The Little Canary  by etherealnightgale
The Little Canary by etherealnightgale
When the unwanted daughter of a noble meets the cold hearted prince of the kingdom, an unlikely friendship blossoms. The daughter kept hidden from the society. The pri...
  • romance
  • noble
  • otoge
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[Daily update] Valiant Princess by Bleu84
[Daily update] Valiant Princessby Lala Edward
Upon being reborn, she know that she have to change. She have to change so that her family will be saved from the man that she loves. In this lifetime, she'll choose her...
  • immortal
  • revenge
  • chinese
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Rebirth of Yu Miaoyi by nodontwhatno
Rebirth of Yu Miaoyiby 風信子
The transmigration of Liu Yifei into the body of a woman given a second chance to relive her past. Liu Yifei died at the age of 25 leaving nothing but her business and h...
  • anotherera
  • novel
  • fantasy
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The Reincarnated Doted Young Miss [UNEDITED] by PazoWritter
The Reincarnated Doted Young B.U.C. (Pabby) ❤️
Previous title : I Got Reincarnated Into A Fantasy Novel As A Doted Young Miss I am walking on my way home with my eyes focusing on my phone as I am scrolling down look...
  • supportcharacter
  • sistercomplex
  • naive
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The Duke's Strange Daughter by Eye_Tia
The Duke's Strange Daughterby Eye_Tia
After falling off the staircase, Elaine McBerryl arrived at the gates of heaven and rested in peace..... or so she thought. Who would have known that once she opens her...
  • shoujo
  • reincarnation
  • smart
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Here Right Now | Charlie Weasley by unknownwriters
Here Right Now | Charlie Weasleyby Mards
Charlotte wasn't always a sentimental person, not until her world was thrown upside down by a horrible accident. Then, to make matters worse, her parents decide to move...
  • hermione
  • noble
  • love
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Book 6 - I Don't Date Nobles (GirlXGirl) (Futanari) by JacquelineDohim
Book 6 - I Don't Date Nobles ( Jacqueline Dohim
Read these before reading this - Book 1 - I don't date cheerleaders Book 2 - A little piece from Heaven Book 3 - Allesandra Book 4 - I don't deserved to be love Book 5...
  • london
  • lgbt
  • billionaire
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Reborn to a fantasy world as a mob character... or supposed to be.(Wattys2017) by mariru_san
Reborn to a fantasy world as a Marsychaos
[An original story] Mob character or shortly said as Mobchara, are people in shows, games, etc, that play a certain supporting role. They can be a key of unlocking a ne...
  • adventure
  • prince
  • japanese
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The Legend of the True Heir by CluelessNation
The Legend of the True Heirby Clueless Nation
You are hereby invited to join the ranks of Knight's in training at Panagea's prestigious institution; Equites Academy for Pangean's! At Equites the graduati...
  • elements
  • teen
  • werewolves
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The Winter Born [COMPLETED] by Lyana-Garcia
The Winter Born [COMPLETED]by Lyana Garcia
Cathellyn Anders is born in the Outlands during a night of winter- a birth that is rare in her land, doomed to be a peasant ever since she stepped into the world. Though...
  • love
  • hunting
  • historicalfiction
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From Bunny To Villainess? by HazehanaMonousagi
From Bunny To Villainess?by Hazehana Monousagi
Ahh..Master forgot to tie down that dog again. And now I will die as a meal. Can I have a carrot as a before I died? maybe not? I scared to ask or near with her anyway...
  • heroin
  • romance
  • bunny
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The Arrogant Prince (COMPLETE) by thatnyipgirl
The Arrogant Prince (COMPLETE)by thatgirl
Pain. Love. Hurt. Longing. Remorse. My heart is his, it beats for him... if only he knew what I truly felt for him maybe he wouldn't leave... Maybe he'll be right he...
  • romance
  • prince
  • hurt
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The Whispers of the True Heir by CluelessNation
The Whispers of the True Heirby Clueless Nation
To Students of Equites Academy for Pangaeans, Werewolves and Witches, As Headmaster of Equites Academy I am pleased to welcome back all returning students and welcome al...
  • love
  • demons
  • king
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My Beautiful Brat Maid by SacielArakawa
My Beautiful Brat Maidby Saciel Arakawa
Levi Ackerman, one of the famous noble family feels boring in his life, until his uncle brings a cute boy named Eren. Love at first sight, he confesses to Eren, but unfo...
  • attackontitan
  • rirenfanfic
  • leviackerman
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I'm in Otome World, Really? by akaoisora
I'm in Otome World, Really?by Natasha Intan
I am just a commoner girl who always gives fake smiles to others, but he says I'm actually brave and honest girl. I have bad relationship with my parents and only have o...
  • anime
  • human
  • vampire
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Reincarnation: Journey To The Otome Game That My Best Friend Gave Me✒ by sammy_luckie13
Reincarnation: Journey To The Samantha Yzabelle (S.Y.)
#921-03/15/18 Anne Cinderson is a otaku who like to collect otome games for her collection. Anne is a smart and responsible person for her age. She had a job at the age...
  • power
  • princess
  • heroine
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Nu'aimat by shaheedaserdeeq
Nu'aimatby shaheedaserdeeq
A Nigerian story of a teenager who found herself impregnated by her best friend, disowned by her father and loved by some others, Follow the life and story of Nuaimat a...
  • romance
  • fame
  • chicklit
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L'Ange de la Mort: The Art of Revolution  by poznati
L'Ange de la Mort: The Art of Leta
[A WATTPAD PICK] Gabriel Laroche is both a young French noble and skilled assassin who, under the direction of a ruthless underground organization, blindly murders membe...
  • featured
  • romance
  • assassin
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(Au! Kidd X Reader X Law) The Nobles And Rebels by Sophabelluca
(Au! Kidd X Reader X Law) The 101FangirlOtaku
Long ago the world was overrun by nature and all of its horrific beasts that ruled the night and haunted the days, the entire planet was coated in dark trees and thorns...
  • rich
  • rebel
  • eustasskidd
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Wicked Chase by republicans
Wicked Chaseby @AnneeSparrow
Genevieve Salvatore is just a nineteen year old girl attending university to become a mathematician. But she is not ordinary nor is she normal like her fellow classmates...
  • romance
  • hunting
  • chase
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