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Finished Books: **Book #1 of 'The Royal Secret Trilogy' A Servant for a Mate **Book #1 of 'The Dangerous Game Trilogy' Let's Play a Game ____________________________ Books that I am writing right now: **Book #2 of 'A Royal Secret Trilogy' A Hidden Princess UPDATED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY **Book #1 of 'Matched for Life Series' Matched UPDATED EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY *His Touch (On Radish) UPDATED MONDAY AND FRIDAY *Dragon Escorts (On @DragonEscorts ) Some of my Books that will be posted here & Radish: Dangerous Games Trilogy #1 Let's Play a Game #2 Game On #3 End Game Royal Secret Trilogy #1 A Servant for a Mate #2 Hidden Princess #3 Hidden Secret Series #1 His Touch #2 Born His #3 His Possession #4 Their Hearts Matched For Life Series #1 Matched #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 Dragon Lord Series #1 Fire #2 Ice #3 Sight #4 Blood #5 Claws Magic Trilogy #1 The Other Side #2 The Dark Side #3 The Only Side Beasts Series: #1 Alpha's #2 Beta's #3 #4 #5 STAND ALONE BOOKS: Rejected First The New World Battle between two worlds Sexy CEO's Escaping to the Jackson's A Vampires Possession Alpha Almighty's A Gas Station Romance Marked Brother's Invisible Cave The Hunt Twin Brothers What You Do To Me Saved by Mr. Alpha All info on my books can be found in the book called ALL MY BOOKS. Easy enough right? :) My Facebook page is--- Twitter account name---- @Tessatbooks youtube --
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hi i'm sydney and i'm sydphistocated >> credits to kelly for the genius pun btw, there are currently around 12.5k #edney shippers. join the ship of edi and I "You accuse me once, I put up with it. You accuse me twice... I quit. You pressure me to fear for my life and I will put a fucking bullet in your head as if you were anybody else. Okay?" Backup account: @tylerdurdens "Ideals are peaceful. History is violent." - war daddy wicked achievements: 'stolen jerseys': short story: 1 (!!!!) romance: 8 'superman': short story: 10 humor: 49 ❝You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.❞ YOU'RE NOT YOUR FUCKING KHAKIS [warning: if statuses suddenly become very weird and worrying, and if profile picture suddenly becomes embarrassing and confesses my love for someone, you can confidently assume kelly is on my account] "John wasn't exactly the boogeyman. He's the one you sent to kill the fucking boogeyman." - john wick KELLY IS LOVE. KELLY IS LIFE. did you hear about the guy who got his whole left side cut off? ... he was all right. ALL MY BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY BEING EDITED. It's going to take some time to edit all of this, so please be patient with me as I fix spelling errors, plot holes, and add important events and information. Thank you!
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you're getting way too big for your boots
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NOTE: I am not taking read my story requests at this time. I see you. The real you. The you that you should be proud of, and the one you should be ashamed for. You're beautiful - Tricia Fleming Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason. Don't give up. Cacoethes scribendi (Latin) is the insatiable desire to write. UPDATE SCHEDULE Posting: A Taste of Mercy (Book 2 A Recipe for Disaster Novel) Current Order of Writing: Shadows Over Camp Darkness The Legends of Felix Katt To Be Human The Death of Time There's the Wild and Then There's the Weird Irregular Posting: Sex, Romance and Things that go Bump in the Night So Called Survivors Crossovers and Other Odd Things My stories COMPLETED Unspecified Rage: werewolf Not According to Plan: sci-fi undercover military Can Anybody Find Me?: fantasy romance Queen of Spades: student/teacher relationship King of Hearts: student/teacher relationship, companion to QoS House of Cards: one shot continue of qos/koh Aces Wild- QoS sequel romance, non-teen fiction Broken Kings: QoS Prequel The Elsewhere Files: supernatural/sci fi mystery, script style Torn Asunder: vampire story, dual POV Camp Darkness: supernatural humour The Tales of Twisted Felix Katt: scifi humour The Myths of Twisted Felix Katt: scifi humour sequel Big Bad: DARK fairty tale retelling La Belle Bete: fairytale retelling Stories for Sale:!/pages/Trewest/325695287475411?sk=wall
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yeah ur cute but harry styles is cuter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~ ~ just two Italian cousins attending translation and interpreting studies, with a """little""" Harry Styles obsession; that's all you need to know, x •twitter: •instagram: •ask: love y'all.
