drive ♢ muke ✔️ by -riptidemuke
drive ♢ muke ✔️by rose
in which michael sucks at driving and luke is a cop who's constantly pulling him over. bad driver! michael asshole cop! luke - © 2016 | -riptidemuke | all rights rese...
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Luke's Kitten ✔ by Lukeisgirly_muke
Luke's Kitten ✔by *Cookie*
"Where'd you find that thing? On the side of a the road?" "Yes. We're keeping him." Hybrid!Michael copyright © lukeisgirly_muke
  • 5sos
  • cute
  • michaelclifford
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the stars belong to you . muke by gutterlife
the stars belong to you . mukeby heart wrecklings
michael falls for the boy who paints what's in his head. artist!luke lilac!michael warnings!! + suicidal thoughts + triggering events + graphic language + talks about d...
  • lgbt
  • michaelcifford
  • bxblove
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Tutor / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Tutor / Mukeby Tiana :-)
"You're just my tutor, we're not fucking friends." Or where Luke's parents force Luke to get a tutor and he's not so happy about it. fem!michael punk!luke ...
  • fem
  • clemmings
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west hills [muke af] by fivesecondsofsheeran
west hills [muke af]by lord soph
  • ashton
  • 5sos
  • teenage
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muke oneshots by youreahugedontstop
muke oneshotsby slow down, jellybean
can you read, babe? {lowercase intended} | © youreahugedontstop, 2017 |
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Kitten / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Kitten / Mukeby Tiana :-)
The one where Luke likes to call Michael 'Kitten.' or Punk!Luke finds feminine!Michael cute as a kitten. cover done by me
  • clifford
  • seconds
  • irwin
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5SOS PREFERENCES by mivhaelclifford
5SOS PREFERENCESby chelsizzle
preferences about your favourite four losers
  • muke
  • preferences
  • lukehemmings
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5SOS Preferences ♛ by quotestyles
5SOS Preferences ♛by •emily•
Cute, romantic, funny, feel-inducing (and sometimes sad) 5SOS Preferences all written by me, myself and I. Requests open & no stealing please!
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Muke One Shots by bundleofhood
Muke One Shotsby carolyn ✌
I ship Muke and I am also very depressing, great combination! cover by @-thirwalls
  • boyxboy
  • malum
  • random
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Shh // Muke by GalaxyCat10
Shh // Mukeby Pepe
Luke Hemmings is the schools most popular boy. He's the captain of the hockey team and the hottest boy in the school. Michael Clifford is labeled as the schools freak...
  • michaelclifford
  • muke
  • boyxboy
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Lingerie Model / Muke  by addiictedtomuke
Lingerie Model / Muke by Tiana :-)
Ever heard of a guy who models womens lingerie? Neither had Luke, until he stumbled upon a weird website. cover done by me Highest Ranking: #74 in fanfiction 23/07/1...
  • 5sos
  • lingerie
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fate → muke by mellifluousmgc
fate → mukeby hellooooo
everything was grey until michael met luke soulmate!au lowercase intended ♡
  • michael
  • fate
  • michaelclifford
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The Mess {Muke} by ChangeFate
The Mess {Muke}by ❦Ari❦ & ±Lucy±
I let out a sigh as I walked into work, running a hand through my hair and adjusting the hat on my head. As I walked behind the counter I was surprised to see someone wh...
  • boyxboy
  • seconds
  • hemmings
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5SOS Preferences by youreaverage
5SOS Preferencesby no one special
this book is full of preferences and some other thing, but I hope you enjoy everything I have written regardless. I am honoured to be so popular and have so many reads...
  • cashton
  • 5sos
  • luke
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Omorashi kink-Muke by PokemonMikey95
Omorashi kink-Mukeby 🌹MGC🌹
Luke is such a dirty boy, he has such a dirty kïnk, Michael doesn't know it, he's doesn't know that Luke likes this, he doesn't know that is makes Luke incredibly hórny...
  • omorashi
  • desperatemichael
  • kink
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Count On You by ThatTrillBlasian
Count On Youby B L A S I A N
" Can I count on you to be there for me ? " " Always. " >>*<< Taylor Johnson is the " It Boy " of Richmond High...
  • mulum
  • justinbieber
  • 5sos
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kitty ; muke  ✓ by jadedlrh
kitty ; muke ✓by jade
where luke goes to the pet store to buy a kitten but wants the colourful haired boy instead.
  • michaelclifford
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • lukehemmings
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sexting || 5sos by shoyou
sexting || 5sosby shoyou
"I'm horny" "You're always horny" "Yeah but I'm extra horny"
  • gay5sos
  • gay
  • crossdressing
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Boyxboy Smut Book- 5SOS by p_e_n_g_u_i_n57
Boyxboy Smut Book- 5SOSby American Idiot
This is just my smut book and it's gonna be adorably sexy and I am not to be held guilty for feels.
  • lukehemmings
  • smutbook
  • muke
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