Valhalla's Sovereign by akwharp
Valhalla's Sovereign by Alli Harp Fantasy
Eliana Rand's summer was lined up to be everything she imagined. She had the internship that was supposed to be the beginning of her professional life. It only took one...
Memories of Frost (mythos academy fan fiction) by gytanna_nathla
Memories of Frost (mythos academy... by gytanna_nathla Fanfiction
This is a story of Gwen's life before she attended Mythos. When she was princess of the gypsies and was also the champion of hades, Artemis, and skadi
a mythos academy fanfic by PiperLynch3
DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au ) by aphroditye
DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au ) by ENA☆彡 Adventure
❛ in which the gods and goddesses of olympus are teenagers in our modern day world ❜ 2017 aphrodiyte ( modern mythology au )
History - Still Mystery by Aadyashsd
History - Still Mystery by Aadyasha Historical Fiction
Shots of unknown stories.. Information by well know archeologist and many sources. Story Edited by Aadyasha Suman Special information for Archeological India..
The Burial of Swans by thesecasey
The Burial of Swans by S.E. Casey Horror
A mysterious puzzle pulls a loving husband in different directions. In its obtuseness, it threatens to both enlighten and destroy.
Ensayos sobre la mitología Griega by GiovanniLoyolaFuenza
Ensayos sobre la mitología Griega by Giovanni Loyola Fuenzalida Non-Fiction
Para comenzar es preciso referirse a esta mitología como una sucesión de temporalidades infinitas, esto es una serie de acontecimientos sucesivos unos a otros que vuelve...
Mytherian by Lacking_Context
Mytherian by G.T Fantasy
Tensions between two dimensions, Rustin (the "upper", earth-like dimension) and the Ether (the "lower" dimension populated with magical creatures) ha...