Ishqbaaz ff way back to her by angelariya
Ishqbaaz ff way back to her by angelariya Fanfiction
Anika I never wanted to be back here, i was good without him or anything related to him in my life , he was everything i was grown to hate yet he was the one i fell for...
Rejection And Revenge (#Wattys2017) by dgrayman22
Rejection And Revenge (#Wattys2017) by miss chocolate Werewolf
Previously "Faking Death (#Wattys2017)" Rejection was one thing, but being sold to the enemy was another. Scarlet's mate didn't just reject her, but he also so...
Kidnapping Kian Lawley by XbethybooX
Kidnapping Kian Lawley by Bethany Fanfiction
You know the cliche books, girl gets taken by boy, well this story is the opposite. One minute Kian is living his normal life, making videos, penny boarding, next minut...
HAMAARI YAARI.. (DHOOMBROS) by FattynFatto Fanfiction
Friendship...small word right? Eh? Ever heard of this? Friendship is a small word, but has hundreds of emotions.. Making a million friend is not a miracle,, the miracle...
past of sakamaki family daibolik lovers x reader  by YashuAB3
Love Stories and Drama:Dumping Ground by spanishlife
Love Stories and Drama:Dumping Gro... by Breaj Howell Fanfiction
Tee stared into Ryan's eyes. She tried to read his feelings but she couldn't. He was just so hard. She got up and left. Ryan slowly turned to look at her. He smirked and...
THE LEAVES OF HEAVEN(jannat kay pattay) by shanzaaay
THE LEAVES OF HEAVEN(jannat kay pa... by shanzaaay Mystery / Thriller
Hello This novel is wriiten by Pakistani writer NIMRA AHMED. Here i am pubblishing it in english The story is about beautifuL and modern girl Haya sulAman who is a law...
Blood by Theshivver
things fall apart by AlexStewartQ
things fall apart by Alex Short Story
Luna is trying to get over her boyfriend's death. The same day she meets a handsome stranger, she gets a letter with three words. He's not dead. In the search for her pr...
Love Stories and Drama: Dumping ground (Book 2) Lola's Revenge  by spanishlife
Love Stories and Drama: Dumping gr... by Breaj Howell Fanfiction
Everything seems to be back to normal in the dumping ground. Jody and Tyler are together and so is Tee and Ryan. Diana came to the dumping ground to the joy of Carmen M...
Bridget's Dirty Secret by jessicakaybird
Bridget's Dirty Secret by jessicakaybird Teen Fiction
Bridget is happily content with her long term boyfriend, Jeremy. They have been together for three years, throughout highschool. But in their senior year, will Jeremy fi...
Who am I? Lucy Scarlet? by maryambanooMP
Who am I? Lucy Scarlet? by MaryambanooMP Teen Fiction
With just a blow of a candle your whole life can change and even your identity might change at a blink of an eye so who am I ? Am I really Lucy Scarlet or was my old orp...
Love, Georgia by monsterpandamash
Love, Georgia by Gigi Darling Teen Fiction
There were once three Marcus sisters. Melanie, Georgia, and Katherine each as beautiful as the next. The three had always thought that they were the only people who coul...
Soulless Heart by AnjaliT001
Soulless Heart by 🔱Dark_Love🔱 Teen Fiction
Highest ranking in Teen fiction #307 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As said "Good shines through the cracks of broken people. " But he was beyond broken. And she was her last...
The Parcel by smart_211
The Parcel by Shruti Gupta Short Story
An anonymous parcel with a letter; demanding sworn secrecy. What is in this letter? And how does it affect David's life?
Before June Attacks by ShebaHanna
Before June Attacks by Sheba Hanna Mystery / Thriller
Three young woman face some difficult problems in their life and they have to survive before the month June. CAROLINE JENNA a young twenty three year old woman,who...
BAD ASS SNIPER by SaalmahAlie
BAD ASS SNIPER by salcrazymahone Action
When a brilliant cryptographer and most feared sniper BLACK is sent on an assignment to kill a killer but has to go undercover using her real identity Ava Black heiress...
Out of The Struggle by HisAsianQueen
Out of The Struggle by jody-ann Teen Fiction
Mia is a 17 year old sister/mother to her two younger brothers. Trying her best to provide for them and herself, she works her self to the Extreme max. She was never int...
The Secret Stalker by penny743
The Secret Stalker by penny743 Mystery / Thriller
Three girls trying to unravel the mystery of a secret stalker...
TheMrBadger's Writing Competition by TheMrBadger