🎈Girls🎈 || RICHIE TOZIER X READER by MissWolfie007
🎈Girls🎈 || RICHIE TOZIER X READER by MissWolfie007 Fanfiction
Is there any possibility You'll quit gossiping about me?
He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie Vampire
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
Finding "Us" by Srutipattanayak
Finding "Us" by Sruti Pattanayak Adventure
Highest rank #5 in ADVENTURE *screen flash* "Hey stranger, we are glad that you are reading this. Well, we were looking for some friends and we have found you, we...
Selene by paperzodiac
Selene by Kira Werewolf
Selene should've taken a hint at the meaning of her name; moon deity. But she always assumed it was just her mum being clever, or generic, she couldn't quiet decide. ...
Just Another Badboy Story ||COMPLETED|| by TwistedSouls_
Just Another Badboy Story ||COMPLE... by ❣ Vαℓєитιиα ❣ Teen Fiction
| NOT YOUR AVERAGE CLICHE | - COMPLETED He was just another typical Badboy. But with a little twist.... _________ Kyle Anderson may seem like your typi...
At The Cafe by Obsessedfangirl_42
At The Cafe by Jeffrey Woods Fanfiction
First fanfiction. I really wanted to try writing a Sebastian and Ciel fanfiction. Modern Ciel in highschool au. Sebastian in first year of college
Charles Journal (Kidnapped By Cannibals Book 4) by True_Original_Horror
Charles Journal (Kidnapped By Cann... by True_Original_Horror Horror
This is a prequel to Kidnapped by Cannibals by Mason Fitzzy I do have permission from her to write this book. This book is about Charles before he had his kids even befo...
Moving to the City of Angels by rowan207
Moving to the City of Angels by •ROWAN• Teen Fiction
Cover by: @Riptidefr1997 Alexa is a 17 year old girl in her junior year of high school. She is living in Portland, Oregon with just her mom. Find out what happens when h...
A Soldier by Im_Dumb
A Soldier by oRa NuKe Fanfiction
Anger, Sadness, Pain, and Fear is all that he felt when he ran away from his mother apartment, he still couldn't believe it, his mother was killed in cold blood in front...
A Spring With A Bad Boy by Sofiagrapes
A Spring With A Bad Boy by Sofia Teen Fiction
One spring,pumunta si Keily sa Bahay ng Lola nya sa Florida.Hindi sya nag expect na makakameet sya ng isang Bad Boy na si Tyrone. Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa Istoryang it...
Perfectly imperfect by lorEskywalker
Perfectly imperfect by lorEskywalker Teen Fiction
Best friendship, weirdness, love, trouble making, players, new kids, school. Carmen, Joey, and Sam are new comers to their school while Corey has been in the district f...
With Love, Autumn by theroyalpapaya
With Love, Autumn by theroyalpapaya Teen Fiction
Autumn ventures through high school life. Which consists of all the usual things: Boys, friends, and dead parents of course. As the new girl, it's a rarity that she find...
Divergent High  by ED_Divergent
Divergent High by ED_Divergent Fanfiction
I'm Tobias but go by Theo. They say Highschool is the best 4 years of your life, but is it really? Read to find out! Sadly, I do not own Divergent. But the Great Veron...
A Proper Start {A Naruto Fanfiction} by kickinchickin78
A Proper Start {A Naruto Fanfictio... by Ryan Sparks Fanfiction
Anko Mitarashi, a ninja cursed by the name of Orochimaru. Literally, and in reputation. Said ninja just so happened to pass by a young ninja by the name of Naruto Namika...
My brothers bestfriend | Anthony Trujillo & Tessa Brooks Fanfic ♡ by Chanthonyohio
New Old Love by Angel-A_swag
New Old Love by Kauly Grace-Angela Peter Teen Fiction
(Previously Titled: "The Photographer") Do you know benefits of moving around a lot? You get to see new places and meet different people. Do you know the dow...
COMPLICATED: The Fate by HandleWithCareAAPS
COMPLICATED: The Fate by HandleWithCareAAPS Romance
Anamika Verma AKA Anna, just moved to America with her family and her naughty brother. She decides to play the life simple...but didn't really happen. instead...
Sweet Revenge by CherryBlu14
Sweet Revenge by CherryBlu14 Teen Fiction
"Sandi, that promise we made never really mattered to me. You're a nuisance. You're just trash getting ready to be thrown away. Never let me see your face again!&qu...
The Lion Guard and the Lion: Protectors of the new animal ( 2nd in series) by 3010246cj
The Lion Guard and the Lion: Prote... by Finn Mc. Missile #1 Fanfiction
Yah. If one of you wants in it you can, but only one. I get to choose. This is a sequel to the first. Shadow is back. Remember when Rairai was killed? That was him who k...
Daphne's Diary by wendyjadeflower
Daphne's Diary by wendyjadeflower Teen Fiction
Hi I'm Daphne Dawn.I'm 14.I was born April 6,2003.I this book you are following me in my dramatic journey through high school ENJOY!