minecraft modder who had been sent into the game to protect it, however, when...
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  • entity303
  • skeletons
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Horror Movie Cliches 2.0 or just random Cliches by Bin_Of_Junk
Horror Movie Cliches 2.0 or just LightlyFriedFish
If you find this, no I'm not copying Bin___ I'm the same person just with another account ._. Edit: I'm not just doing horror stories cliches
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Brother Silvally by NightmareSteve
Brother Silvallyby Tyna Epright
Type: Null wants to save his brother Silvally, but fears he won't be able to due it, because of the condition the humans put him in.
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  • random
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Corruption Inside by candyflossed
Corruption Insideby ♡CandyFloss♡
Steve sacrificed his life for 3 others. Herobrine, Entity303 and Null are free from the corruption. Candy, Diamond, Tea and others live peacefully.... but temporarily. S...
  • herobrine
  • minecraft
  • diamond
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the test subjects  by EndingAmber
the test subjects by Amber
"test subject-003 finally opened its eye" said someone as I scanned the place seeing two more tubs having a person in them I started to freak out banging on t...
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  • entity
  • notch
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Daughter of a warrior  by ThunderKittey
Daughter of a warrior by ThunderKittey
Maddie and her friends are on a journey to save the world from herobrine. But unfortunately herobrine attacks are becoming stronger than Maddie's. she can't fight anymor...
  • shadowsteve
  • sad
  • maddie
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My Friend Is Related To Herobrine by coconutpotato23
My Friend Is Related To Herobrineby coconutpotato23
Marina and Cressida are normal girls who love Minecraft. It's just another day in Minecraft when something feels off. That's when they see Null, Entity 303 and Herobrine...
  • entity303
  • marina
  • minecraft
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The Synthetic Pokemon(Various! Legendary! Pokemon x Silvally! Reader) by ShadeDaBanette
The Synthetic Pokemon(Various! Shade
In this You're Nickname is Going to be Y/n, you're a "female"(Silvally is genderless) And your trainer is going to be Moon(Aka, the Female Character). Also You...
  • legendary
  • synthetic
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G.R.A.V. by Lukexdon_Epoch Lucas
I've lost my only friend to this apocalypse, and now I struggle to find meaning.
  • grav
  • velocity
  • epoch
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A Disfunctioning Computer by imnotpinhead
A Disfunctioning Computerby imnotpinhead
A boy named Aaron finds a strange free computer with a tag of "Take it away and never bring it back" so he took the gamble to search what was wrong, will he so...
  • technologicalhorror
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  • gore
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Sci Fic Contest by universe_beholder
Sci Fic Contestby eNnI
Thrills... adventure.... legends.... Matrix... aliens... robots... New Gen... All are here in short stories.....
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  • void
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That One Guy You Don't Know by thelolzking
That One Guy You Don't Knowby Lost
Yeah, you don't know me, and I don't know you. So what. And, no, this IS NOT some dumb obscure fanfic. This is basically a log of events. In my life. And it is, in fact...
  • demon
  • shadows
  • shaded
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Weird Error One Shots by A_Random_Cup
Weird Error One Shotsby Cuppie
This all honestly started with a comment with Error ruling the underworld just by looking at Satan himself from "Falling Into A Different Destiny", chapter, &q...
  • weirdstuff
  • error
  • randomness
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Void Troopers by Hman999
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Void Thrax
According to the official records, before they were "hatched," the six Null-class ARC troopers had six brothers who died in development. Genetic flaws, they sa...
  • sifo-dyas
  • starwars
  • sith
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Corrupted Souls by candyflossed
Corrupted Soulsby ♡CandyFloss♡
"W҉e̕ ̡are̷ cor̛r͏u̢pted" ̢"O͢u͏r̛ so͢u͝ls͝ ̸ar̸e c͘or͘ru̧p͏ted̶ ͡"͏ ͘"Ḩe͏l͝p͘ ͢u̡s"̷ ̛"W̛e ͠cánnòt̨ be f̕ix́ed̷, st̛o҉p͘ t̛rỳing̕...
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No turning back -Book 3 "Tracking Them Down Trilogies" by CreativelyCrafty
No turning back -Book 3 " CreativelyCrafty
Please first two books or this will make no sense. LAST BOOK "Once we shatter, we have a likely hood of being unable to be pieced together again even after we were...
  • james
  • minecraft
  • fate
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The Journey Of Saving Minecraft by HomieMCPE
The Journey Of Saving Minecraftby HomieMCPE
Saber travel the land of minecraft and find a temple that contains some important information of some lord. The most info he found is about the battle against good vs ev...
  • herobrine
  • minecraft
  • bosssteve
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Minecraft Daughter scenario by gamingbyles
Minecraft Daughter scenarioby Les
I never seen one so here you go and it's my first x-reader yeah and no YouTubers I stick with the main people
  • herobrine
  • alex
  • notch
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Light Through Darkness - A Null Story by candyflossed
Light Through Darkness - A Null ♡CandyFloss♡
Null was created in a lab. He was sent out into the wild to complete missions. But when he meets 2 immortals, Hero, or Herobrine, and John, or Entity3_0_3, he stops doin...
  • nether
  • john
  • overworld
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