Twice the new female kpop group of jyp wI'll school at kpop university strictly for kpop stars only and there they meet the kings and gangster of the school bts the very...
Falling for You [Jeongmo ft. Michaeng] by Jeongyeon_girlcrush
Falling for You [Jeongmo ft. Micha... by JeongmoLife Fanfiction
~I can't stop falling for you, whenever you look into my eyes~
We Got Married: Precious Love [Mark Tuan and Im Nayeon Fanfic] // Markyeon by Lukeren77
We Got Married: Precious Love [Mar... by Lukeren77 Fanfiction
What if two people in the same entertainment with different nationality and personality were asked to get married? What if two people were reunited again after years o...
Chance Encounter (SaTzu fanfic) by Haruna_06
Chance Encounter (SaTzu fanfic) by Haruna06DC Fanfiction
Tzuyu is just an ordinary 18 year old girl, who lives alone in a stunning apartment, but what happens when a new person moves in? Will they become friends? Enemies? O...
Room 336 [michaeng] (COMPLETED) by remyo2010
Room 336 [michaeng] (COMPLETED) by remyo2010 Fanfiction
Son Chaeyoung just moved to her new 'house', JYP Nation Dorm building to start her new college life. She got Room 336, with a perfect-girl call Myoui Mina as her roommat...
Fallen by SignalBonaeBitch
Fallen by PABO Fanfiction
I'm different, I'm better. When my everything disappeared, I changed. Me, my life, my friends. I'm never doing that mistake again, I told myself. And here you are, temp...
Twice Imagines | ×OPEN× (#wattys2017) by ---ParkJi---
Twice Imagines | ×OPEN× (#wattys20... by 지효/Jihyo❤🍭🌈 Fanfiction
Imagines from your faveorite member/s of Twice!
Text Messages|| Tzukook Fanfic by Author_Cindy
Text Messages|| Tzukook Fanfic by Cindy Fanfiction
TWICE and BTS are very popular in their school along with their friends GOT7 who treat like sisters and brother. Tzuyu from TWICE got a unknown message. Which from BTS...
Butterfly ➸ Taesana Fanfiction by yaekult-
Butterfly ➸ Taesana Fanfiction by yakult addict ღ Fanfiction
❝You're like a butterfly. So beautiful, so terrifying. But, I'm afraid if you'll fly away or break.❞ ~ 「Taesana Fanfiction」 Status | On-Going Started | 100817 [Oct. 08...
Gray || i.ny [✔] by bwingbwii
Gray || i.ny [✔] by A R T Short Story
❝Alam ko na bakit favorite color mo ang gray. because you're <alisin mo ang letter R sa gray>❞ IM NAYEON x KIM SEOKJIN [Epistolary] BTS x TWICE [Highest Rank : #45...
Beauty&The Bully? by Kim_Jinna132
Beauty&The Bully? by Kim_Jinna132 Random
A beautiful yet obedient girl move to another school because of her family business. She is so beautiful but she hide her beauty by wearing a glasses which represent her...
Tick of the Clock  by _mochixxx_
Tick of the Clock by Mochii Hirai Fanfiction
A Nayeon x S.Coups Fan Fiction OuO . TwiceTeen but between the Hyung and Unnie of the Group. Aja! Please Support my Story :*
A Girl Who Likes Ketchup (Michaeng) by Pengu_Cub
A Girl Who Likes Ketchup (Michaeng) by Pengu_Cub Fanfiction
#392 IN FANFICTION (as of 14/09/17) 🌹It's not just one pair of friends that falls in love but most of the characters. Each one has a story to tell, and most of the time...
My What IF's   (Mitzu xx Satzu) by DBjjang
My What IF's (Mitzu xx Satzu) by ImDBssi18 💙 Fanfiction
What IF I Fall in love?? What IF they will just hurt me? What IF they will leave soon and left me hanging? What IF they don't really love me? What IF they just playing a...
She's Mine(Fanfiction Jungkook x tzuyu) by HaruTrishaXX
She's Mine(Fanfiction Jungkook x t... by HarutrishaXX Fanfiction
Everybody wants him, but he wants you, and you still dont notice it... (Currently being Revised)
Who we are by myouixson243
Who we are by myouixson243 Fanfiction
Myoui Mina is a very shy high school student who is having a hard time navigating her way around her senior year after a terrible accident she had. Then enters Son Chae...
timid heart ↠ twice 2yeon by puppyjeong
timid heart ↠ twice 2yeon by puppyjeong Fanfiction
"I want you to know that I'm not interested in this at all." "Then what are you interested in?" "You." ↴ In which a young CEO has to work...
All I Ever Need [SLOW UPDATE] by mimomonster
All I Ever Need [SLOW UPDATE] by ♡ 미모 ♡ Fanfiction
You're all I ever need, baby you're amazing. [Other parts/scenes are from kdramas such as Weightlifting, Strong Woman and more. ;)]
Twice x Reader by ChewyThePan
Twice x Reader by ChewyThePan Fanfiction
this is GxG story I hope you like it
To Protect by maceson20
To Protect by maceson20 Fanfiction
Tzuyu, age 16, is the youngest and most intelligent secret agent in her agency. Her first official mission is to protect the Chief Justice's daughter, Sana Minatozaki. L...