Rants from an Asian Girl by irrelevantasian
Rants from an Asian Girlby h
Ongoing. Purely 95.68% for fun and 4.32% because I feel or felt the need to rant. I guess I will pour my nonexistent feelings out into this "book" that I have...
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Wattpad Account Rates | OPEN by MysticalNobody
Wattpad Account Rates | OPENby Damaged
Wherein I rate your account :) Please don't be offended!
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The Game>DRAMOINE by emoxnerd
The Game>DRAMOINEby cas
"I wanna make a bet," "A bet?" "Yes.I bet I can make you fall in love with me," he said whilst smirking. For Draco the plan was simple. Get...
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Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments by ceonabennet_23
Typical Dumb Fanfic Momentsby SheWrites23
Seriously guys, just don't.
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Tejo Mahalaya - The Shiva Temple by Rushali7
Tejo Mahalaya - The Shiva Templeby Rushali7
Love is truly a great thing in this world. There are make things evidently found in history! Around and across the world you may find many proofs of true and great love...
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Yesha Girl by gabyfermill
Yesha Girlby PaulaTheOneAndOnly
Wait for part two! If u liked the story please like and comment.....thanks😆
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The Bible, according to an athiest.  by Spitfiretheawesomest
The Bible, according to an IReallyLikeStuff
***This is a joke. Do not get triggered, for I repeat, this is a joke. No disrespect intended, just my sarcastic-ass version of the Bible, with more swear words. And sar...
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