Falling Into A Different Destiny by harrish6
Falling Into A Different Destiny by harrish6
(I do not own the picture and it was made by FMgufa77, Error Sans, Undertale, any cartoon in this, or any AU in this unless stated. They belong to their respectful owner...
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Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x reader) by LawyerInLaw
Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x read... by ♤ D.Spade ♤
"Change doesn't always mean growth, just as movement doesn't always represent progress."
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That One Guy You Don't Know by thelolzking
That One Guy You Don't Know by Shaded_Glass
Yeah, you don't know me, and I don't know you. So what. And, no, this IS NOT some dumb obscure fanfic. This is basically a log of events. In my life. And it is, in fact...
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The Lab by candyflossed
The Lab by ♡KawaiiCandyFloss♡
Imogen was a normal person in Minecraft. Her brother, Ryan, and she were going mining. When they come back, something awaits, and Imogen appears in a lab. Will she get...
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Type:Null Entries (365 days challenge) by Wondersketch23
Type:Null Entries (365 days challe... by Wonder
This is an experiment that we, the Aether Foundation, have created. We call him Type:Full. We are checking Type:Full on a daily basis, so, expect how our Full's doing.
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Type: Null x Reader: Freaks Like Us~ by ShanShanCreeper
Type: Null x Reader: Freaks Like U... by StarFury12
Hello, and welcome to my story of Type: Null x Reader. This is going to be a story of (Y/N) roaming the Alolan region alone. Or so she thinks... Many twists and turns w...
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Núll by Lukexdon_Epoch
Núll by Lucas
They believe me to be a god. Truth is, I don't even know what I am.
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Minecraft Rebels - A Team Brine vs. Team 303 story by anithenetherqueen
Minecraft Rebels - A Team Brine vs... by glItchtAlE Is bEst tAlE
Six powerful beings. Five allied armies. Four years of conflict. Three human children. Two unstable personalities. One battle for Minecraftia. Will it ever end? Largest...
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1:59am by terroru
1:59am by red
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Ask Herobrine, Entity_303 and more by anithenetherqueen
Ask Herobrine, Entity_303 and more by glItchtAlE Is bEst tAlE
Yeah you can ask any of my characters anything you want. Rated Mature because I don't care if something like that pops up in there. To be honest it probably will.
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The Legends from her Past {MC} by Code-M0
The Legends from her Past {MC} by H E C C
Nowe życie w nowym świecie, przynosi nowe niespodzianki. Raz na jakiś czas zdarza się, że legendy z twojego dzieciństwa, ożywają i stają się rzeczywistością. To rzadkie...
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No turning back -Book 3 "Tracking Them Down Trilogies" by CreativelyCrafty
No turning back -Book 3 "Tracking... by CreativelyCrafty
Please first two books or this will make no sense. "Once we shatter, we have a likely hood of being unable to be pieced together again even after we were glued back...
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I Dont Wanna Be Type Null by featherwarrior
I Dont Wanna Be Type Null by Victoria Sparkke
I am bad at descriptions but here I go. -You are a 16 year old girl named moon who just moved to the alola region with your mom. You just planned to have a normal adven...
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Alola's edgelord by thegladion
Alola's edgelord by snivygirlart
This story is about the edgelord of Alola: Gladion. This story is about his past and appears in the game. ***Note*** the story could be wrong. I did my best to think h...
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Comfort For The Hopelessly Psychotic by KilljoyCharlie
Comfort For The Hopelessly Psychot... by null
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F A I L U R E by SorchaChosen333
F A I L U R E by Me
not a fiction
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