a mythos academy fanfic by PiperLynch3
The Westwood Enigma - a Slenderman Mythos Paranormal/Mystery by svmmerborn
The Westwood Enigma - a Slenderman... by kiddo Mystery / Thriller
There is more to the story than the eight pages alone.
A Forgotten Secret by MysticGamerz
A Forgotten Secret by Mysticgamerz Fantasy
Paige Huntsmen thought her life couldn't get any worst, while she is drawing in the dining room in her parents' house, a knock on the front door change her life. Being b...
Panspermia by user65160832
Panspermia by Devin Mullen Science Fiction
A theologian reads the final thoughts of a silicon based life form of a race of people who know each other only by face. #2 In September '17 Sci-fi monthly challenge.
History - Still Mystery by CocoaButterAndMocha
History - Still Mystery by Aady Historical Fiction
Shots of unknown stories.. Information by well know archeologist and many sources. Story Edited by Aadyasha Suman Special information for Archeological India..
Baywatch: Cthulhu Rising by yuseferr0r
Baywatch: Cthulhu Rising by yuseferr0r Paranormal
It's just another day in Paradise for Mitch Buchanan, Lieutenant of Baywatch, the Elite lifeguard squad protecting the citizens of the hottest beach in the Hamptons...
Underground 1 - Jenseits der Wirklichkeit by JoshuaKaySchaeffer
Underground 1 - Jenseits der Wirkl... by Joshua Kay Schaeffer Fantasy
Sie ist ehrgeizig im Job, aber eigentlich eher schüchtern und brav. Als die junge Faith eines Abends am Bahnhof die Gleise überqueren will, so wie sie es jeden Abend nac...
Heroes of Dreamland, Book 6 1/2: The Last Sakuranoki and the Cherii no Hoshi no Ken by ebearskittychan
Heroes of Dreamland, Book 6 1/2: T... by 🌸Elizabeth Ree🌸 Fanfiction
A mostly original story that takes place in the Nintendo World universe created in my other stories. This is canon within my stories, and you're going to notice several...
DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au ) by aphroditye
DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au ) by ENA☆彡 Adventure
❛ in which the gods and goddesses of olympus are teenagers in our modern day world ❜ 2017 aphrodiyte ( modern mythology au ) ( cover by cIeop...
Dim Souls: The 6000 Lives Of Jerem Hostel by estebangiorgomeloco
Dim Souls: The 6000 Lives Of Jerem... by estebangiorgomeloco Horror
Dim Souls, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and the Bloodorne series. This is about man named Jerem Hostel. A man of little curiosity whose life entailed 6000 reincarnation.