Good Morning Call Fanfiction (OC X??) by marinionpotaeto
Good Morning Call Fanfiction (OC X... by 3 Sec0nd C0untd0wn Fanfiction
Nao and Uehara aren't the only ones to get caught up in a contract scam. Akira finds herself in quite the situation when she ends up on a triple contract scam with Nao a...
His Kindness Daichi x Reader (Good Morning  Call)  by SG-Anime16
His Kindness Daichi x Reader (Good... by Sabrina Gamhour Fanfiction
You were in Class 3D, one of the lowest classes. You lived in the girls dorm, with no roommate. When you were going back to the dorm back from work and started to rain...
Hey, I think I love you { Yu x Tomori } by animeshipperr
Remember Me?  [A CHARLOTTE FAN FICTION] by Eyv181912
Remember Me? [A CHARLOTTE FAN FIC... by Eyv181912 Fanfiction
Airi Mei's an ability wielder able to control someone's mind then completely break them. Emotionless 18 year-old Airi haven't felt happy, sad , angry or anything that h...
Decaying Bluebells by Darkpetal16
Decaying Bluebells by Darkpetal16 Fanfiction
Complete. The Butterfly Effect dictates that the smallest pebble dropped into the ocean would create the greatest of tidal waves. How much change could one new life make...
Yu x Nao by uzamii
My new life - Naruto Fanfiction by AngelaKL
My new life - Naruto Fanfiction by AngelaKL Fanfiction
Nao (Naomi) Mayer has a few problems. No friends and a father which dislikes her and wishes she were a he. She does all she can to please him, even dressing and acting l...
Taeyang Glow {Rants & Randomness} by SlayTheWallsDown
Taeyang Glow {Rants & Randomness} by ✨Ko Ko Pop✨ Random
Just a book of a girl's crazy mind
Free! A New Team by Liz_Rosemoon
Free! A New Team by Liz Fanfiction
When Fuyuko Saiki enters Junior High along with Makoto and Haru, they enter the swim club with Asahi and Ikuya. Meeting new friends, Kisumi, Natsuya-senpai, and Nao-semp...
Hidden Memories by sakicchidesu
Hidden Memories by H i a t u s Fanfiction
CREDITS TO: @dopesthetic FOR THE LOVELY COVER :) 》a Charlotte fanfiction《 When Yuu Otosaka completely lost his memories of his lover, Nao Tomori, he lost more than that...
SZA Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN)  by fijiwota
Royal Blood by NEMESIS-9
Royal Blood by Artemis Fanfiction
Title: Royal Blood Author: NEMESIS-9 Band: Alice Nine Pairing: OC X Show , Hiroto X Show , Tora X Show Rating: PG-15 Genre: Fanfiction ,Drama, Romance, Vampire , Fantas...
Minha Completa Mente... Minha Completamente. by minhacompletamente
Minha Completa Mente... Minha Comp... by Eu Ausente Non-Fiction
"O que esperar da vida? Por que estamos aqui? Quando somos crianças achamos que nossa vida seria como os Contos de Fadas que nossas mães contam para nós ant...
Different Worlds (Hoshimiya Ichigo and Suzukawa Nao love story) by princessZeldalala
Different Worlds (Hoshimiya Ichigo... by Pretentious Princess Fanfiction
Hoshimiya Ichigo is your average 15 year old school girl who shares a dream with every girl in Japan. And that is to become an Idol. She then enrolled in the middle of t...
Smile Precure FanFictions by Cure_tomboy
Smile Precure FanFictions by Vocaloid Ia Fanfiction
Ive seen many people do this but i decided to work on my own collection. Collab with @1_CureHeart_ @CureNight @bluedogs5 @Damcclub Other: .........Lemons/maybe
Você Sabia? by ArabellaWard
Você Sabia? by Bella Random
Quando se procura pela teoria da relatividade, as pessoas vêem algo realmente interessante e intrigante, já aqui... bem, só tem baboseira mesmo. [ Copyright © 2015 ]
A garota que não tinha esperança by isaamartinezz
A garota que não tinha esperança by Isabella Martinez Romance
É incrível em como nossa vida pode mudar tanto. Nessas mudanças, tampouco brutas, acabam fazendo que euzinha, isso mesmo, eu mesma tenha perdido a esperança ao longo do...
The One Eye Reaper by Elven321123
The One Eye Reaper by Elven321123 Fanfiction
A story about the journey of Yu
K-Drama Imagines by NeoCultTech127
K-Drama Imagines by NeoCultTech127 Fanfiction
So I recently have been dragged into the romantic, comedy K-Drama called "Boys over Flowers" and didn't find any one shot books when searching online! I also h...
Smol Yuu x Nao | Yuunao by mmyane
Smol Yuu x Nao | Yuunao by OtosakaYū Fanfiction
A very smol Yuunao fanfic. I just finished charlotte and this is my favorite ship ever . So i thought, why not make a fanfic.