Falling Into A Different Destiny by harrish6
Falling Into A Different Destinyby harrish6
(I do not own the picture and it was made by FMgufa77, Error Sans, Undertale, any cartoon in this, or any AU in this unless stated. They belong to their respectful owner...
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To You, My Future by JuneTheGlassesBearer
To You, My Futureby JuneTheGlassesBearer
Error was never before so confused. He doesn't even know what to do in these kinds of situations. It's not like he knew what to do after someone pulls him and his childr...
  • family
  • sans
  • the-driven-au
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The Secrets We Keep: Skybrine FanFiction by walkedintoatree
The Secrets We Keep: Skybrine Ello
After one year of being away from his friends because of training he goes back to find himself fighting one of his uncles, facing truths, finding new things, and getting...
  • setosorcerer
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Ask Or Dare - From Any Of My Books by harrish6
Ask Or Dare - From Any Of My Booksby harrish6
(I do not own the cover, Undertale, or Error, Shears, and other characters, they belongs to their respectful owners. I only own the stories involved and the versions of...
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Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x reader) by LawyerInLaw
Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x ♤ D.Spade ♤
"Change doesn't always mean growth, just as movement doesn't always represent progress."
  • aether
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Horror Movie Cliches 2.0 by Bin_Of_Junk
Horror Movie Cliches 2.0by Oh_No You died
If you find this, no I'm not copying Bin___ I'm the same person just with another account ._. Edit: I'm not just doing horror stories cliches
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Sci Fic Contest by universe_beholder
Sci Fic Contestby eNnI
Thrills... adventure.... legends.... Matrix... aliens... robots... New Gen... All are here in short stories.....
  • emptiness
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  • sciencefiction
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The Three Buttons by anithenetherqueen
The Three Buttonsby glItchtAlE Is bEst tAlE
Abused, Unwanted and Unloved. Until that little boy came and took her to paradise. What will happen next?
  • herobrine
  • steve
  • action
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Minecraft Lore Wars by DerpTheCake
Minecraft Lore Warsby DerpTheCake
Unspeakable is trying to solve the minecraft lore mysterious. He accidentally summon herobrine in the world.
  • moosecraft
  • mojang
  • unspeakable
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Corrupted Souls by candyflossed
Corrupted Soulsby ♡KawaiiCandyFloss♡
"W҉e̕ ̡are̷ cor̛r͏u̢pted" ̢"O͢u͏r̛ so͢u͝ls͝ ̸ar̸e c͘or͘ru̧p͏ted̶ ͡"͏ ͘"Ḩe͏l͝p͘ ͢u̡s"̷ ̛"W̛e ͠cánnòt̨ be f̕ix́ed̷, st̛o҉p͘ t̛rỳing̕...
  • entity303
  • herobrine
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Light Through Darkness - A Null Story by candyflossed
Light Through Darkness - A Null ♡KawaiiCandyFloss♡
Null was created in a lab. He was sent out into the wild to complete missions. But when he meets 2 immortals, Hero, or Herobrine, and John, or Entity3_0_3, he stops doin...
  • overworld
  • hero
  • nether
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Corruption Inside by candyflossed
Corruption Insideby ♡KawaiiCandyFloss♡
(Book 2 of the Corrupted Trilogy) Steve sacrificed his life for 3 others. Herobrine, Entity303 and Null are free from the corruption. Candy, Diamond, Tea and others live...
  • herobrine
  • entity303
  • tea
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NetherCraft School - Kid Creepypastas by anithenetherqueen
NetherCraft School - Kid glItchtAlE Is bEst tAlE
This story is about some creepypastas starting at NetherCraft school!
  • steve
  • notch
  • entity303
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Crumbling apart (sequel to Secrets we keep) by walkedintoatree
Crumbling apart (sequel to Ello
As we know it, it's the end of the world! The ground is falling beneath our feet. Technology is gone, we can't rely on it anymore!! They say, a sacrifice, a sacrific...
  • skybrine
  • ssundee
  • skydoesminecraft
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Faults in Our Code - Sequel to Lava Dancers by anithenetherqueen
Faults in Our Code - Sequel to glItchtAlE Is bEst tAlE
Sasha, Hero, Steve, Eva and Brian. Four have gone missing. Only Eva remains. Can she harness her ancestor's true power? Some that he never even discovered? And ca...
  • minecraftadventure
  • steve
  • onesandzeros
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Home for the Corrupted: Minecraft entity story by ShannonTheKittyGirl
Home for the Corrupted: Shannon Towner
READ ALL Conflict- The MineCraft realm has gone to nothing but protest and fear. The well known stalkers of Minecraft -HeroBrine, Entity 303, and Null- have been wreak...
  • minecraft
  • herobrine
  • creepy
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Weird Error One Shots by A_Random_Cup
Weird Error One Shotsby Cuppie
This all honestly started with a comment with Error ruling the underworld just by looking at Satan himself from "Falling Into A Different Destiny", chapter, &q...
  • void
  • randomness
  • error
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HeroSteve:Corrupted Heart by NyoAmerica2
HeroSteve:Corrupted Heartby AngelNerd (Lexus)
[A Sequel to HeroSteve:Forbidden Love] Steve has become a corrupted Steve,Herobrine & Notch are shock and can't believe it. Herobrine's heart has been shattered. Will th...
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  • notch
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Núll by Lukexdon_Epoch
Núllby Lucas
They believe me to be a god. Truth is, I don't even know what I am.
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Type: Null x Reader: Freaks Like Us~ by ShanShanCreeper
Type: Null x Reader: Freaks Like StarFury12
Hello, and welcome to my story of Type: Null x Reader. This is going to be a story of (Y/N) roaming the Alolan region alone. Or so she thinks... Many twists and turns w...
  • xreader
  • alola
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