I got adopted by the Atwoods by 27_Marissa_27
I got adopted by the Atwoods by Marissa Fanfiction
On September 12th 2014, Marissa Atwood's life changed forever when Roman Atwood and his girlfriend, Brittney adopt Marissa. Will Marissa be excited or freak out when her...
Welcome to Ohio by MackenzieGrace21
Welcome to Ohio by MackenzieGrace21 Fanfiction
Julie Hamilton is a fifteen year old orphan from a small town in the Southwest, who caught the eyes of Roman Atwood and Britney Smith, while they were speaking at her sc...
Smile More :) (Roman Atwood FanFic) [Complete] by AllieLoveHeart101
Smile More :) (Roman Atwood FanFic... by OhBoi Fanfiction
Roman Atwood, loves his family a-lot, if something happens to them, what would he do? Brittany, is his lovely girlfriend, helping to raise family. Noah, Loves his family...
Can romanatwood fix his relationship by user10719848
Can romanatwood fix his relationsh... by Fanfiction
Britt , Roman Atwood's girlfriend is going thru stress with him, can he fix it?