Hetalia: Nordic 5 Oneshots and Imagines by stickycake
Hetalia: Nordic 5 Oneshots and Kardemomme :)
The Nordics are one of the most popular groups in Hetalia, but they still need more love! Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya! Cover art does not belong to me.
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HFHC#2 by bekayura
HETALIA FUCKING HEADCANONS #2 © bekayura 2017 - 2018 | all headcanons owned by me unless stated otherwise | ─── ◌ start date: 8/24/17 ─── cover design © bekayura.designs
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Hetalia x Reader (shorts, bonuses, scenarios and previews) by burgersnscones
Hetalia x Reader (shorts, Ronnie
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia nor some of the fanarts I use for my images, and you belong to whoever you want to. I own my story. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia. It...
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Baby Time! || Sufin by Katcrazy22
Baby Time! || Sufinby Li
Is the Nordic 5 ready for a little one? Hetalia isn't mine. Includes Sufin, Dennor, and Hongice. Started- July 10, 2017 Finished- October 15, 2017
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HFHC#1 [✔] by bekayura
HFHC#1 [✔]by ❝ BLUSHIES ❞
HETALIA FUCKING HEADCANONS #1 © bekayura 2016 - 2017 | all headcanons owned by me unless stated otherwise | ─── highest rank ,04/18/17 #11 in RANDOM ─── ◌ start date: 10...
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hetalia father/mother-daughter scenarios by --ErzaScarlet--
hetalia father/mother-daughter Erza Scarlet
Heres some father/mother-daughter scenarios with the great people of HETALIAAAAAAA. Some characters im doing right now: -Belarus -Canada -France -Denmark -Romano I will...
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Random Hetalia Pictures by kumajiro71
Random Hetalia Picturesby Matthew & Matt
Just as the title says, this book will have random Hetalia pictures that I thought were cute, sad, or funny. There will probably be headcanons, too. Disclaimer: Hetalia...
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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios~ by Mais-Chan
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios~by ur gurl aki
Yeah,there are millions of these out there but I decided to write mine These will include: •Axis •Allies •Nordics •Spain,Romano,Prussia,Switzerland,Poland and Scotland •...
  • boyfriend
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This is A Dream, Right? HetaliaxReader by FancyNapkin
This is A Dream, Right? FancyNapkin
School is boring you, you're tired of everything, all you really want is a nap, but (sadly) fate wants something else. How are you going to manage?
  • reader-insert
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Harry Potter and the countries of Hetalia by ThatOtakuGirl8
Harry Potter and the countries ThatOtakuGirl8
This is a Hetalia / Harry Potter crossover (obviously). England gets a letter from Albus Dumbledore asking him, as well as many other countries, to attend Hogwarts to p...
  • romano
  • russia
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Hetalia oneshots. by fandomlover987
Hetalia Megan Marshall
A series of one-shots between you and you're favorite hetalia character. Y/n= your name h/c= Hair color e/c= eye color. C/n= Country Name H/n= Human Name h/l= hair lengt...
  • shipping
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Shattered Glass(Nordics x reader) by 0oCupcakeo0
Shattered Glass(Nordics x reader)by Call me Cupcake!
I can't reveal anything here but expect some kind of twisted stuff!From Cupcake-Senpai with love!<3
  • hetaliaxreader
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The Prince's Guide To True Love's Kiss by AdelynAnn
The Prince's Guide To True Love' Adelyn Sterling
{Winner of #Wattys2015 "Best of HQ Love"!} A hapless prince is charged with finding his true love, with true loves kiss, by his eighteenth birthday. A task he...
  • kiss
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Love Disease (Yandere!HetaliaxReader) by Mais-Chan
Love Disease (Yandere! ur gurl aki
-One Shots- "Obsessed with you Addicted to you Will do anything for you" Yandere!CountryxReader -Requests are CLOSED- -❤- (I'm writing these 'cause I'm a yande...
  • nordics
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Nordics x child reader by byem8s
Nordics x child readerby inactive
  • denmark
  • norway
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Sufin/Dennor one shots by Norgayyy
Sufin/Dennor one shotsby Norgayyy
A collection of Sufin, Dennor, and Hongice short fics. They are all in certain AUs, and are usually about 1000 words per short fic. I update frequently, and try to resp...
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Hetalia Oneshots by kaffe-cake
Hetalia Oneshotsby Official Ingrays
All oneshots in this book are all written by me. Most chapters will contain ships, even with OCs. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy my works. This can also be found on He...
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Hetalia One-Shots/Drabbles by CutiePotato1321
Hetalia One-Shots/Drabblesby Cute Potato
^^^ Hetalia one-shots. **Requests Closed** ~Enjoy~
  • reader
  • alliedforces
  • germany
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Hetalia Fanfic: Gutters by byem8s
Hetalia Fanfic: Guttersby inactive
I know that this book isn't mine but its for the people that can read for the meantime
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