All's Fair in Love and War by messynormani
All's Fair in Love and War by cliché Fanfiction
Dinah Jane Hansen is a 27 year old in the military. Normani Kordei is Dinah's 25 year old wife. Normani and Dinah have two children together, both girls, and twins. They...
Soon. (Norminah Fanfic) by rainstxrm
Soon. (Norminah Fanfic) by t Random
"when will we meet?" "I don't know..." "will it be soon?" "soon." - Book completed July 30th 2016.
Stay on your terf! (Norminah) by _independent_hooper_
Stay on your terf! (Norminah) by Nichole Fanfiction
When you have two different gangs that run the school, its hard for those gangs not to collide in the crowded hallways of Lake Shore High School. Dinah, a blood, and Nor...
Good and Bad in Change by Lj_babies96
Good and Bad in Change by Hope Fanfiction
Lauren jauregui the biggest nerd in the school. She only has one friend. Lauren has the hugest crush on the most popular girl in school, Lucy Vives. But lucy thinks laur...
Accidental Love by lerenjauregui
Through Each Other's Best Friends ( Norminah ) by jumbo_jauregui
Through Each Other's Best Friends... by Finah_Jane97 Fanfiction
Adapted from the Camren Fanfic, " The Text " Dinah and Normani start texting through Camila and Lauren. Normani has had bad experience with love. She is afra...
The Story of Our Life by SolLunaEstrellas
The Story of Our Life by Valentina Fanfiction
"There's something about wanting to protect a person that is hurting more than you that takes away the pain of losing your baby." Normani and Dinah love their...
The groupchat [fifth h4rmony x Camila cabello] by FlowerrRose
The groupchat [fifth h4rmony x Cam... by FlowerrRose Fanfiction
Dinah and camila are well known pop stars. They are the bestfriend goals.BDinah and camila decided to make a groupchat with 3 randome people.Do the people know them? No...
DM Me || Norminah by gayL4ND
DM Me || Norminah by Tee . Fanfiction
chocolatemami: Eyo ma lemme get yo number ; ) dinahdime: Excuse me ? (O.O)
Laurminah-DC3 • Oneshots  by OhSnapLaurinah
Laurminah-DC3 • Oneshots by OhSnapLaurinah Fanfiction
A oneshot book of DC3/Laurminah.
The girl from instagram (Norminah) by whctry
The girl from instagram (Norminah) by whctry Teen Fiction
"You have 1 new message request"
Alone by messynormani
Alone by cliché Fanfiction
"You're like a magician, you know," she said. The other girl lifted an eyebrow. "As soon as you hear the words 'Normani's having a baby.' you disappeared...
Imagination // Dofia by SofiaTops
Imagination // Dofia by Bro Fanfiction
Just a Story based off of Shawn Mendes' Song - Imagination. But with a lot of twists in it. Warning: this story can give you mixed emotions. Theres Also Swearing. Lots...
Rockstar [Norminah] by GottaCamila727
Rockstar [Norminah] by GottaCamila727 Fanfiction
A young, dumb and broke Dinah Jane Hansen needs to find a way to make money. One day, her roommate finds out she can enter a competition and become famous. Dinah accep...
blue neighbourhood by messynormani
blue neighbourhood by cliché Fanfiction
"Leave this blue neighbourhood." A Norminah story based off of Troye Sivan's Blue Neighbourhood. Dinah g!p Highest Rankings: #17 in Norminah
Forbidden Mates (Camren) by CamrenThe1975
Forbidden Mates (Camren) by CamrenThe1975 Fanfiction
What happens when two alphas are mated and one is a teacher while the other is a student?
Fifth Harmony by ArzelleFerreras
Fifth Harmony by arzy bae❤ Fanfiction
So let's get one thing settled up. Ally loves Lauren. Camila loves Lauren. Normani loves Dinah. Dinah Loves Normani. Lauren loves Camila but, She loves Ally too. A lot o...
two hearts :: norminah  by -blkprincesa
two hearts :: norminah by kay•luh . ✧ Fanfiction
COMPLETED | 6-12-2017 ❝ i chose to be your friend but falling in love with you was out of my control ❞ in which dinah's feelings for normani grows by the minute. ©damnk...
My Addiction (Norminah) by Hope4YT
My Addiction (Norminah) by Hope Fanfiction
"I need you Normani. Please? " Normani's my drug and I don't think I can get clean. Dinah g!p
Wrong Number ➸ Norminah {Book 1} by milaskies
Wrong Number ➸ Norminah {Book 1} by 2C17🍃 Fanfiction
text received from unknown number - cover by me - vote - follow for follow - remember, you're loved. Do NOT ask to republish, do not steal! I will not let you republis...