Let Me Be The One (Oasis/Liam Gallagher) by Unicorns_Supreme
Let Me Be The One (Oasis/Liam Bronwyn Macmillan
Elizabeth Ramos was a normal southern girl who was dragged up to Manchester by her mother in the year 1988. Forced to start a new life, she meets lots of new, interestin...
  • rockandroll
  • musician
  • liam
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For You. by ishcarly
For ishcarly
Claire is a singer and Eros is a writer, their relationship is not exactly rainbows and butterflies and it has developed into an unhealthy one. One night she meets an at...
  • sexscenes
  • oscarisaac
  • broken
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Asher's Heart | Wattys2017 by rhxpsodicxlly
Asher's Heart | Wattys2017by ***x***
Unlike everyone else, Ellie Anderson thought she had it easy in high school. Except for the first year. It sucks for everyone. But her reason was totally different. Ashe...
  • fiction
  • drama
  • crush
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Requiem for a Prodigy by LanguageObsession
Requiem for a Prodigyby LanguageObsession
Sometimes music gives something that life hasn't been kind enough to provide. Nikolai lives in a home ruled with an iron fist. From an early age, he had been no strange...
  • musician
  • thecosmicawards2018
  • violin
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Sunny by Sarahbeth552002
Sunnyby Sarah Jones
Rhea Harris had spent her entire life putting everyone before herself; except for that one year. That one year she ran away from all of her responsibilities and met the...
  • famous
  • featured
  • musician
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Balance | Daniel Seavey AU [COMPLETE] by sweetdr3am
Balance | Daniel Seavey AU [ 🐝
find balance between good and bad. - started: 18 august 2017 ended: 23 september 2017 AU | Daniel Seavey | Complete Copyright © sweetdr3am 2017
  • musician
  • artist
  • whydontwe
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Against the Universe by errormessage
Against the Universeby caz
In which Madelyn Armstrong finds refuge in Grover Simmings, former popular basketball player and copper-eyed lost boy whose identity is waiting to be found. And in which...
  • talkthepoc
  • basketball
  • paraplegia
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Tripping Over You by whitney_dg
Tripping Over Youby whitney
Just about every teenage girl on the planet is in love with Tripp Rivers, from his dazzling smile, to his intense eyes, and to his sultry voice he is the total package...
  • boy-band
  • luck
  • celebrity
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Favoring The Bold {Drarry} by Xx_drarry_rebelle_xX
Favoring The Bold {Drarry}by angel janeé lucifer
Harry always felt like families were just a fickle idea, so when Malfoy wanted to become a famous musician Harry was fine with raising their son alone. A son that 8 year...
  • drarryrebelle
  • lovetriangle
  • musician
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Rich Girl Poor Girl by Blondeanddangerous
Rich Girl Poor Girlby Kate J. Squires
Money or love – which would you choose? Two love stories entangle when city girl Lex meets a sexy musician, and hippy-chick Sparrow falls for a billionaire. Lex is driv...
  • generalfiction
  • genfic
  • hot
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On Tour by moudenes
On Tourby Mara Oudenes
When Gabriella Cruz signed up to become the tour manager for the famous rock band Pinch of Postal, little did she know that it would become the path for hilarious situat...
  • manager
  • singer
  • musician
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A Sweet Misery - an Adam Levine Fan Fiction by f0reverart1stic
A Sweet Misery - an Adam Levine Jesse Dana
19 year old Amy Whitfield travels to L.A. to study at Hollywood Hills University. At a party, she meets a man that changes her life forever. Will the fame of dating th...
  • undiscovered
  • love
  • marooner
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Paragraph Palace by orchestraal
Paragraph Palaceby it's lune!!
iT's the fifth one wowow expect things like × my (nonfandom) OCs popping up vv often × rambles about ships and such with said OCs × the occasional Fandom Content here an...
  • thoughtbook
  • avianfuvola
  • ocs
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ACCIDENTALLY FALLING ~ A Sebastian Stan Social Media Story by Brooklyn_240
A British girl and an American/Romanian guy fall in love. I'm really late to the trend, but I wanted to make a social media story about my favourite actor (Sebastian Sta...
  • originalstory
  • regularupdates
  • america
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Mute Musician (Ziall Horlik) AU by BriannaLynnC98
Mute Musician (Ziall Horlik) AUby Brianna Lynn C.
When words fail, music speaks. That's how Zayn Malik has been living his life since he could remember. No one really knew much about Zayn other than his talent with the...
  • zayn
  • styles
  • malik
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Moonlight House (Book 2, Bellesea & City Series) by moudenes
Moonlight House (Book 2, Mara Oudenes
Wattpad Feature, January 2016. Selected by Lays Wavy, November 2015. Moonlight House, the "it" place to eat, have a drink, dance to great live music and meet n...
  • photographer
  • twins
  • chicklit
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Song of the Heart (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer) by Gabriels_Wings
Song of the Heart (Destiel/ Jasmine ^_^
Musician AU!!! :D Gabriel, Castiel, Michael and Lucifer. Also known as Heaven's Grace, a well known band that became popular after writing a world wide hit several years...
  • michael
  • gabriel
  • destiel
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Moriarty's Musician (Regular Updates!) by MerriContrary
Moriarty's Musician (Regular Merri Quite Contray
Moriarty lowered the blade just in time. Annabelle grabbed his neck and kissed him with as much unrestrained force as she could summon. As her desperate kiss continued...
  • fanfic
  • 221b
  • altending
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The Incredible Life Of Vegas J. Clearwater by ARod1298
The Incredible Life Of Vegas J. ARod1298
A woman in a bar by the name of Vegas J. Clearwater tells the story of her colorful life and how she ended up where she is today NOTE: Rated Mature
  • marriage
  • heartbreak
  • romance
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Paintbrushes and Pianos ✓ by errormessage
Paintbrushes and Pianos ✓by caz
To those who know her, Riley is the outgoing, funny, musical girl they all love. To the rest of the school, she's the tall blind girl who's always dragging her hands acr...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • art
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