Caged by tall_girl
Cagedby Melissa
Mechanic by day and amateur cage fighter by night, single mum, Melanie "Millie" Harvey struggles to make ends meet until she gets the chance of a lifetime. Dro...
  • motorcycle
  • single
  • cage
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The Bad Boys Baby by idonrlknow
The Bad Boys Babyby Idonrlknow
How are you supposed to raise the Bad Boy's baby? Isabelle has her life planned out, every speck. That all changes after a drunken stupor that happens to be with none o...
  • thebadboysbaby
  • highschool
  • romance
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Life As I Know It (Completed) by Sophia_Heart
Life As I Know It (Completed)by Sophia_Heart
Ellie Devlin's life could hardly be classified as perfect, but it was tolerable. That is, until her mother, Moira, started dating again. Now that Jack and her mom are ge...
  • brother
  • step
  • dad
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Grey Skies, Brown Eyes by maskindisguise
Grey Skies, Brown Eyesby Malli
Jame is the illegitimate child of one of the most respected alphas in the country; her pack despises her, she has never had a single friend, and her dad all but loathes...
  • omega
  • royalty
  • queen
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Percabeth Pregnancy  by CampFangirls
Percabeth Pregnancy by Sum,Ang,Vic&Lor
When Annabeth finds out that she is pregnant she doesn't know what to do and she is afraid that Percy leaves her. She also has to tell Poseidon and Athena. What will she...
  • jasiper
  • heroesofolympus
  • percabethfanfiction
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Star Dazed by MidnightWhisperer
Star Dazedby Wardah.🌸
#34 in Spiritual on 30/11/2016 #29 in Spiritual on 10/2/2018 Maahirah Furqaan; a seventeen year old teen. On her way to the senior year. She just wanted to graduate fro...
  • vaneeza
  • smoke
  • chace
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Demi's Miracle *Series Completed* by onedirection8680
Demi's Miracle *Series Completed*by Brit
*NOT EDITED!* Demi Lovato decides she wants to adopt a child. But work can get in the way. Her manager doesn't think it is a good idea... but Demi wants to prove him wro...
  • tour
  • wattys2017
  • jemi
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Our Second Love by DollyNicks
Our Second Loveby Tenaya Jackson
Holly Moon is back at home after her fiancé cheats on her. With her long time friend! On top of that she finds out that she's pregnant. Deciding that after she has her b...
  • single
  • cheating
  • love
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A Year in the Making (Sequel to: A Precious Accident) by HopefullyPerfect
A Year in the Making (Sequel to: T.S Johnson
After just over eight months of struggling, I finally have my perfect ending. Coley Rubin Jenkins-Dean, my little boy. Seventeen-year-old Isabella Jenkins has the chall...
  • pregnancy
  • isabella
  • teen
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Once A Cheater Always A Cheater by Salinaaa
Once A Cheater Always A Cheaterby Salina
This story is simply about a love triangle between Jamie, Nicky and Sarah. I can't give much away but I can say that I will try my best to make it interesting and worth...
  • teen
  • always
  • story
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He's Almost My Brother by E_Swe_1996
He's Almost My Brotherby E_Swe_1996
"Thank you for the gift" He wispered. Without me knowing what was going on, his lips met mine. Our lips moved so perfect together. His hands tavelled up...
  • sister
  • dad
  • mum
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The search by Kelsiebees
The searchby Kelsiebees
  • felicie
  • hurt
  • friendship
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Poems (and stories) by Molly & I by HazelUrquhart
Poems (and stories) by Molly & Iby Hazel Urquhart
These are poems and stories, written with my 7 year old daughter Molly. Some we will write together and others will be solely Molly's creations. How lovely it is t...
  • stories
  • mum
  • dualperspective
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✖Ginnifer✖ by _ItsRoxyandchris_
✖Ginnifer✖by ❤️Anons❤️
........New Book
  • athlete
  • mum
  • taken
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Daisy Tomlinson 2K16/2k17 by OfficialDaisyT
Daisy Tomlinson 2K16/2k17by Daisy
Updates on my life With a few other things too. Enjoy
  • daisy
  • mum
  • life
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Am I an adult or a child? by puglife740
Am I an adult or a child?by puglife740
Ok 2 months ago my mum was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and so my dad left cause he couldn't take it anymore so I took the role of taking care of my mum...
  • lily
  • childhood
  • mum
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Heartbreak  by Kylie_m0nster15
Heartbreak by Sarcastic Bitch
At the age of 9, Rosalie Westbrooke had her first taste of what it was like to have a broken life. Her mother threw her father out of the house, proclaiming he had cheat...
  • girlfriend
  • dad
  • secrets
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Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepie by CLBrierley
Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepieby C.L.Brierley
Luna Minty Carolson, or Minty as she is called by many, is a lively and happy ten year old who has lived a good part of her life in an American orphanage. What happens w...
  • kid
  • marzia
  • mum
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Cuts, Abuse, But Niall Horan? (Niall Horan Fanfiction) BOOK 1 by AN_KB_stories
Cuts, Abuse, But Niall Horan? ( Kayleigh&Alexandria
Kaylee Smith was just 10 when her mum died. Her dad started coming home drunk and hitting Kaylee. Not only did he take a share of things he got someone else to join in...
  • mum
  • dad
  • niall
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Meeting Louis Tomlinson (Louis Tomlinson fanfic) by JessicaSasse
Meeting Louis Tomlinson (Louis FanFiction
Kicked out, forgotten Hope finds her self completly lost the one person she can turn to.......... Her brother Harry Styles
  • scan
  • pills
  • crash
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