His Kindness Daichi x Reader (Good Morning  Call)  by Kickass_Birthcontrol
His Kindness Daichi x Reader ( Crazy_RavenClaw
You were in Class 3-D, one of the lowest classes. You lived in the girls dorm, with no roommate. When you were going back to the dorm back from work and started to rain...
  • daichixreader
  • romance
  • familyproblems
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Decaying Bluebells by Darkpetal16
Decaying Bluebellsby Leah
Complete. The Butterfly Effect dictates that the smallest pebble dropped into the ocean would create the greatest of tidal waves. How much change could one new life make...
  • effect
  • naruto
  • kakashi
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Our loves are (not) equal by RafaelSilva576
Our loves are (not) equalby SecretLove
Nunca na minha vida pensei que alguém como ele fosse assim. Nunca tive alguém por quem chorar, ou para implorar que ficasse ao meu lado. Eu sou um vencedor... Eu tenho u...
  • amor
  • nao
  • boyslove
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Remember Me?  [A CHARLOTTE FAN FICTION] by Eyv181912
Remember Me? [A CHARLOTTE FAN Eyv181912
Airi Mei's an ability wielder able to control someone's mind then completely break them. Emotionless 18 year-old Airi haven't felt happy, sad , angry or anything that h...
  • anime
  • random
  • fanfic
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His Love Issei x Reader (Good Morning Call) by Kickass_Birthcontrol
His Love Issei x Reader (Good Crazy_RavenClaw
(So this is like a little 'good morning call' character x Reader series. I have a Daichi x Reader, and now I'm making my second book Issei x Reader. For those who don't...
  • goodmorningcall
  • issei
  • isseixreader
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Good Morning Call Fanfiction (OC X??) by marinionpotaeto
Good Morning Call Fanfiction (OC 3 Sec0nd C0untd0wn
Nao and Uehara aren't the only ones to get caught up in a contract scam. Akira finds herself in quite the situation when she ends up on a triple contract scam with Nao a...
  • nao
  • call
  • goodmorningcall
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The boys of Free! The Type Of Boyfriend... by -InfinityZero
The boys of Free! The Type Of OVER ⁿ' OVER
❦ Los chicos de Free! son el tipo de novio que... ❦ ✔ Nanase Haruka ✔ Tachibana Makoto ✔ Matsuoka Rin ✔ Hazuki Nagisa ✔ Ryugazaki...
  • humor
  • rei
  • verano
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Hey, I think I love you { Yu x Tomori } by animeshipperr
Hey, I think I love you { Yu x a.s
Charlotte AU
  • boyxgirl
  • love
  • straight
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Yu x Nao by uzamii
Yu x Naoby Geny
  • yuu
  • fanfiction
  • anime
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my Adorable brother's ♡ friend (Good Morning Call - Our Campus Days) by 00ysanha
my Adorable brother's ♡ friend ( agasa
just her and him against their past ∞
  • nanase
  • hisashi
  • daichi
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Taeyang Glow {Rants & Randomness} by SlayTheWallsDown
Taeyang Glow {Rants & Randomness}by The Glow✨
Just a book of a girl's crazy mind
  • nao
  • dee
  • glow
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Creator ( servamp x oc )   by seruveru
Creator ( servamp x oc ) by death
what if sleepy ash didn't kill the creator of vampire what if he only kill the disciples that where send by the creator ( find out )
  • vampires
  • nao
  • kuro
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PERGUNTAS by barrionoevojunior
PERGUNTASby barrionoevo jr
Você Pergunta. Alguém Responde!
  • nao
  • humor
  • twitter
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Smile Precure FanFictions by TomboyFullbuster
Smile Precure FanFictionsby Neko~chan
Ive seen many people do this but i decided to work on my own collection. Collab with @1_CureHeart_ @CureNight @bluedogs5 @Damcclub Other: .........Lemons/maybe
  • curesunny
  • yayoi
  • friends
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Ask or Dare Smile / Dokidoki Precure and Glitter Forces by Luigi_Nintendo
Ask or Dare Smile / Dokidoki Elizabeth
  • askordare
  • yayoi
  • aguri
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Mission: Escape Konoha; FAILED! (A Naruto Fanfiction) by darkestangel77
Mission: Escape Konoha; FAILED! ( Angel~
  • hat
  • failed
  • anime
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Não se apega não by majuoliveir
Não se apega nãoby Maria Júlia
Uma história que vai te levar a ver o mundo com outros olhos!
  • apega
  • nao
  • sẻ
Três Dias Com Ele by DivinoBAtista
Três Dias Com Eleby Divino B'Atista
Plágio é crime!!! Não faça cópia, ou crie outro texto contendo qualquer frases retiradas deste livro. Sinopse: '' Cansada de sofrer desilusões e do "ent...
  • autores
  • culpa
  • estrelas
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Tôi Yêu Em(Charlotte) by user41330754
Tôi Yêu Em(Charlotte)by Tomori Nao(Rin)
Đọc rùi bít có hay ko nhoa. Ủng hộ mik nhé<3
  • nào
  • yuu
Free! A New Team by Liz_Rosemoon
Free! A New Teamby Liz
When Fuyuko Saiki enters Junior High along with Makoto and Haru, they enter the swim club with Asahi and Ikuya. Meeting new friends, Kisumi, Natsuya-senpai, and Nao-senp...
  • ikuya
  • makoto
  • haruka
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