Karma x Nagisa  by XXgender_fluidXX
Karma x Nagisa by ɞåԀ ṭıṃє Fanfiction
What happens when karma and Nagisa are practicing moves at nagisas house and his mom goes to work Lemon Swearing Shipping And the first chapters not a lemon I know it s...
Gods by Lillian_Galla
Gods by Pidgey Fanfiction
Kunugigaoka junior high is a private school that only a certain type of students can get in. These kids are usually demigods or gods, and they come here to control there...
A Secret Unraveled (Assassination Classroom FanFic) by EmeraldsDeathHallows
A Secret Unraveled (Assassination... by EmeraldsDeathHallows Fanfiction
Shiniko Kuroshira, the girl with a mysterious past, with many events in her life that she doesn't want to speak of. Going into junior high was a wild roller coaster ride...
Demon's lover by candybunny89
Demon's lover by candybunny89 Fanfiction
Nagisa is a 'normal human' boy, who gets abused by his own mother. He's a genius assassin in 3-e class. He looks like a cute little girl and has natural blue hair. Karm...
Assassination Classroom scenarios + oneshots by Kuurochii
Assassination Classroom scenarios... by Kuuro™ Fanfiction
scenario sɪˈnɑːrɪəʊ/ noun Well.... Imagine your favourite (or your husband) reacting to a certain event! What if you were Koros-sensei's daughter? Scenarios are endless...
Karmagisa - Blood Slave (An Assassination Classroom Fanfiction) by kinomotoryousuke
Karmagisa - Blood Slave (An Assass... by Kinomoto Ryousuke Fanfiction
It was a shock for Nagisa when his childhood friend, Karma, who he didn't meet for years, became a new member of class 3-E. Later on, they became close friends, continui...
Invisible Chains (Fem Nagisa x Karma) by _DevilsAssassin_
Invisible Chains (Fem Nagisa x Kar... by Kitsune Fanfiction
This story takes place after the death of Korosensi were the 3E class stayed together and went up a grade. Nagisa is a girl in this story. I do not own any of the chara...
gone public { Karma x Nagisa } by animeshipperr
gone public { Karma x Nagisa } by a.s Fanfiction
Karma Akabane, an un-average rich kid, meets Nagisa Shiota, your typical cinnamon roll. (lllolol making desc. l8r)
What to do? (Free! x Reader) by Spongie_fanfic
What to do? (Free! x Reader) by Spongie_fanfic Fanfiction
Reader-chan is new to Iwatobi, there she meets Matsuoka Gou, whom she becomes great friends with. Later on Gou introduces Reader-chan to the swim team, and her brother...
Can I Fall Back on You? (Karma Akabane x Reader) by Shadowhuskies
Can I Fall Back on You? (Karma Aka... by Some Crazy Fangirl Fanfiction
*ALL CHARACTERS BESIDES YOU AND ANY OC'S BELONG TO YŪSEI MATSUI!* Y/n L/n was a learning assassin in class 3-E along with her classmates. In her second year she was plac...
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club X Reader (Oneshots) by seyjuro
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club X Reader (... by sage Fanfiction
A bundle of different genres of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club oneshots between you and the lovely male characters. ♡ -- © Hiroko Utsumi for the characters and the series & the...
Karmagisa stuff by smartcookie13
Karmagisa stuff by smartcookie Fanfiction
KARMAGISA FO LIFE(this is entirely karmagisa btw) (The writing gets better as the chapters progress) Mostly oneshots Some are normal. Some are AUs. Some are angsty. I do...
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu || X reader ||  by MochiRinn
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu || X reader || by 【 Rin 】| りん Fanfiction
∞Ansatsu Kyoushitsu X reader ☆Just request ∞Because each character wants Love from reader-chan ;D
Karma x Reader (One-shots) by Endless_Joy
Karma x Reader (One-shots) by Enna Fanfiction
"Am i not enough?" You looked at Karma, holding Okuda protectively who is watching in fear. Karma just looked down and you trying to comprehend why he's doing...
Karma X Reader [ Every Little Thing ] by XKarmaLeLazyAssX
Karma X Reader [ Every Little Thin... by Crimson ❤ Random
Y/N L/N has a normal life in a normal school, Kunugigaoka Junior High. She's really comfortable in a life like this. After getting away from a certain person. What if sh...
Free! x Reader Boyfriend Scenarios {UNDER EDITING} by ImVeryJungShook
Free! x Reader Boyfriend Scenarios... by SugaKookie Fanfiction
All you favorite Iwatobi (and Samezuka) boys in different scenarios
What if... 【scenarios, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Edition】 by MochiRinn
What if... 【scenarios, Ansatsu Kyo... by 【 Rin 】| りん Fanfiction
What if scenarios! What if your Ass class boyfriend(s) did something interesting~? Different reactions~? ohoh
From Assassin to Ninja ( Assassination classroom x Naruto crossover )  by NagisaShiota34
From Assassin to Ninja ( Assassina... by NagisaShiota34 Fanfiction
Nagisa , now and popular assassin , is killed after saving a little girl from being hit by a truck. Kami-sama gives him another chance , just not in his world. " S...
Love Strategy || Karma x reader || [✔]  by Woojinie-
Love Strategy || Karma x reader ||... by 「 최민철。」 Fanfiction
∘ karma x reader ∘ what if a sadistic student from class e takes interest in the soon to be class a student? © mincheol, 2017 cover @creamydaelight ✧ #532 in fanfiction...
[NO REQUESTS] Ansatsu Kyoushitsu x Reader by Ichigossu
[NO REQUESTS] Ansatsu Kyoushitsu x... by Ichi 🐢 Fanfiction
[Started from 17th of February 2015] // It's two years already omg 0-0 Anyway, this is a one shots book of various character (mainly Karma, you have been warned) with...