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Love my stories? Join my Facebook group for ALL my readers here: See you guys there! :) ******************************* Hello! I am Lysa. 24 years old. Manila, Philippines. (Yes. Marunong din akong magsalita ng Tagalog. :)) College Graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. I am a Nurse with a passion for writing. :) Until the day I meet the guy of my dreams (my King, my fierce protector, my alpha male, my possessive guy, my superhero, my knight-in-shining-armor who'd blow my mind and my heart to bits) I'll continue to write about love stories that I wish were mine. ************************** THE BILLION-DOLLAR MARRIAGE CONTRACT -published under Summit Sizzle! -available in bookstores in the Philippines nationwide Kindle (ebook): Buqo (ebook): ************************** Subscribe to my mailing list to get the latest news, updates, discounts, freebies, teasers etc? Sign-up form here: Website: Email: Got questions? Twitter: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group (Filipino readers only): ******************************** I don't follow for follow so if you're only looking for a follow back, please feel free to unfollow me. Rude/stupid/hater comments will be deleted and users blocked. Please don't advertise your stories on my message board or ask me to read. Thanks! PLEASE SUPPORT AUTHORS BY VOTING FOR THE STORY IF YOU LIKE IT. :)
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☼Facebook: ☼Trauma Center: "I crush stereotypes and eat them for breakfast!" Just your friendly neighborhood asexual tree faerie with a taste for fantasy, adventure, and sarcastic witty banter. En garde! (ง ͠ ᵒ̌ Дᵒ̌)¤=[]:::::> ☆READING LISTS☆ ---I Kissed A Boy Series--- I Kissed A Boy And I Kissed His Brother?! Dear Uncle Vic Stop Bullying Me! Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice To Be or Not to Be One Last Shot ---Moonstone series--- The Full Moon Dreamscape Into the Woods Moonstone Romance The Pauper's Dream The Sorcerer's Lullaby Passion and Danger ---Council of Seven series--- The Love Bite The Love Curse The Love Risk The Vampire's Requiem Sweet Revenge Sweet Karma Sweet Death The Vampire's Requiem II ---Underworld Chronicles--- Inferi Styx: The River of Hate The Oracle of Tartarus Betrayal in Elysium Guardian Ferry of Woe Monster Aftermath Redemption Sinful The Reaping Lords of the Underworld Retribution The Hybrid Cursed Deliverance Genesis Dark Requiem --- All of my works are copyrighted. Any of my works posted under a name aside from "rotXinXpieces" or "I.J. Romero" are stolen and must be reported and will feel the full wrath of a writer scorned.
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Alyloony's (Aly Almario) official and ONLY Wattpad account. "Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it" - Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling) ~*~ Twitter & Instagram - @iamalyloony Facebook: Email: Published books: - Operation: Break the Casanova's Heart - My Prince - The Other Side - He's a Kidnapper - Reaching You - Lucid Dream
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*Wattpad Featured Author* *Winner of 2014 Watty Award – Best of Interactive Storytelling* HUGE thanks to Wattpad HQ for the honor, and to all of my dear Fatefuls, followers, and friends for your invaluable support :D _______________ Hi! I'm Nicole, and I'm a writer. I've been writing since before I even could. As a baby, I clutched markers in my chubby fingers, scribbling scrawls on surfaces, struggling to share the stories spinning in my head. Now I'm scribbling and sharing on Wattpad instead. Hoping to be read :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm currently working on THE FATES - a saga of three mortal girls who also happen to be the directors of human destiny. The series alternates between their present-day drama and their epic journey across world history! Book I - highest ranks: Fantasy/Adventure #1 Adventure #1 (10/5/14) Fantasy #2 (9/19/14) Book II - highest rank: Fantasy #3 (6/14/15) The Fates TRAILER: The Fates PINTEREST: FAN ART pinboard: Every reader of mine means so much to me - so if you follow The Fates, you'll feel lots of love from this humble little writer :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHOUT-OUTS! All of my dear FATEFULS (faithful fans of The Fates)!! ❤️ Especially the winners of contests in the Fateful Olympics: @skatersav – fanfiction @WriterAngelique – fan art @jeanju – Book II cover I'm proud to be a member of The Wattpad Class of 2014 with some of my best Wattpad buddies who also happen to be awesome writers!! Hop over to our page at @WPC2014 to find out more about the group :) Last but not least, shouting out to @TheStyclarSaga – Nikki is the sweetest and most supportive success-story author on Wattpad whom I've been blessed to meet. Please check out her page, follow, and buy a copy of her fantabulous book Lailah :D THANK YOU, I love you guys, and that is all :)
