From Water to Fire | Naruto Various × Female!Reader by saigeyissweg
From Water to Fire | Naruto saigeyissweg
{CAUTION: I Saigeyisweg do not own any of the characters, you own yourself. Or the plot, I only own your plot in this story, and your history, background in this story e...
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Forbidden Love (Neji x Reader) by FeiFei17
Forbidden Love (Neji x Reader)by The Only FeiFei17
You love Neji since you were just a kid but you cannot love each other. It is forbidden for you to love a Hyuga but you didn't care. What will happen if you try and love...
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Never forget (Neji x Reader) by FeiFei17
Never forget (Neji x Reader)by The Only FeiFei17
His breath... His heart-beat... His life... Was gone... Gone forever... Never to return ever again...
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