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Hi everyone, I'm Bryony! I'm 21 years old, I live in England and I divide my time working in Editorial and Marketing for two companies I'm not allowed to name and their equally secret authors. So, that's fun. I've been writing fiction since childhood and words are my greatest love. I'm a university dropout, a member of VFD, a hoarder of books and an ex-public library manager (very strange year). This is the part where I'd like to tell you I live happily with my boyfriend, except he conveniently moved back to America after graduating, so now I spend a few weeks of the year at his house in Miami and the rest crying into my pillow alone. Otherwise, life's pretty chill. No complaints. For more information, and to keep up-to-date, find me on the following: Twitter: @bry_mag Instagram: @bryonymagee Radish: @bryonyleah Website: Sorry, I do not take read requests or accept translations.
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I'm a Wattpad Ambassador. I'll help you around Wattpad any way I can, so don't hesitate to inbox me! I'm also a featured writer in Horror, so if you're looking for a good scare, then you've stumbled into the right place! I'm Sam Smith the writer, not to be confused with the singer. There's no relation. Fear is what I do best. I want your stomach queasy and your heart beating out of your chest. I want you to dread the next page, but not be able to turn away from it. I want you to fear dark alleys and dark corners. I want you to be afraid to look under your bed or in your closet. I want you to remember my name when someone asks you who your favorite horror writer is. I try to include different types of scare tactics in my stories, from subtle silent stalkers to forcing characters to make their own agonizing decisions between killing or being killed. I may have a monster come from nowhere and attack, or I might build the tension by letting him linger inside the walls and watch you a while. You never know what kind of terror to expect with me, but I guarantee you'll get chills! Some writers I like: Stephen King JK Rowling Joe Hill Anne Rice Wrath James White Clive Barker Chuck Palahniuk Isaac Marion Robert Kirkman Currently Reading: It by Stephen King If Halloween were every day, this would be a perfect world for me. NO: Follow for follow (true fans are better than fake fans) Reading request (I prefer to find stories on my own) YES: [currently taking requests] Critique for critique (up to three chapters and only if your book is in the horror, mystery, thriller, paranormal, fantasy, or sci-fi category please) [Not taking cover requests ATM] Cover request: I only require a chapter dedication, and acknowledgement as the cover creator. Must be a follower. No fanfics or romances, please.
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19 irish im a cool girl find me on twitter: find me on instagram: find me on radish: @longtimegone The Bitch You Killed Playlist - All the Lies I've Told Playlist - What I Lost in the Fire Playlist - If you ever want to talk, my messages are always open. TBYK: highest ranking #1 in mystery/thriller {29/12/15 & 12//01/17} ATLIT: highest ranking #26 in mystery/thriller {2/05/16} WILITF: highest ranking #768 in teen fiction {26/04/15} HTBHB: highest ranking #825 in humor {20/08/15} BB: highest ranking #68 in mystery/thriller {27/07/16} [TBYK hit 100k reads on 29/5/15] {coming soon to my works} Sparks and Spandex - teen fic/humor Come to the Roof - mystery/thriller How to be a Heartbreaker - teen fic/humor Being Zara - teen fic/romance What I Lost in the Fire - teen fic/romance
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Unfortunately I wont be able to write for a while. I've been extremely lacking in time and updates will be slow because of this. It would mean the world if you could give me your patience. I can't give you a set date because I know i'll be unable to keep to my promise. Apologies -C x
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My books are as listed in order for my mafia books. 1. Caught Between Two Mafia Men. 2. Torture and Sex. 3. Blood Dealings and betrayal 4. Beautifully Abused. Closed Doors and Double Trouble with Ro and Os are both part of the series but back story's to my Mafia Series. Sex With Step Dad is tied into my mafia series but not necessarily all about the Mafia just has some of the same characters. Mulatto Women is a stand alone book for now and has nothing to do with my Mafia Series. 1.Blood Rose, 2. Demi God Monster Mate 3. Death by Pleasure, and 4. Finding Pleasure in Death are my Werewolf series. **Please keep in mind Blood Rose, Sex With Step Dad and Mulatto Women have major grammar errors and are earlier books I wrote. Not the best of my works so I apologize . Caught Between Two Mafia Men is very slowly going under extensive editing. *** Also Business Deceit and Sex and Passions of Past are not a part of my Mafia series but are my new book. Stalking Dakota, Twisted Mates, Mechanically Broken and Fiery Road to Redemption are all stand alone books.