Trouble In The Manor. by alwaysstorm
Trouble In The Storm
Bellatrix makes a disastrous mistake in her marriage with Voldemort. Thus Leaving her with the ultimate decision of choosing from one of the three family, power or love...
  • narcissa
  • affair
  • scabior
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The Mark of a Death Eater : Sequel by poppyjames
The Mark of a Death Eater : Sequelby Poppy James
"What about you, Emma Evergreen. Murderer, betrayer, liar, spy... Where are your loyalties?" After the murder of Albus Dumbledore, Emma Evergreen must return...
  • malfoymanor
  • voldemort
  • dumbledore
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Hermione Granger- Good Girl Gone Bad. by katiehassett123321
Hermione Granger- Good Girl Gone Killer Frost
When Hermione's parents are murdered by the order what will Hermione do to get her revenge?
  • deatheaters
  • tommarvoloriddle
  • luciusmalfoy
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Blackberry Jam (A Drarry FanFiction) by JulietsEmoPhase
Blackberry Jam (A Drarry Juliet's Drarry
//WINNER! Best Drarry - Wattpad Harry Potter Fan Fiction Awards 2016 & 2017// 12-year-old Harry and Draco are evacuated from London during the Blitz, and through a log...
  • harrypotter
  • âu
  • feels
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3.2 | dear sister; bellatrix x andromeda x narcissa | au scrapbook | by somniatis_
3.2 | dear sister; bellatrix x - Ꝛᵴβ -
❝ Dear Sister, There had been a time when I truly loved you. ❞ Maybe it was the decisions they were forced to make that pulled them apart. And the story that...
  • noblehouseofblack
  • booktwo
  • narcissa
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integrity  ◆  [g.w.] by azkkabann
integrity ◆ [g.w.]by intra-
❝ You're so persistent. ❞ ❝ Well, thank you, but I prefer ambitious. ❞ ××× Melora Lestrange could get away with murder if she wanted to. It's easy for her to talk to the...
  • pureblood
  • hogwarts
  • hufflepuff
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Family Of Sorts (A Wattpad Featured Drarry FanFiction) by JulietsEmoPhase
Family Of Sorts (A Wattpad Juliet's Drarry
Draco Malfoy is struggling to balance life running his father's company and time at home with his son. Can Harry Potter, his new au pair, do anything to change this? Dra...
  • scorpiusmalfoy
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
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Harry Potter One-shots-REQUESTS by Pxreblxxd
Harry Potter One-shots-REQUESTSby What is life without a little...
To all my potter-head fans I present a HP one-shots. I love most of the characters and I'm sure you potter fans love some too soo I present a harry potter one-shots. I d...
  • ronweasley
  • secrets
  • gryffindor
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Fifty Shades of Lucissa by TheSlytherinRose
Fifty Shades of Lucissaby TheSlytherinRose
*Warnings: explicit sexual content and references to miscarriage/stillbirth. Chapters will be tagged accordingly.* This will be a collection of Lucissa one-shots for th...
  • fanfic
  • fluff
  • harrypotter
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Granger Family Reunion by VeryTinyMe
Granger Family Reunionby VeryTinyMe
The title says it all I'm sorry this story sucks, I'm still new at writing. All in Hermione's POV Dramione DISCLAIMER: I ONLY OWN THE AUNTS, UNCLES AND COUSINS, ALSO...
  • family
  • rudolphuslestrange
  • dramione
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Avada Kadavra Bitch  by katiehassett123321
Avada Kadavra Bitch by Killer Frost
Don't forget to Vote and Comment xoxo
  • hermione
  • fredandgeorge
  • hogwarts
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Nečakané stretnutie by guadalajara26
Nečakané stretnutieby Guadalajara
„Parkinsonová?" „Utekaj Potter!!" skríkla po mne, nemohol som ju tam nechať zranenú, všade bola krv. Pomohol som jej vstať. Netušil som pred kým, alebo čím v...
  • pansy
  • hermionegranger
  • dracomalfoy
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The Story of Never Giving Up by TheReadingQueen34
The Story of Never Giving Upby Alli Hope
What happens when the end of Harry Potter's trial is interrupted? What happens when the spitting image of Sirius Black claims Harry as the ward of the Most Ancient and M...
  • lyrablack
  • draco
  • narcissamalfoy
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||slytherin royals~ d.m. x oc|| by callaesthetic
||slytherin royals~ d.m. x oc||by calla
they called him the slytherin prince; and she was his queen
  • leonardodicaprio
  • angelinajolie
  • dracomalfoy
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que es eso de drarry, hermione ? by khennaStyles
que es eso de drarry, hermione ?by khenna Styles.
-hermione por que tienes un libro de draco y yo ? ... -harry, no me mates pero... ustedes se ven muy lindos juntos, ya acepten que se aman. Drarry. ( harry pott...
  • gay
  • hermione
  • dracomalfoy
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Beauty and the Beast (Draco x Reader) by kziggs15
Beauty and the Beast (Draco x k.ziggs
Look at the description in part 1 This book is based off the Harry Potter series and reign television series.
  • harrypotter
  • luciusmalfoy
  • reader
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Mrs Malfoy by mischiefmanaged452
Mrs Malfoyby AnamariaM.
She lost her memory long ago,but after a meeting with someone who thought is bad and cunning starts to remember small things about her past.That stranger is Lucius Malfo...
  • luciusmalfoy
  • ginnyweasley
  • voldemort
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Dandelion Who Shines by Spencer_Derek
Dandelion Who Shinesby Son Goku
Lily and James have twins, Zeke Potter is declared the BWL. Their daughter Harriet is given away and taken in by Allen and Kanda as her parents. Watch the Wizarding Worl...
  • anime
  • hermionegranger
  • dgrayman
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The Boy Who Lived (Harry Potter AU) by khokhopkar19
The Boy Who Lived (Harry Potter AU)by Akash Khopkar
Soul Bond Fanfic. Harry's parents live. Harry's grandparents also alive. HarryxHermione Only the OC's belong to me. The rest are JK's. ALL RIGHTS STAY WITH J.K.ROWLING!
  • runa
  • jamespotter
  • ronweasley
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Power (sequel to Little Miss Snape) by moonchild_crow
Power (sequel to Little Miss Snape)by Darkness
Part two of Little Miss Snape. He's back. Can Luna and Draco make it through? -- Severus Snape gave his, not even year old daughter, Luna, to his cousin in America to wa...
  • luciusmalfoy
  • ronweasley
  • albusdumbledore
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