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❝ʟᴇᴛ's ᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴛʀᴏᴜʙʟᴇ❞ ♡ Moimi atrybutami są kocyk z pepco, biała herbata, 8GB muzyki na telefonie i świat równoległy, w którym żyję bardziej niż w rzeczywistości [why did you stop dreaming when you woke up?]. ♡ Zbyt często bujam w obłokach, ale proszę, nie ściągajcie mnie na ziemię. Dobrze mi tam. ♡ Na świat patrzę otwartym sercem i lirycznymi oczyma. Jestem nierozumiana. ♡ [your heart's too big for your body; it's why you won't fit inside] » trylogia teen wolf: ‹ CZYTAJ W PONIŻSZEJ KOLEJNOŚCI › ∘ big bad wolf » [zakończone] ∘ batman » [zakończone] ∘ wonder woman » [zakończone] » kiedyś je wszystkie poprawię, obiecuję. » pisane: ∘ salvation » scott mccall ∘ adversary » bucky barnes » zakończone: ∘ snowflake » christmas story » zawieszone [powróci]: ∘ hearts & souls » autorskie [jak napiszę wszystkie rozdziały] ∘ nycto » marvel story » planowane [w kolejności]: ∘ starlight » doctor strange [1] ∘ nightshade » doctor strange [2] ∘ nycto: begins » prequel "nycto" ∘ perfect illusion » donnie darko ∘ northern lights » eric lehnsherr ∘ bad things » theo raeken vimeo » mvrlenv instagram » nyktofilka spotify » nyktofilia deviantart & galeria okładek [już otwarta!] » mvrlenv
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•The majority of my stories are SHORT STORIES because I'm bad at writing long ones• I am a crazy girl who is afraid of romance in the real world so I put it into books! I have trouble sharing my writing for fear of what others will say, but I've recently sucked it up and posted a few stories on various websites. (This is probably my favorite...) I also have trouble finishing stories, so they might possibly be left alone for a while and/or go on forever. :) But I'll try my hardest to finish them! I prefer to write fanfiction, but recently discovered that apparently people like my original work too... So perhaps I'll write more! List of obsessions: Gackt Camui (And EVERYTHING related) Hyde/VAMPS/L'Arc Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Vocaloid X-Men/Wolverine The Evil Within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Ib (RPG Horror Game) Seduce Me the Otome Michael Jackson (RIP) And many more, far too many to list... Follow me on Instagram! I'm not really on there much, but I still post sometimes... I'm under the same name there as on here. KazumiSan096. Friend me on Facebook if you want! Make sure you send me a message with your username here so I know who you are. Thank you!
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"J'ai faim d'amour. Mais je crois que ça va être plus simple que je me fasse cuire des pâtes." Je pourrais sortir la phrase clichée "cette phrase résume ma vie..." mais non. Parce que c'est faux. Cette citation me correspond, comme beaucoup d'autres, mais elle ne me résume pas. Un jour promis je referai une description correcte. En attendant il va falloir vous contentez de ça.
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Quatre tarées qui aiment lire, aider et foutre n'importe quoi (j'ai aussi envie de dire manger) :D #Brioche #Horloge (#Kuudere qui s'incruste) N'oubliez pas les enfants. Manger = plaisir. Merci professeur Tic Tac #Horloge Ces tarées sont tarées *applaudissements* Et elles vont bientôt recruter pour que la communauté des tarés soit plus grande pour détruire le mooonde! #Queen Nous serons les dictateuuuuuureuuuuh!#Brioche Je suis l'empereur horloge qui domine des mondes et contrées ! #Horloge J'aime les pâtes. #Kuudere hum hum... sinon, on est là pour aider et créer une communauté super géniale :) avec des gens super géniaux... et j'aime le mot Sentinelle #Queen Et moi les mots panda et niou #Brioche Moi J'ADORE dire " Biscotte " #Horloge J'aime les pâtes aux fromages. #Kuudere Laissez tomber... même moi je n'ai pas compris XD #Queen Sinon j'aime pas tellement les pendules... #Horloge Chuuuuuuuut petite horloge maintenant les gens ne nous prennent plus au sérieux #Queen membres de la communauté : @Queen-Of-Darkness- Je signerai #Queen @BriochePandalou je signerai #Brioche @GuillemineSardou Je signerai #Horloge @Osalann Je signerai #Kuudere
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Trailer for Black as Day: Hallo. Ashlin here. Huge fan of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. SuperWhoLock all day, everyday. Welp. I like to draw, paint, sculpt, read write... I'm a creative person in general, I guess. At any given time I'll have at least two or three books on the go. If you could check out Black as Day and even vote once, that would mean the world to me. Thanks in advance! Everybody needs Jesus. Here's some quotes; let them tell you about my personality what they will: Every cloud has a silver lining, but hundreds of people get struck by lightning looking for it. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Especially to your friends. Money can't buy you love. But it can buy exotic cars and luxury yachts. Once you've got those covered, you'll be fighting love off with a stick. If you expect to score points by whining, join a European soccer team. Keep livin' life like there's no tomorrow and you'll be right sooner than you think. Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying "Hey, is there room in your head for one more?"
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Paulista, geração X, assiste futebol de quarta-feira a noite e é fã de videogame e de ficção científica clássica. Designer gráfico e publicitário de formação. Casado e é papai de primeira viagem! Ah! E gosta muito de doce de leite, pastel e qualquer coisa à parmegiana!
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Just a socially awkward weeb with crap writing abilities I like bands, books, anime, and Netflix I'm about 99.99999% sure that I'm not actually human So ya Have fun reading the crap I come up with (or don't, idc)
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I'm Maura Newton, and I live in New York City. there's not much about me except I love to write.
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Greetings, I am Katzillah and I like to read. And write, and sleep, and play Hockey and do tons of other things. Bye
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I LOVE ROCK N ROLL!!! tehe :D I'm a definite Guns N Roses fan. Also love Pink Floyd, Green Day, Queen, AC/DC, MCR, SWS, PTV, and many more bands. I love playing and listening to music - especially heavy metal - I play the guitar but also know a bit of the piano, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, ukulele, recorder and flute. I however cannot sing and will not ever sing for anyone. I'm nicknamed weird. no explanation is needed for that one haha....