Possessive   Lauren/you by tayanime
Possessive Lauren/you by tayanime Fanfiction
Lauren Jauregui known in school as the person who you just stay the fuck away from. Y/n has just moved to town and just started school, but the green eyed girl caught he...
Easier Said Than Done   by Vonnyhony
Easier Said Than Done by Vonnyhorny Fanfiction
[LAURINAH] Lauren Jauregui is worldwide known as a member of the famous girl group, Fifth Harmony. In the begining of Fifth Harmony everything was alright. But as she go...
All I want (Camren) by camren_smores
All I want (Camren) by Camren_Smores Fanfiction
What can Camila do when she starts to like the schools hottest fuckboy (aka Lauren) and fall for them? You know what they say...fuckboys never change....or do they?... C...
Straight Lauren (Text Fic) by chaoticjauregui
Straight Lauren (Text Fic) by chaoticjauregui Fanfiction
"Im straight" - Lauren Jauregui
Fixes by YouAreMySecretCrush
Fixes by ✫✫ƒÜ℃к✫✫ Fanfiction
Lauren is a multimillionaire, running a worldwide shipping company. She avoids any sort of feelings by occupying herself with her family's business. Well, that's until s...
Love is blind by millennialtrash
Love is blind by N.K Fanfiction
"What you think is love is truly not, you need to elevate and find" G!P Part 3💗
Impossible To Love  by Manibey1
Impossible To Love by Normaniwife Fanfiction
Normani and Lauren was in a toxic relationship. Lauren was a struggling artist who enjoys life. Normani was a dancer and amazing one at that. She was apart of this amazi...
Some Where Over The Moon || Normila by JessicaBerryMyStory
Some Where Over The Moon || Normila by LaurenIsDaddie Fanfiction
[Camila]A nerdy school girl who doesn't want to fall in love again because she still loves her ex [Normani]A popular school girl who doesn't believe in love because she...
Fifth Harmony/You GIFs Imagines  by TwiceX5H
Fifth Harmony/You GIFs Imagines by Kim Dubu 🐯 Fanfiction
FIFTH HARMONY/YOU GIFS IMAGINES! Well, at least you don't have to imagine a lot.. 😬 Started: 8/11/2017 🔥 Released: 8/12/2017 💎
Hidden love (Dinah/you) by Dinahado
Hidden love (Dinah/you) by Dinah*Mite💋💗 Fanfiction
Y/N Y/L/N has been obsessed with Dinah Jane for years but lost hope for her once you accepted the fact that Dinah would never notice you but would that all change when y...
Galway Girl by MyLernJergui
Galway Girl by MyLernJergui Fanfiction
Lauren Jauregui, uma jovem lutadora de Boxe acaba por se mudar para a cidade irlandesa de Galway, onde ela conhece uma violinista que vai fazer seu mundo virar de cabeça...
Behind the Scenes (Camren) by dinahfantasy
Behind the Scenes (Camren) by Brook Fanfiction
Camila has terrible, terrible luck. The worst kind of luck you can have. Like win the lottery but die the next day kind of luck. Like never been on a cruise before and e...
Mi Fotógrafa (Lauren/You) by WhileATeen
Mi Fotógrafa (Lauren/You) by sienali Fanfiction
"So that's the name you're giving me?" Y/N asked with a intriguing look in her eyes. Her arms were crossed and her chin faced up as she stares into the green e...
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You) by CamilaIsSmexy
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You) by Gwennie-Poo Fanfiction
You've been bullied by these five girls since Freshman and now you are in junior. What if feelings change? Or will they always be bullies. Maybe once a bully,always a b...
Let Me Love You by twicce
Let Me Love You by Twice Fanfiction
A delusional Camren text fanfic lol. Lauren confesses to Camila and gets rejected. I Don't own anything but plot c:
Trials and Tribulations by myshipperheartt
Trials and Tribulations by Camren Fanfiction
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."
Fifth Harmony Gif imagines by 5hislife1329
Fifth Harmony Gif imagines by 5hislife1329 Fanfiction
The picture is not mien but the title is... Also I won't be updating this like everyday but oh well...
Our little secret (CamilaΔYou) (COMPLETED) by Lolo_Cabello123
Our little secret (CamilaΔYou) (CO... by Finah.Jane 💋 Fanfiction
What goes on behind closed doors. Stays behind closed doors WARNING: THIS STORY COULD BE TRIGGERING ~Abuse (Non-G!p) (GxG) (Triggers Warnings) (COMPLETED)
Behind Brown Eyes [Camren] by clinicallydead
Behind Brown Eyes [Camren] by sloppy mop sr.™ Fanfiction
Lauren's life is pretty average until she starts getting closer to Camila, the 'weird' girl in her school. Strange things start happening and Lauren learns things that s...
Between The Lines  by chaoticjauregui
Between The Lines by chaoticjauregui Fanfiction
"I like your shirt" - unknown number //non au text fic//