fairy tail el cambio de natsu by AlejandroMego
fairy tail el cambio de natsu by Alejandro Mego Fanfiction
después de la pelea contra tartaros natsu fue volando sobre igneel quien logro vencer a acnologia todos los miembros del gremio estaban reunidos a excepción de natsu qu...
Blazed (Navia) by kawaiipotato789
Blazed (Navia) by kawaiipotato789 Fanfiction
NAVIA (Natsu x Juvia) Juvia has always been madly In love with Gray. But her heart is broken when Gray fullbuster starts dating the Celestial wizard Lucy Heartfillia. J...
Jealous Hearts (NaLu/Gruvia) by PandaObess13
Jealous Hearts (NaLu/Gruvia) by Unknown Fanfiction
" I don't care if you come back or not! Go away as far as you can from me! I hate you I hate you!" she screamed and I wink at her and blew her a kiss and laugh...
✅ [completed] The newest Dragon Slayer  (Navia) by XxarissxX
✅ [completed] The newest Dragon Sl... by XxarissxX Random
"NATSU WHATS HAPPENING TO JUVIA!" Juvia started glowing and lifted in the air. She was in a ball of water. "HOLD ON JUVIA ILL GET SOME HELP!" Natsu...
Water + fire = navia by brightanimegirl
Water + fire = navia by brightanimegirl Fanfiction
One day juvia and Natsu were walking to class and saw gray and Lucy kissing .... What if they team up to make them jealous? What if they fail? What if they fall in love...
Poisoned With Love (F.T) by JB1608
Poisoned With Love (F.T) by JB1608 Fanfiction
This is another Fairy Tail fanfic, but it's a little different. This story contains Navia & Gruvia, reader discretion advised. :3 Plot: Juvia will test her limits withou...
The girl. A NaVia, and GruVia story. by Kiyomi_Yuudai
The girl. A NaVia, and GruVia stor... by Athazagoraphobia Fanfiction
Juvia Lockser, a 17 year old girl who has ocean blue hair, and eyes to match. Has been in a coma due to a car wreck when she was very young, the doctors think it's about...
A Navia Love Story by Maddiecute247
A Navia Love Story by Reyna Faudoa Fanfiction
One fate full Morning Juvia walked into the guild to see Graylu kissing she runs away crying then bumps into Natsu who is also crying they are both heart broken so they...
New feelings by ayanopacifyher
New feelings by ayanopacifyher Romance
when juvia sees gray kissing lucy at fairy hills. juvia turns around and walks around magnolia, when she bumps into one of her guildmates. "gomen, juvia was not loo...
Dying flower (Navia NatsuxJuvia) by PandaObess13
Dying flower (Navia NatsuxJuvia) by Unknown Fanfiction
Its been seven years that all the regions have reunited and now Natsu Dragneel ,Prince of the fire region, must be marry to become the next ruler of his region. Denying...
My Sunflower (Navia/JuTsu/NatsuxJuvia) by RiriDesu
My Sunflower (Navia/JuTsu/NatsuxJu... by Riri Fanfiction
Do you remember when you first fell in love ? Who, where, and when was it? Natsu and Juvia met a long time ago. Juvia fell for Natsu's smile and Natsu fell for Juvia's...
My Shy Life {NAVIA} by WendyxWind
My Shy Life {NAVIA} by WendyxWind Fanfiction
Juvia is a shy 7th grade girl, trying to live a normal life. But of course things always don't go as planned, especially when you're shy. (Based on a true story).
Forever Now by Kirara_Sutcliff
Forever Now by Hani Michaelis Random
Ok you guys. I am sticking to this story. Its a Gruvia story. Well Enjoy.
Natsu x Juvia (Lemon) by Jayarmas123
Natsu x Juvia (Lemon) by jay armas Romance
Hot, Steamy, Wet, and Dreamy
Juvia x Natsu 0.7 by DarkQueen7
Juvia x Natsu 0.7 by I tell but then it wouldn't b... Fanfiction
This story about how juvia and natsu fall in love with each other but in a totally awesome way. (do not own fairy tail)
Opposites attract (NaVia) by _JK_XD
Opposites attract (NaVia) by PENGU_JK_XD Random
All they did was love All they did was care for their loved ones All they wanted was for their loved ones to love them back But in return, they both see their loved one...
Dragon Mating Season  by kimgmax
Dragon Mating Season by kimgmax Fanfiction
Dragon mating season ( warning not the ship you think) Natsu x Juvia. When Lucy wants Loke instead of Natsu. When Grey is not the man Juvia thought she wanted.
Curse Figthers by AnimeFanStories
Curse Figthers by AnimeFanStories Fanfiction
When Natsu gets expelled in Fairy Tail,he went back to what seems like his family.After Fairy Tail second GMG went to a fail cause they got second and sabertooth still r...
Natsu-sama (NaVia) by CrazyShippings
Natsu-sama (NaVia) by The Lisanna Strauss Romance
It all started with one simple mistake that leads to Juvia falling in love with Natsu. What will Lucy have to say for that? What will Gray do?
My navia story by yochi94
My navia story by yochianimefreak9 Fanfiction
(a/n i suck at summaries but here i go) juvia sees gray with lucy, like togeter as a couple kind of together and gets over gray. well atleast tries to. Can she get over...