Scarce {Niam Mpreg} by Foodislife2001
Scarce {Niam Mpreg}by Where's the food?
Niall is one in a million; he's a male Omega. {This was one of the first stories I ever wrote, so cringing is definitely okay when you get to a cliché moment :)}
  • beta
  • zuke
  • omega
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Beautiful Soul {L.S} by be-my-sunshine
Beautiful Soul {L.S}by We've Discussed It
LARRY STYLINSON, AOB, HIGHSCHOOL AU. Louis is an omega that just wanted to feel safe, protected and loved. When Harry first laid eyes on Louis, something in him sparked...
  • omega
  • omegalouis
  • liampayne
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Hurt •Niam• by niamlovechildren
Hurt •Niam•by niamlovechildren
Niall was constantly made fun of by his family, friends and piers about his weight,appearance and personality. They always claimed it was teasing or playful critic. Didn...
  • niamhayne
  • onedirection
  • bxb
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Betrothed To My Bully by LebstarHorayne
Betrothed To My Bullyby LebstarHorayne
Where Niall and Liam are in an arranged marriage and Niall is depressed. He thinks there is only one way out.
  • arranged
  • marriage
  • niam
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My Pharaoh {Zarry} by Esi-jenny
My Pharaoh {Zarry}by Esi-jenny
Harry and his best friend Niall were part of a school trip to Egypt, organized by their history teacher and their school for them to get the opportunity to learn more ab...
  • historical
  • egypt
  • gay
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Wrong Passion {Zarry}  by Esi-jenny
Wrong Passion {Zarry} by Esi-jenny
Liam turned towards zayn .. "Can you please do me a favour, take Harry back to the living room and watch over him I have to pick this call" he asked zayn with...
  • zarry
  • boyxboy
  • niam
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TARGET {NIALL CENTRIC} by Manyadirectioner
Niall Horan comes to Doncaster to find out that he has four vampires after him.
  • malik
  • wattys2017
  • mystery
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One Direction Fluff by whenhazzametboo
One Direction Fluffby Ruby
Ageplay, family fluff, hurt/comfort, sickfics, you name it and I'll write it as long as it's fluffy! Requests are open. Cover made by QueenAwesomeSauce
  • lirry
  • onedirection
  • kidfics
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Carnival Hearts (Niam/Daddy kink)  by minniebean_
Carnival Hearts (Niam/Daddy kink) by 1D_cookkie
Niall is an age regressor/ little looking for a caregiver/ Daddy. Liam is a daddy dom/ caregiver, looking for his perfect little. What happens when they come across each...
  • ziamsmut
  • boyxboy
  • daddykink
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Selectively Mute - Omega!Louis, Alpha!Harry, mpreg (#wattys2016) by impossiblyunlucky
Selectively Mute - Omega!Louis, impossiblyunlucky
In Louis' world, Omega's are taken advantage of and no one blinks an eye. However, what happens when he moves into a world where Omega's are treasured by most. Then, wha...
  • wattys2015
  • zerrie
  • omegalouis
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Anxiety Attack l.s  by ProudToBeALarrie
Anxiety Attack l.s by Magen ^-^
Au where Harry can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing The original story belongs to : @11tay99 they let me turn it into a Lar...
  • louis
  • louisandharry
  • harry
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Baby Blue || larry [mpreg] by adorablouis
Baby Blue || larry [mpreg]by aj(aye)
[✔] Louis is a single father after his boyfriend, Zayn, left him when he found out he was pregnant. Now he's left with his three year old son who reminds him of Zayn eve...
  • mpreg
  • harry
  • larry
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Irresistible ~ {zarry stylik} مترجمة by Hager_malik174
Irresistible ~ {zarry stylik} مترج Hager stylik
{ لا يقاوم }.. بدأت في : 9/8/2016 انتهت في : 30/12/2017 القصة ليست من تأليفي ( هي فقط مترجمة).. جميع الحقوق محفوظة للكاتبه ©1Dreamteam
  • zarry
  • louistomlinson
  • fluff
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College Rule (Hybrid//Stylinson) *Complete* by HarrysAngelLou
College Rule (Hybrid//Stylinson) * Allie
Louis hates hybrids. He has to care for a hybrid. Its a college rule. *First published on August 5th 2017*
  • gay
  • complete
  • zaynmalik
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Harry Styles Preferences by bbycalhood
Harry Styles Preferencesby bbycalhood
Here's a book of Harry Styles preferences - just what you need
  • ziam
  • preferences
  • niallhoran
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Harry Styles BSM BOOK 3 by Princess_Jasmine16
Harry Styles BSM BOOK 3by 👑👑Princess👑👑
Here is the 3rd book hope you like it. Please don't forget to Comment Share And Vote
  • malik
  • onedirection
  • louistomlinson
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Smoke and Mirrors || Zianourry Niall-centric by spookt
Smoke and Mirrors || Zianourry mez
"Ten seconds," Liam spat at the smaller person, sternly. Niall looked up at the older man and blinked twice before he replied as non-shaky as possible. "...
  • wattys2017
  • boyxboy
  • fiction
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Opposites by slayerstyles
Oppositesby Hoda ♡
[COMPLETED] "I hate dancing with all my heart." "I hate dancing, too." "At least we have something in common." Two completely different peo...
  • niam
  • liampayne
  • dancing
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Protecting Niall (zianourry superpower au) by Nialls_Hazza
Protecting Niall (zianourry It's ya girl
He was created to protect the world, to save mankind from the worst threat possible, but who is going to save him? In which Niall is a biologically modified superhuman c...
  • nouis
  • zaynmalik
  • liampayne
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One direction:- Niall Eating disorder fanfiction by ElmoFitzgerald
One direction:- Niall Eating ElmoFitzgerald
Niall always received hate nothing new, all the boys did, but the difference was the boys could ignore it, all except niall who was addicted to reading every comment , N...
  • niallcentriceatingdisorder
  • angst
  • nouis
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