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Varchie series  by stuufinstuff
Varchie series by stuufinstuff
Riverdale is an odd place. It's filled with dark secrets, and not all of them have come to surface. Archie and Veronica realize they have feelings for each other, but wh...
  • romance
  • netflix
  • riverdale
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Fatal Deception (COMPLETED) by FifiLadybird
Fatal Deception (COMPLETED) by Fifi
When Madelyn Clark finds herself standing over her boyfriend's dead body in the middle of nowhere, her whole life is turned upside down. She puts everything at risk by k...
  • lying
  • drama
  • murdermystery
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RED: Welcome To Fayetteville by WesleyBryant6
RED: Welcome To Fayetteville by Wesley Bryant
[Highest rank: #8 in Mystery / Thriller] ***FEATURED STORY*** Kathrine Woods was headed to Fayetteville, a small town in Tennessee where everybody knows everybody. This...
  • slasher
  • thriller
  • murder
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Dream Catcher by SheHopes
Dream Catcher by Sandra Grayson
(BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial...
  • detective
  • crime
  • horror
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfall by ✴a s h✴
His eyes, akin to the clearest skies she'd ever gazed upon, stared into Tahlia. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe me, huh?" He smile...
  • darklove
  • teenfiction
  • love
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Out of Body - An Avebury Witches Cozy Mystery by linahanson
Out of Body - An Avebury Witches C... by Lina Hanson
!!!UPDATES TWICE A WEEK!!! #1 in Cozymystery various times! Only a week since she caught the solstice killer, and Myrtle Coldron, amateur witch, amateur sleuth, i...
When your Friends Cry: A Broken Promise by Manwithoutpurpose
When your Friends Cry: A Broken Pr... by Manwithoutpurpose
(In this story, The readers are the Detectives. Can you solve the mystery of the "Broken Promise?" This story is also best to read while the story itself is st...
  • anime
  • paranormal
  • murdermystery
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Kill Who You Want [Almost Complete] by bigimp
Kill Who You Want [Almost Complete] by Mick Smith
What if it came to the starkest of all choices: kill, or else suffer the loss of someone close to you..? Almost complete Started 3/9/2017. 57000 words (230 novel pages)...
  • cozymystery
  • stalker
  • police
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That Thing Between You and Me by Ms_Book_Worm
That Thing Between You and Me by Ridhima
{A Wattpad Featured Story} ❝There are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out.❞ -Ally Carter •°•°•° When fourteen ye...
  • humor
  • secret
  • sarcastic
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A Python| A Zodiac Story by junokami
A Python| A Zodiac Story by Sarah
High school- (n.) Where self-esteem, innocence and dreams go to die. [ in collaboration with @...
  • cancer
  • sagittarius
  • aquarius
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Down The Hatch - An Avebury Witches Cozy Mystery by linahanson
Down The Hatch - An Avebury Witche... by Lina Hanson
Summer solstice is just around the corner and the ancient stone circle of Avebury village is overrun with tourists. Lots of them. When the first start dying, Myrtle Cold...
  • cozymystery
  • witches
  • killer
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In My Attic - An Avebury Witches Cozy Mystery by linahanson
In My Attic - An Avebury Witches C... by Lina Hanson
! Wattpad featured! Myrtle's aunt is dead - murdered - and she has inherited the 'Witch's Retreat', a B&B full of outrageous characters and hiding a mystery under it...
  • secrets
  • witch
  • killer
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Hotel Nigh by Jalehly
Hotel Nigh by Lexine Jaleh
3 murders. 2 stormy nights. 1 ignited romance. The enigmatic Jason McCann, notorious for being the brother of the most brutal murder of the year, Ethan McCann, seeks to...
  • teenfiction
  • hotel
  • mysteryromance
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[Sterek] Murder, He Wrote (boyxboy) by mklutz
[Sterek] Murder, He Wrote (boyxboy) by mk
And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author. (And solved a mystery, and got to date Derek Hale, and adopted some kittens along the wa...
  • fanficton
  • sterek
  • teenwolf
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Viper - Wings Of Fire Murder Mystery - MiniGame by Flame_The_Hybrid
Viper - Wings Of Fire Murder Myste... by ▫🄵🄻🄰🄼🄴▫
#HIGHEST RANK-247 IN MYSTERY# Choose a charecter, you might be casted as the murderer, Advisor, or the healer. Every round the healer chooses someone to save, the murde...
  • mini
  • game
  • mystery
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murder house | melanie martinez by briminism
murder house | melanie martinez by brianna ☾
Recently there have been a number of unexplained deaths in my neighborhood. Everyone is on edge. Many believe it is murder. The main suspect is a girl living alone in th...
  • murdermystery
  • mystery
  • detective
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The Eridanus Files by RC_Pointer
The Eridanus Files by R.C. Pointer
[Rated #158 in Mystery/Thriller 12.8.17] There are a lot of things to consider when lying in a pool of one's own blood. Perhaps how such an event came to take place...
  • fun
  • humor
  • police
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Dark Visions by clarifications
Dark Visions by - ̗̀Rachael ̖́-
Arden Loveridge sees dead people. Will Wyatt sees how people die. When Arden moves away from home and lands in Walden, Washington, a foggy seaside town with more secre...
  • murdermystery
  • teenagers
  • psychic
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The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt
The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt
A U.S. expatriate is cast into a rainy, foggy corner of Europe. He went there on the pretense to work on his research, but he actually wanted to put as many miles as pos...
  • adult
  • featured
  • humour
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The Search by earthentales
The Search by Anagha Kashi
It was just a fantasy; an idea; to die on the day of your birthday, but the circumstances forced her to try and live, or rather, die that fantasy. Twenty year old Andrew...
  • past
  • free-mystery-books
  • true-love
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