Vampir RPG (etwas anders) by 1234567lesen
Vampir RPG (etwas anders)by Luna
Vampire eine Mythen Gestalt. Doch es gibt sie wirklich und Engel, die gibt es natürlich auch. Vampire müssen bis zu ihrem 100. Lebensjahr ihrem Engel dienen. Das war ein...
  • rpg
  • gefahr
  • menschen
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Scion by DemonicXeno17
Scionby Killer Klown
Take on the roles of mortal descendants of gods embroiled in a divine war between the gods and their ancestors, the Titans: powerful, primordial embodiments of concepts...
  • conflict
  • goddesses
  • titans
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Tears of a Fallen Angel by Shard_of_Darkness
Tears of a Fallen Angelby Shard of Darkness
A once innocent child is taken from his home after his parents were accused of treason. He was throw in prison and has spent 10 long years wishing for a better life. Fol...
  • sad
  • sorcery
  • mythos
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Chosen Diamonds Book 1- All Hell Breaks Loose by Poketal04
Chosen Diamonds Book 1- All Hell Poketal04
Cline's a carefree kind of guy. Outside of being homeless life is as normal as it could be. But then he discovers his ability to manipulate electrical energy. Now with h...
  • story
  • werewolf
  • mythos
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The Mythos Of The Red Margin by FrancisHaertel
The Mythos Of The Red Marginby Frannie
This is a space betwixt all other spaces, beyond mortal comprehension thrives a sentient void that only entangles the further you venture. Realms upon realms layered s...
  • paranormal
  • realms
  • mythos
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An Eidolon's Guide to Mythos by Shard_of_Darkness
An Eidolon's Guide to Mythosby Shard of Darkness
This book will help you with everything you desire to know about the world of Mythos, whether it be the magic that every person has within them or the bizarre and fantas...
  • magic
  • guide
  • fantasy
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DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au ) by aphroditye
DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au )by ENA☆彡
❛ in which the gods and goddesses of olympus are teenagers in our modern day world ❜ 2017 aphrodiyte ( modern mythology au ) ( cover by Sarah...
  • moderngreekmythology
  • modernmythology
  • teenagemythology
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The Westwood Enigma || a Slenderman mystery by svmmerborn
The Westwood Enigma || a cvlt kid
let me tear out these few, hideous pages from my notebook of the damned || 2013-2018, svmmerborn
  • slender
  • proxy
  • mythos
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History - Still Mystery by CocoaButterAndMocha
History - Still Mysteryby Aady
Shots of unknown stories.. Information by well know archeologist and many sources. Story Edited by Aadyasha Suman Special information for Archeological India..
  • historical
  • swasan
  • jodha
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Drachenreiter by indienlux2002
Drachenreiterby indienlux2002
Die Mädchen Parvati und Safira sind beste Freundinnen. Doch eines Tages wendet Safira sich von Parvati ab und diese bemerkt, dass ihre Freundin ein Geheimnis vor ihr und...
  • anderewelt
  • magie
  • talent
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