Charming In Handcuffs by Jenleighna
Charming In Handcuffsby Jenna Leigh
Boy next door is charming. Boy next door is dangerous. Boy next door is on house arrest. * * * * * They've been neighbors for as long as Juliet can remember. You'd...
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I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by EllaCharlotte
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2)by Ella Charlotte
Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha. In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind. She was born with the Alpha imprin...
  • killing
  • forest
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Next Level Player by evryday_imstumblin
Next Level Playerby evryday_imstumblin
COMPLETED Attention Ladies... Want to play a game? Leon Stone "The Legendary Player" who toyed with girls hearts, played...
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BTS Next Door | {editing} by fundajung
BTS Next Door | {editing}by •希望•
Highest rank - #93 in FANFICTION You're an 18 year old daughter of a rather rich family but lives alone as an ordinary girl in a luxurious apartment. You're also a big f...
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Angel At My Doorstep! by colourful_mind
Angel At My Doorstep!by colourful_mind
WARNING: THE TEENAGE CHARACTERS SWEAR A LOT IN THIS BOOK. Olivia Divine is a quiet, rather stubborn 18 year old but believe me she has a fair share of loud moments. When...
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Next Gen Instagram by CharlotteSloth13
Next Gen Instagramby ✍
Follow the next generation of wizards and witches on there adventure through life on social media as there life's enfold. I have read many like books like this but hopef...
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That Boy Next Door by BreezyPie
That Boy Next Doorby BreezyPie
He's her new annoying next door neighbor and she's the oddest girl he has ever encountered. Dannie Hale is not your average girl. She's weird. She's athletic. She's...
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Instagram - HP Next Generation by snowdonewithu
Instagram - HP Next Generationby Anna
The Instagram feeds of the Weasley-Potter clan plus one Malfoy and some Longbottoms over the course of a summer holiday. Featuring cute couples, best friends, and some m...
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We Stand Together by florencemaude
We Stand Togetherby Florence Maude
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Boys Next Door(Seventeen) by 1-800_get_help
Boys Next Door(Seventeen)by I’m Back
In a case where a girl lives next to Seventeen.... Devon's mom died causing her to go move to Korea permanently with her dad. Once she got to her destination she noticed...
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Dramione - A Sweet Yet Forbidden Love. by NegansWifeHazza
Dramione - A Sweet Yet Forbidden Negans Wife
From day one Draco and Hermione fell for one another. The only problem was their secret relationship. Nearing the end of the war when the Dark Lord has the witches and w...
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Boy Next Door by nobodyisperfectt
Boy Next Doorby nobodyisperfectt
Rosalie Evan (Rose) is a high schooler girl living a teenager life. She falls in love with an idiot that she thinks she will never have a chance with. She makes a best f...
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The Next Level *SEQUEL TO LPAG* by DjBunny
The Next Level *SEQUEL TO LPAG*by Sᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛ ǝsoᴚ ❋
"Game over...thank you for playing." I whispered softly as his forehead rested on mine gently. "But maybe I want to play more...maybe the next level is st...
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Kidnapped by August Alsina by Danashia1234
Kidnapped by August Alsinaby Danashia1234
Read to find out ! ! ! * * * * * *
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Realm Of Ashes (Throne of Glass #7) by Seokjinsflyingkiss
Realm Of Ashes (Throne of Glass #7)by HeirOfTheBookstore
Iron, iron everywhere. The lights were devoured by an echoing silence. Aelin had given up on hope. She would die here. alone. She would never complete her 'destiny'. She...
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Back to the Burrow (A Harry Potter Next Generation Time Turner Story) by Phia628
Back to the Burrow (A Harry Phia
Never, ever, trust James Sirius Potter to go where he shouldn't go. And never, ever, trust the rest of the "Wotters" to not get mixed up in his pranks too. Whe...
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An Unlikely Bond (James Sirius Potter) by EllaJosephine
An Unlikely Bond (James Sirius EllaJosephine
James Potter. Harry and Ginny Potter's eldest son. A fifth year at Hogwarts, in Gryffindor. Ella Coleman. Daughter of Danie...
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Sparks Fly (Austin Mahone Love Story / Fan Fiction) by PrincessMahone
Sparks Fly (Austin Mahone Love MEGAN
Samantha Santori is the typical girl next door. She has a brother, a mom, a dad, and two best friends. But what happens when one of her best friends introduces her to in...
  • final
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a big book of jiley one shots by brittanyyraymond
a big book of jiley one shotsby Brittany Raymond
a growing book of jiley oneshots ❣️ if you have any story lines or ideas you would like me to use please let me know!!
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Time Again by Hp_Heart
Time Againby Alexis
What if the Potter/Weasly kids found themselves back in 1996? will they finally get to meet their namesakes?
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