{Ninja World} by TheEvilTomKat
{Ninja World} by TheEvilTomKat Fanfiction
[Name] is a tomboy. She is a powerful, smart, badass. Nobody seems to be able to recognise that she's a girl at first. She gets anxious and awkward about not fitting in...
Princess copy kitten (various naruto x OC) by ninja_mika_savage
Princess copy kitten (various naru... by Mika savage Fanfiction
kyuma hatake is a 12 year old girl living with her mother (m/n) waiting to become the next keeper princess of her clan, the sugia clan. Then one night her entire clan an...
Life With A Blonde Shinobi (A Naruto x Uke Male! Reader Story) by Junichiro0304
Life With A Blonde Shinobi (A Naru... by Junichiro Saruwatari Fanfiction
Y/N was your average fan of Naruto. The only exception to that was that he had the biggest crush on Naruto Uzamaki. After a fight with his parents Y/N re watches his fav...
Ya Know? 【Naruto Various x Reader 】Under Heavy EDITING  by bbyshownu
Ya Know? 【Naruto Various x Reader... by mina (: Fanfiction
[ NarutoVarious x Reader ] [Reader is Naruto's sister ] __________ 《 A story in which two clumsy ninjas find their way to the top. 》 The two are inseparable, they are th...
Promises [Naruto Uzumaki x Reader] by magicaltaco16
Promises [Naruto Uzumaki x Reader] by Taco / タコス Fanfiction
[Name] [Surname] has devoted her entire life to training. She's never cared about her looks, unlike Sakura and Ino. However, as a result of her disheveled appearance, ev...
Naruto's Adoptive Brother (AU Naruto x Male!Reader) by ThatOneDude07
Naruto's Adoptive Brother (AU Naru... by Ryuu Fanfiction
(F/N) (L/N) was an orphan, he was treated like an outcast by the other kids. Everything changed when Naruto came to his life. Updates every weekend. Any suggestions rega...
The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It!  by rave_ren
The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It! by Author Fanfiction
We all know the story. But we don't know the true story of the Uzumaki's. Instead of one there were two babies, faturnal twins to be exact. Naruto and (Y/N) Uzumaki. Fol...
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios  by naked_dragon
You're My Home  by Anime__5580
You're My Home by Zumoshi Fanfiction
Naruto X (Fem)Reader [COMPLETED] You've been captured by Orochimaru ever since you were little. Being there for years you've slowly lost hope, that is until you meet a c...
Sasuke x Reader •  PAIN  • by bakarima
Sasuke x Reader • PAIN • by 『さくら』 Fanfiction
Blunt, stern, and cold he was. Very different from other boys in your eyes. He was perfect, handsome, and any girl would be happy as hell to have him.. But what you didn...
Naruto X Reader Oneshots by Fanfunctional
Naruto X Reader Oneshots by Fanfunctional Fanfiction
Get your pervy sage on with these long and intense Naruto oneshots! Warning- steam ahead. Kakashi would be proud.
My little wolf ||Sasuke x reader||  by Lusphoria
My little wolf ||Sasuke x reader|| by •セクシーなトースト• Fanfiction
Your name is y/n l/n you are from the l/n clan which was destroyed by one of the 5 legendary wolves. Your father who was the leader of the clan sealed the wolf inside yo...
Naruto characters X reader by KczKoala
11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader] by kkouchii_
11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader] by ON HIATUS Fanfiction
[Y/N] [L/N] is a Cheerful, Kind and a BIG Otaku who loves the anime called Naruto. She live with her Wicked Step Mother and sisters who seems to boss her around like a m...
(Various) Naruto X Reader by Lionra
(Various) Naruto X Reader by Dark Tech Romance
Not taking request any longer
My Way Of Life by BestWriterReader_18
My Way Of Life by Gjean Ranette V Marquez Fanfiction
(Naruto Various! X Reader) "Smile for me....Everyday...." That's the last thing (Y/N) (L/N) Heard from his Brother (B/N). (Y/N) smiled weakly as she watch Fuyu...
From Water to Fire | Naruto Various × Female!Reader by saigeyissweg
From Water to Fire | Naruto Variou... by saigeyissweg Fanfiction
{CAUTION: I Saigeyisweg do not own any of the characters, you own yourself. Or the plot, I only own your plot in this story, and your history, background in this story e...
Yandere Various!Naruto x Reader One Shots by MrsFreeWill
Yandere Various!Naruto x Reader On... by Mary-Jo Romance
Already including, but not limited to: - Itachi x Reader - Sasuke x Reader x Naruto - Kakashi x Reader - Gaara x Reader - Madara x Reader - Deidara x Reader...
Stay By My Side (Kakashi Daughter/Naruto Love Story/Itachi Love Story) by Littlelilly456
Stay By My Side (Kakashi Daughter... by Lily✌ Fanfiction
Liliana Hatake: A girl whose mother was murdered by her older cousin. She was left with only her father, her two cousins, and her best friend Naruto. She has lost a lot...
The Godmother [Naruto Uzumaki] by pumacchi
The Godmother [Naruto Uzumaki] by jo Fanfiction
【Modern AU】 【Naruto x Reader】 Uzumaki Naruto and his wife Hinata have been married for five years. They even have two children, Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki. Everything s...