Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan Novel) #Wattys2014 by takatsu
Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan N... by TAKATSU タカ Science Fiction
In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dre...
The Queen of Cats by maybeiwas2shy
The Queen of Cats by David V. M. Paranormal
Dark things swarm around the city. Newspaper-boys are lured into houses, strange mansions whisper into musicians' ears, old men tell tales of vampires, drums boom in the...
Dreampunk? by CliffJonesJr
Dreampunk? by Cliff Jones Jr. Non-Fiction
Cyberpunk, dieselpunk, steampunk... dreampunk? Unlike its better established siblings, this fledgling genre is not rooted in technology or a reimagining of a different e...
Routine by CharliGreene
Routine by Charli Greene Short Story
A short story inspired by Murakami's 'The second bakery attack'. A backstory being told in the perspective of the girl who works at Mcdonald's. Stuck in a boring life wh...
Kafka on the Shore (Fanfiction) by LiaMcCall
Kafka on the Shore (Fanfiction) by Lia McCall Short Story
Two pieces, inspired by Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, completed for English. I strongly suggest you to read Kafka on the Shore before you read either of these wo...
Haruki Murakami by GiorgiShakarashvili
Rebellion of the Soul by TransUniversal
Rebellion of the Soul by Wind with no Direction Mystery / Thriller
Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan - January 2020. A unique citizen awakes on the morning of New Years to an event that would change the lives of everyone who came into contact w...