Qulsum by Royal7
Qulsum by Royal7
Qulsum Abi is going through a lot. Her step mother only favors Qulsum's step sisters and brother Worst part is they become great actors in front of her father. Married o...
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A Muslim Tale by Royal7
A Muslim Tale by Royal7
[reached #1 in Spiritual] 11/17/15- 8/18/16 Amira Abdul is a bright,well educated girl filled with joy and much potential. Is a practicing Muslim and teaches. Her pare...
  • marriage
  • muslim
  • spiritual
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The Muslim Girl and a Bad Boy by Mafia_Ragazza
The Muslim Girl and a Bad Boy by Maha
Duaa Kaba lived in New York all by her self while her family lived in Dubai, now she had graduated from the University of NYU. Her parents want her to come back home, no...
  • spiritual
  • jealousy
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What to do when you fall for a Muslim? [ON HOLD] by WritingIsBeauty
What to do when you fall for a Mus... by WritingIsBeauty
~~<3 Inspired by the amazing song by the Korean singer, Taeyang. "Some say it's not over, 'till it's over. But I guess it's really over now." Kim Seung-hyun...
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His Muslim Wife by urmine5
His Muslim Wife by 🌹F|R|5🌹
Stopped Un-Finished
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Hurairah by _Amiena_
Hurairah by Amnah
To Fahad, she was the girl he met at Amigos , the girl who challenged him at first sight, the girl who he never thought he'd get married to, the girl who he finally fell...
  • loyalty
  • royalty
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What Is LOVE by kingaysha
What Is LOVE by A-I-S-H-A
"Zaid please let me go of my hand"anya states trying to free her hands "I love you anya"zaid says with a big ass smile but frown seeing the girl who...
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  • deppression
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