Breeder Nation by KaraMichelleBooks
Breeder Nation by Kara Michelle Science Fiction
Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of ferti...
We Started As Friends (August Alsina) by Hailey_Michele
We Started As Friends (August Alsi... by Michele Fanfiction
Sixteen year old Jaleah(Juh-Lee-Uh) Makayla Diaz lives in Los Angles and is in her second year of high school. While others are looking for their high school romance, sh...
From a Christian Girl's Perspective by mariellefelio_28
From a Christian Girl's Perspective by mariellefelio_28 Random
FROM A CHRISTIAN GIRL'S PERSPECTIVE "The internet can be used as our voice and writing this book is an opportunity for me to share my beliefs to others and fulfill...
Dallas Cowboys Imagines {DISCONTINUED} by WritingsByKay
Dallas Cowboys Imagines {DISCONTIN... by Khalliy Fanfiction
To request please put following Info. Name Senerio players name
Two Avatars? | Aang (#Wattys2016) by tim-nam
Two Avatars? | Aang (#Wattys2016) by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fanfiction
Ky lived in the Western temple and Aang lived in the Southern temple, but that never stopped them visiting each other. The day after Aang ran away Ky was found meditati...
Temptation (August Alsina) -On Hold- by cutedarkskin
The Purge: Surviving The Night by Cole_Goodrich
The Purge: Surviving The Night by Cole Goodrich Fanfiction
In a not-so distant future American society, life seems perfect. Unemployment rates have reached 1% and crime rates have hit an all-time low. Ironically because once a y...
Penthouse Girl by 13Fogden
Penthouse Girl by Annie Julia Fogden Teen Fiction
Evangeline Whitehart lives in Sasana, a future England. Whichever job you have, you are surrounded by people of your occupation. Most people haven't left their homes in...
Mannat......A Love Story by erumkhan1989
Mannat......A Love Story by erum khan Fanfiction
it is Dhoombros Fan fiction, actually a Hussain Asif's story, his journey towards the stars he wanted to touch and that one special girl he kept on meeting in his life...
Hetalia Diary and headcanon Entries!! by vanilla_tsundere
Hetalia Diary and headcanon Entrie... by YmmP Random
So… this is the countries diary!! every nation has their secrets written in their diaries! and some headcanons will be posted~ ~oOo~ Disclaimer I don't own hetalia I...
My Little America (Hetalia Fanfic) by x0XLuLuX0x
My Little America (Hetalia Fanfic) by Lulu Fanfiction
America turns into a baby and Canada takes care of him secretly. Canada tries to find a way for America to get him back to normal before the other countries have him in...
When Tease Strikes (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kataang) by slovenskoJANE
When Tease Strikes (Avatar: The La... by Janka Fanfiction
If he was twelve, his destiny would be easy. He would just get stuck in the iceberg, learn how to bend all four elements, stop a war, and - at the end - finally get a gi...
Kiba X Naruto (*slowly editing*) by kibaxnaruto
Kiba X Naruto (*slowly editing*) by Gay love Fanfiction
Kiba has feelings towards Naruto. Kiba wants to find out if the blonde boy returns his feelings. Read to find out! *I suck at descriptions, and this story is moving r...
Steph Curry & Klay Thomson Imagines by ayemeliaaa
Steph Curry & Klay Thomson Imagines by Amelia Fanfiction
*Requests Open* Updates dropped every once and awhile.
The Tale of Iroh  (Avatar fan fiction) by MiguelRosado987
To be Free Is to be Responsible With One's Self by OutOfTheBlue77
To be Free Is to be Responsible Wi... by OutOfTheBlue77 Random
DISCLAIMER This Oratorical Piece is not mine.. :) TITLE: To be FREE Is to be Responsible with One's Self
Z Nation FanFiction / Zompocalypse Story by ReadingPal14
Z Nation FanFiction / Zompocalypse... by I am The ReadingPal14 Action
The Zompocalypse. What more need be said. Food is manna from heaven. Water is a privilege. Air Conditioning... Yeah right. Shelter usually means a dilapidated shack over...
FaZe Girl by Kai_Loves_U
FaZe Girl by Kai_Loves_U Fanfiction
Ashley is FaZe Teeqo's little sister. What happens when she moves in with her brother at the FaZe house. Will she fall in love or what?
Lost: Arrow fanfic (Oliver Queen) by MarvelousMe101
Lost: Arrow fanfic (Oliver Queen) by Cami Johnson ✌️ Fanfiction
Isabella Taylor has been stranded on the island, Lian Yu, for 6 months along with a fellow ASIS agent, Slade Wilson. Then she meets someone who will change her life fore...
Dr. Abdul Kalam's Letter to Every Indian by aksrkt