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Read below for WAOTBBW and G&M information I rarely check or respond to messages or comments. However, if you have a business(only) inquiry, you can email me: Mailing List to sign up for exclusive one-shots and book news: •Gods and Monsters is a trilogy. The beta version of G&M book 1 will be reduced to a sample 2/15/17... It will be available on Amazon in a kindle and paperback version 2/28/17 I will post links when they are available. Suggested to follow me on my FB author page(link below) Lots of chances to win free copies will be posted there. ** G&M books 2 and 3 will only post as samples prior to publishing later this year. No full versions or rough drafts will go up on WP. •Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?• is INCOMPLETE. Over half of the book has been removed from WP due to security issues--Do not email me asking why or where to find it. It is NOT available anywhere else. I plan to resume updates on WP 2017. It will eventually be available for purchase. No dates available for either. Just follow me, you'll know when I do. IMPORTANT FACTS • I do not take or RESPOND to reading request• Sorry. •I do not allow TRANSLATIONS or OTHER DERIVATIVES of my works• •I will not send out copies of my stories• •Read chapter "Notice" if you're wondering why WAOTBBW was partially removed. •LINKS• Facebook Page (main page for news and giveaways) Facebook Fan Group Instagram ❤ Janie
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You have stumbled across the elusive Alycat's profile. Here's the low-down; Aly is a quietly loud individual who is fluent in sarcasm and procrastinating. Her hobbies include designing tutus for the boutique she works for, background acting, consuming an inappropriate amount of coffee, and scaring young children with stories involving trolls and goblins. She favors writing horror/mysteries but can't help herself when her ADD addled mind wanders over to the section of Fantasy/Paranormal. Aly enjoys reading and writing, talking about herself in third person, and drinking that inappropriate amount of coffee previously spoken of. She excels at the latter... Write down the voices in your head, stud it with novel words, and now you're a writer. You know, instead of a whackjob. At least, some of the time - Jerry Holkins -Ideas can be considered scary things, sometimes going against what people consider *normal*. But, every idea stems from our imagination - the only thing that's scary about an idea, is when someone's too afraid to share a potentially great one. - F I N I S H E D S T O R I E S (That need serious grammar editing...*Cough*) →Betrothed to Jack Frost →My Wattpad Stalker (CURRENTLY TRYING TO EDIT) →Finding my Wattpad Stalker →A Selfie to Die For →Last Halloween Night U p d a t e S t a t u s →The Dream Stalker →Talking Dead →The Cannibal Bride →The Immortal Slave →The Lost Asgardian →A fanfiction (I don't specify because I'm not quite sure which one I'll be completing yet) Basically this status means these are the books I'm currently focused on finishing :0
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i'm acting reckless, baby. i'm 'bout to lose it all.
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Hunt or be Hunted. I'm weird, but that's okay. My fans are family, and that's okay. I love to act, write, and sing. Feel free to message me :)
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Want to win a FREE copy of the SNOW anthology ebook? Here are TWO opportunities to win: ABOUT ME: I'm a featured author on Wattpad. I'm a Jane Austen fangirl. I like Batman (Christian Bale, not George Clooney), Mad Libs, & Thai food. I'm a writer and graphic designer. Some of favorite books/movies include all of Jane Austen's books, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, LoTR and Star Wars. I am still waiting for someone to manufacture a light saber that works properly. MY STORIES: BORN OF SHADOW (featured story) #2 in Adventure (12/7/14) #4 in Fantasy (8/16/14) #9 in Paranormal • Chosen by the hit TV Show ONCE UPON A TIME for Best Heroes & Villains: BUY BORN OF SHADOW! Ebook and paperback formats: US - Amazon: BookDepository: (free worldwide delivery) THE BLOODSTONE PROPHECY: #1 in Adventure (2/17/15-2/19/15) RESTLESS HOPE: #7 in ChickLit (6/14/2016, 6/19/2016) Check out my trailer for Restless Hope! Come hang out with me at, or tweet, like & heart at me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. I <3 to meet new people! I'm a proud member of the Wattpadres along with 11 other amazing authors! Come join our Tuesday Twitter chats at 8pm EST! Follow along using the hashtag #Wattpadres. I'm also honored to be a panelist on @TheCornerBooth and to have participated in the #WattpadBlockParty! ___ Thanks to Duy Phan for cover illustrations: I support #weneeddiversebooks!
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❅ WELCOME ALL MY MINIONS! ❅ • • • • • Currently Listening To: I Wait - DAY6 • • • • • ❅ Name: Just Belle is fine! ❅ Birthday: 10 October 1999 ❅ Some (not so) Interesting Facts about me: - I am Australian. - The lame greeting on my profile has been there since I started my wattpad account over 4 years ago under the name 'bellachichi'. - Currently learning German and trying to teach myself Korean. - Love equestrian, volleyball, and basketball. - Play the piano and violin. - Totally addicted to k-pop. ❅ Favourite Colour: Green or Black ❅ Favourite Subject: Music ❅ Lucky Number: 10 ❅ Favourite Anime Movie: Spirited Away ❅ Favourite Movie: Far from the Madding Crowd ❅ Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones ❅ Favourite Anime: Kuroko no Basket ❅ Favourite K-Drama: Goblin ❅ Favourite Novel: The Bronze Horseman ❅ Favourite Manga: Red River ❅ Favourite Western Band: Maroon 5 or Fall Out Boy ❅ Favourite Asian Band: Bangtan Sonyeondan [BTS] ❅ Favourite Face: ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ • • • • • The Dragon's Heir has over 3 million reads!! ♥♥♥ Thank you my amazing followers and readers, it's unbelievable! My dream has come true thanks to you! 사랑하요 ❅ ℬℰℒℒℰ ❅