TARGET {NIALL CENTRIC} by Manyadirectioner
TARGET {NIALL CENTRIC} by Manyadirectioner Fanfiction
Niall Horan comes to Doncaster to find out that he has four vampires after him.
Lowkey  {Niall Centric} by Foodislife2001
Lowkey {Niall Centric} by Where's the food? Fanfiction
Niall had a hard time choosing his favorite band member, so he chose them all. ~ This is a collab between PlayingLove and Foodislife2001 ~
Two Broken Hearts (Larry AU) by Louis_Payne_
Two Broken Hearts (Larry AU) by Louis_Payne_ Fanfiction
Harry Styles, age 26, a multimillionaire, owner of a success business is going home for Christmas. Harry is very uptight and he doesn't care of other people's feelings a...
Coffee Boy *Complete* by HarrysAngelLou
Coffee Boy *Complete* by Allie💚💙 Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson a poor 16 year old boy, who works in a cafe. He dropped out of school the moment he turned 16, to help his family earn money. He bumps, quite literally...
College Rule (Hybrid//Stylinson) by HarrysAngelLou
College Rule (Hybrid//Stylinson) by Allie💚💙 Fanfiction
Louis hates hybrids. He has to care for a hybrid. Its a college rule. *First published on August 5th*
The Powerful Reject (Niam) by LebstarHorayne
The Powerful Reject (Niam) by LebstarHorayne Fanfiction
Niall Horan is the Omega of the Blue Moon pack. His mother died giving birth to him, his father died in a rogue attack while protecting both his brother and him and his...
Forgotten[Zianourry-Zayn Centric]*Slow Updates* by MusicBreezyDreams
Forgotten[Zianourry-Zayn Centric]*... by ✖️Emmy -Hiatus✖️ Fanfiction
*Slow Updates* In which the Payne family decide to add anew member to their family, Zayn Malik. A year later, Zayn becomes invisible to his whole family. ❝Fake a smile...
Something Good (m-preg) *Complete*  by HarrysAngelLou
Something Good (m-preg) *Complete* by Allie💚💙 Fanfiction
Harry is a mute boy who is still in school and he killed his own mother. Well at least he thinks he did. Louis Tomlinson, a name known worldwide. The two meet when they...
One direction smut by LillianaAgosto
One direction smut by Naughty_mofo Romance
WARNING: This is mature content! Read at your own will
Baby Blue || larry [mpreg] by adorablouis
Baby Blue || larry [mpreg] by aj(aye) Fanfiction
[✔] Louis is a single father after his boyfriend, Zayn, left him when he found out he was pregnant. Now he's left with his three year old son who reminds him of Zayn eve...
without you « niam by niamsmuffin
without you « niam by olivia Fanfiction
in which liam leaves a pregnant niall for a life of fame
Run  (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56
Run (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56 Fanfiction
This is the story of an ignored Niall and how he dealt with it. By leaving one direction. Takes place during the Where We are Now tour. Hey! The story will be better th...
Innocence by BraveShy
Innocence by BraveShy Fanfiction
Niall Horan begins to self destruct over hate, pressure, keeping his image, and trying to keep his relationships tight. Eventually he breaks, and the boys help him. Age...
TOGETHER by Hedwig2910
TOGETHER by Hedwig2910 Fanfiction
Harry and Louis Tomlinson have been married for 7 years and have 3 sons Zayn (17) Liam (10) Niall (2) This story is about the ups and downs of life of 2 working dads wi...
Protecting Niall (zianourry superpower au) by Nialls_Hazza
Protecting Niall (zianourry superp... by It's ya girl Fanfiction
He was created to protect the world, to save mankind from the worst threat possible, but who is going to save him? In which Niall is a biologically modified superhuman c...
One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy) [Completed] by underseaeternity
One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy)... by Grace and Marissa!! Fanfiction
Hey guys!! Bromance one shots only in this story!!! So we usually only do fluff but we do smut too (Maybe not great smut but yeah cut me some slack!) Every one shot you...
Clarity « Niam by zmelec
Clarity « Niam by صوفيا (Sophia) Fanfiction
For the last year Niall has been raising his son on his own, that is until his internationally famous ex-boyfriend decides to make an appearance in his life and again. T...
Sinful Tendencies [niam] by bouncybottoms
Sinful Tendencies [niam] by 𝑘.𝔡 𝔟𝔦𝔧𝔬𝔲 Fanfiction
Werewolves and Vampires have been at war for centuries. A movement called VMP has been put in motion to try and cease all hostility between opposing sides. Niall Horan i...
Niall Centric Stories by harryxniall18
Niall Centric Stories by Ivana D.V. Fanfiction
Hi, guys so this is Niall Centric book. If you have some ideas for the stories, Just leave the description in the comments or you can message me. I will 100% write it AS...
One Direction Fluff by whenhazzametboo
One Direction Fluff by Ruby Fanfiction
Ageplay, family fluff, hurt/comfort, sickfics, you name it and I'll write it as long as it's fluffy! Requests are open. Cover made by QueenAwesomeSauce