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Marine World by rachksnaps
Marine World by Rachksnaps
-A featured story- Welcome to Marine World, the first mermaid inspired theme park in the world and the most magical place on earth. That is, for everyone except the merm...
  • future
  • dystopia
  • geneticengineering
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The Mermaid Hypothesis (2016 Watty Award Winner) by adam_and_jane
The Mermaid Hypothesis (2016 Watty... by A.V. Geiger
In the year 2020, the music industry is dead. A new technology called SirenSong has gone viral and wiped out every major record label on the planet. (Justin Bieber? Long...
  • youngadultreads
  • freementalillness
  • music
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Arena of Justice (completed) by rachksnaps
Arena of Justice (completed) by Rachksnaps
In future America, seventeen-year-old Zoe never expected to find herself on the wrong side of the law, but when she's convicted of a murder she didn't commit, she's sent...
  • action
  • teen
  • romance
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The Last She by hjnelson
The Last She by H.J. Nelson
A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every female. Except one. Ara witnessed the horror and destruction, but for the last three...
  • forced
  • romance
  • prisoner
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The Runner (Part I of the Runner Series) by so1tgoes
The Runner (Part I of the Runner S... by Katie Baker
The world as we know it ended 209 years ago. From a desert wasteland springs a single kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical King and trapped in an endless war against the shad...
  • sci-fi
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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Enhancement #Wattys2015 WINNER! by scifiwriter
Enhancement #Wattys2015 WINNER! by kelly
Welcome to the nation. Welcome to the place where everything is monitored... everything is portioned... everything is perfectly under control... Everything except the Sk...
  • hungergames
  • pfcc2k16
  • genetics
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A Touch Of Lightning by Rahvin
A Touch Of Lightning by Rahvin
Fifteen year old Callin escapes from an underground lab where telepaths and genetic scientists have been experimenting on him. On the run from the enhanced assassins the...
  • future
  • claws
  • science
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Dissolution by EricaChanWrites
Dissolution by Erica Chan
WATTY'S 2017 NEWCOMER AWARD WINNER: What would you sell yourself for? Madeline knows. She's spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she c...
  • featured
  • sciencefiction
  • wattys2017
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Writing Prompts by _internet_queen_
Writing Prompts by ✨Emily✨
A bunch of creative ideas to help stop your writer's block.
  • writing
  • writersblock
  • dragon
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Programmed by tallenstrange
Programmed by Tallen Strange
Fallon Skyland doesn't belong in her world. The Empire is a place for the obedient and she is the exact opposite--a rebel. In this society everyone is eventually Progra...
  • dystopian
  • genetics
  • dystopian-world
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Sanguis Sapiens | World's End by ESBrandt
Sanguis Sapiens | World's End by E.S. Brandt
** Sequel to Sanguis Sapiens | The Future Bites ** -MATURE THEMES: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK- Highest Rank: #108 Science Fiction As Lark's hybrid body began to fail, she opt...
  • vampireromance
  • teen
  • death
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Sanguis Sapiens | The Future Bites (Vampire Novel) by ESBrandt
Sanguis Sapiens | The Future Bites... by E.S. Brandt
-MATURE THEMES: ROMANCE, GORE, FIGHT SCENES, DEATH- Highest Rank: #72 Science Fiction #215 Vampire Lark and Foster live on the streets, battling a dangerous virus...
  • teen
  • vampire
  • dna
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Instability by scifiwriter
Instability by kelly
What if your greatest fear was a lie? It's the year is 2130, and society is ruled by poverty, corruption, and surveillance. Citizens of the ISA are being taught to fear...
  • dystopia
  • utopia
  • near-future
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The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to New New England & Beyond by JimInfantino
The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to Ne... by Jim Infantino
#WATTYS2017 Winner! - Newcomer's Category Oohrah's 2017 Winner! - Post-Apocalyptic Category Highest ranking #39 in Science Fiction Marto Boxter is having recurring vis...
  • cyber-hippie
  • near-future
  • adventure
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Rogue Guardian by Carolyn_Hill
Rogue Guardian by R.C. Beine
"Order above chaos. Security above freedom. Nation above all." --Reingardian National Motto ___ Lieutenant Claire Jones has always been a staunch supporter of...
  • death
  • futuristic
  • overcoming
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Vanguard by rskovach
Vanguard by R.S. Kovach
Will Scott has never seen daylight. He was born eighteen years ago aboard Vanguard, an undersea base where the remaining members of humanity took refuge after destroying...
  • apocalyptic
  • action
  • adventure
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The Deathless Trilogy by SarahPerlmutter
The Deathless Trilogy by Sarah Perlmutter
Seventeen-year-old botanist Isla Blume believes every life deserves a chance to survive, even in the apocalypse. So when collector droids kidnap her mom, she knows she h...
  • nuclearwar
  • rebels
  • scikick
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The Apprenticeship by _useless_paperclip_
The Apprenticeship by Skyler Bay
When you turn 16, you choose your life. You choose what you're going to do. Avery is about to turn 16. Her mom wants her to follow in her footsteps but, at the Coming o...
  • starwars
  • dystopian
  • apprentice
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The Burn (A Runner Series Companion) by so1tgoes
The Burn (A Runner Series Companio... by Katie Baker
A companion to The Runner series. ================================== You already know the hero. Now, meet the survivors. Friends, enemies, Intacts and Fragments. These...
  • dystopian
  • wattys2016
  • newadult
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Power Uppers | ✔️ by Prisim
Power Uppers | ✔️ by 🐱 Queen of the Gummy Bears �...
Throughout the world, Power Uppers are the hottest drug on the market. A single pill allows any Normie to obtain the power of a Super. The drawback? They're also highly...
  • featured
  • drugs
  • nearfuture
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