Hetalia x Reader (shorts, bonuses, scenarios and previews) by burgersnscones
Hetalia x Reader (shorts, bonuses... by Ronnie Fanfiction
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia nor some of the fanarts I use for my images, and you belong to whoever you want to. I own my story. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia. It...
Baby Time! || Sufin by Katcrazy22
Baby Time! || Sufin by Li Fanfiction
Is the Nordic 5 ready for a little one? Hetalia isn't mine. Includes Sufin, Dennor, and Hongice.
Hetalia Headcanons by Empress_Sammy
Hetalia Headcanons by Roxstar Fanfiction
Brace yourself for fanservice!! I mean-- the feels. Hardcore. No soul or heart will be spared. *Feeds you hetalia headcanons aggressively This book contains anything...
Random Hetalia Pictures by kumajiro71
Random Hetalia Pictures by Matthew & Matt Random
Just as the title says, this book will have random Hetalia pictures that I thought were cute, sad, or funny. There will probably be headcanons, too. Disclaimer: Hetalia...
Hetalia oneshots. by fandomlover987
Hetalia oneshots. by Megan Marshall Fanfiction
A series of one-shots between you and you're favorite hetalia character. Y/n= your name h/c= Hair color e/c= eye color. C/n= Country Name H/n= Human Name h/l= hair lengt...
hetalia father/mother-daughter scenarios by --ErzaScarlet--
hetalia father/mother-daughter sce... by Erza Scarlet Fanfiction
Heres some father/mother-daughter scenarios with the great people of HETALIAAAAAAA. Some characters im doing right now: -Belarus -Canada -France -Denmark -Romano I will...
Cold Heart † Dennor by MaddiexRose
Cold Heart † Dennor by spamano trash Fanfiction
When Norway suddenly goes missing and a string of clues is left in the Nordic house it's Denmark's job to find the man he loves and bring him back to safety.
This is A Dream, Right? HetaliaxReader by FancyNapkin
This is A Dream, Right? HetaliaxRe... by FancyNapkin Fanfiction
School is boring you, you're tired of everything, all you really want is a nap, but (sadly) fate wants something else. How are you going to manage?
5 Dads by Addicted_To_Anime1
5 Dads by Victoria Alexis Fanfiction
This is a Hetalia Allies x OC child fanfiction. Tori is a six year old being abused by the orphanage lady and bullied by the other kids constantly. She stands up for oth...
Hetalia x Child!Reader by BrokenChain_
Hetalia x Child!Reader by Alice Fanfiction
(Y/N) has been adopted by the nations! Follow her and her story as she goes on adventures with Russia, the Nordic Five, the Bad Touch Trio, and the rest of the Hetalia...
nordic texts ✰ by http-archipelago
nordic texts ✰ by — rúna. Random
a commemoration of some of the weirdest, fluffiest, and angstiest text exchanges between the nordic countries. [ requests are accepted and encouraged ! some of these ar...
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by cryaotickun
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by cryaotickun Fanfiction
Slow progress writing BUTTTT Its getting there so check it out if you wanna
Love Comes Straight From the Heart (Norway x Reader) by Skyliaskye
Love Comes Straight From the Heart... by SkyliaSkye Fanfiction
It wasn't love at first sight. Actually, it was the opposite. She hated him, loathed him, despised him. It was baffling really. Who knew one little accident could turn s...
Nordics x child reader by byem8s
Random Hetalia Headcanons by Fabulous_x10
Random Hetalia Headcanons by 2p! Iceland (Egil) Random
I come up with these when I'm bored so haaaaaave fun.
Always With You!! [Nordics X Reader] by Chay_Kohler
Always With You!! [Nordics X Reade... by Chay Køhler Fanfiction
Why not Read the story and find out? Because a mainstream 'spoiler' description is just plain 'story ruiner'.
Omorashi FanFictions by -Luki-nee-
Omorashi FanFictions by yow wing Fanfiction
Just a compilation of fanfics I've made. And still making. Mostly Hetalia but includes LoZ Hetalia Yoi!!! A.z And maybe others
Hetalia Reacts to... by Mandygirl1497
Hetalia Reacts to... by Decker Queen Mandy Fanfiction
A react series for the Hetalia characters! From creepypastas, bands, games, and other! What is in store for these countries?
Royal! Denmark x Citizen! Reader-Heir to the Throne by Nessawolfy
Royal! Denmark x Citizen! Reader-H... by Bella Fanfiction
Matthias Kohler, a Danish prince, is about to take his father's place on the throne. This means that he has to find himself a queen. Unsatisfied with the many girls who...
Neko nordics x child reader by byem8s