newsies texts by arianaharn
newsies textsby kitchen shower
i'm doing it again folks modern au so i saw newsies in person today (december 10 2017) and im in love with it and have been for like ever so here we go cover is not mine
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Facing Fears (Spot Conlon Love Story) by jen_lopezz
Facing Fears (Spot Conlon Love Jen \(^o^)/
Jen is an independent girl. Working since very young, all she cares about is family, even if it's just her and her mom. Being raised around a bunch of guys makes you get...
  • race
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It's a Cinch by nicnaccash
It's a Cinchby ConnorMurphy
Rebecca Tulsa, a indecisive girl with quite a skill with writing. Exceptionally bright, but when under pressure she cracks. Either by yelling or freezing up. Ernie, he...
  • ernie
  • davey
  • spot
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The Only Girl Newsie by nicnaccash
The Only Girl Newsieby ConnorMurphy
A Newsies Fanfic. Before the Strike, a young girl is kicked out of her home. The only place she's ever known. Wondering the streets a boy with a crutch and a boy with a...
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Stray on Strike by nicnaccash
Stray on Strikeby ConnorMurphy
This is the sequel to The Only Girl Newsie. You should read that one first, but I'm not the boss of you. Go ahead be rebellious. Anyways back to the book. Stray's life...
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breathe ⌯ newsies [requests closed] by -specs
breathe ⌯ newsies [requests closed]by ♕
smile, wave goodbye, then pray to the sky. [NEWSIESxREADERS] [REQUESTS ARE OPEN] [COPYRIGHT LILCOOPZ] [5.25.17]
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Defined by broadwayflash
Definedby Meg
Book 2 to the Undefined Series ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been a few years since Allie left tour, and her life has changed quite a bit. But when someone she used to know come...
  • joshburrage
  • sayle
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Live in Living Color by AwesomeIcewing
Live in Living Colorby AwesomeIcewing✝️
Musical characters in high school. This is basically what I imagine what would happen. Be prepared for ships, drama and a bunch of other stuff.
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My Newsie Best Friend by AllOfCreation
My Newsie Best Friendby Meg Black
Breanna Wilson loves musical theater. When her best friend gets into Newsies, she's overjoyed. She missed him, but now he's leaving again to perform in the LIVE recordin...
  • newsies
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problems // ben tyler cook by _obsessing
problems // ben tyler cookby _obsessing
in which ben tyler cook falls in love with rosalina brie faye, who has problems of her own
  • burrage
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Newsie Love by Fansie99
Newsie Loveby Clara
Jordyn played Sniper, the only girl who played a boy Newsie in the show. Ben played Race. Sparks start to fly between these two, will they let their feelings out or hide...
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That Girl From Brooklyn by whit1112
That Girl From Brooklynby whit1112
Based on the hit Broadway musical and Disney movie. Charlotte is a girl who needs to survive after her parents die in a fire so she gets a job as a newsie. Trying to hi...
  • brooklyn
  • jack
  • manhattan
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Manhattan •°Newsies x Reader•° by Quiznaking_Idiot
Manhattan •°Newsies x Reader•°by LowkeyDyingInside
((Newsies x Female Reader)) •New York City, 1899• The Manhattan Newsies are leading every single day exactly the same. Wake Up, sell papers, sleep. Repeat. ...
  • david
  • fanfiction
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Newsies Preferences by 5soafan
Newsies Preferencesby wow she uploads ??
In this order - - Jack - Davey - Racetrack - Spot - Crutchie - Mush - Blink - Skittery
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Newsies cast x reader by the_king_of_Brooklyn
Newsies cast x readerby Savanna
I got the idea from someone else but I will not copy it. But I'm this story you will have some one-shot with the Newsie cast and the tour cast as well.
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Newsies Requests [OPEN] by DeenaRose08
Newsies Requests [OPEN]by Deena Rose
Request are open. Message me to receive your own personalized newsie one shot :)
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Newsies Imagines by ScatterBrain52
Newsies Imaginesby Ann <><
Newsies, I called them imagines, but I'm pretty sure they are Preferences... ...Only mature chapter as of 10 August 2017 is Lovemaking Misadventures... Jack, Davey, Kid...
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Brooklyn's Queen: A Spot Conlon Love Story by queenofnewsies23
Brooklyn's Queen: A Spot Conlon Carrying The Banner
Finley Kelly, the little sister of the famous Jack Kelly. She's the only girl newsie in all of New York, and because of this, she needs to hide her gender. She's tough...
  • spot
  • conlon
  • lovestory
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Newsies Preferences by Reyna1025
Newsies Preferencesby Penguino4Life
These are just some preferences that I had in mind. These include: Jack Kelly David Jacobs Spot Conlon Racetrack Higgins Mush Meyers Crutchy Skittery
  • jack
  • newsies
  • jackkelly
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Forever by carrie1broadway
Foreverby @broadway.fansie
Sequel to Unknown!!! Read the first book to understand! Follow Elizabeth on her second journey, and with her one true love at her side nothing can happen! Right? That's...
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