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When in Night School, the vampire brothers find someone else a more interesting thing then their own bride.
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¿Eres una Dialover?, si tu respuesta es Si, este libro es indicado para ti, aquí encontrarás cualquier cosa de Diabolik Lovers como: ♡ Reacciones ♡ Escenarios ♡ One-shot...
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You were born the youngest in the Sakamaki family (after Subaru), you had a playful relationship with all of your brothers, that was until you got older; you were having...
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here's my own scenarios soo enjoy Cover is not made by me
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Yui considered herself lucky to escape the Sakamaki's tight grasp. After becoming a vampire (with the help of her biological mother, who is a high-ranking demon), she co...
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Having to hide her past from people and also trying to forget it. She tries her best to do it and ends up living with Yui, the Sakamakis and being "friends" wi...
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I'm hopeless without her she was my everything but i'm a fool to let her go.
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Kido Kitsune a well skilled thief and "troublemaker" is of to steal precious valuables in a mansion. Little did she know that strangers were in the mansion. Wh...
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"You're the best thing that happened to us y/n chan, please don't leave us. We need you". Abandoned and alone, you're taken under protection by the vampire kin...
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What if Yui Komori isn't the only one who moves to the Sakamaki mansion? Annabelle is a gothic emotionless loner who obsessed with death with a passionate love of gory h...
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Now were all wondering how does Yui survive these Vampires,How is she all good & innocent, What would happen if Yui goes insane? What would happen if she learns about he...
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Bride's Protector by High-Off-Books Fanfiction
~****~ Yo! My name is (y/n) Komori. My sister is Yui Komori and she lives with 10 leeches. It sickens me that she has to live with them, so being the awesome sister I am...
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Solo se que desde ese día,no me dejare vencer tan fácil. Juró tomar venganza por mi hermana y mi madre que ya hacían muertas, que mataría a aquellos 6 vampiros que me la...
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This is the story of a young girl born into a prestigious pureblood family, the kurans, along with her twin sister. Both girls looked exactly the same except for one dif...
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en este apartado veremos reacciones y aventuras random de mis ships favoritas si tuvieran hijos parejas: Reishu Shinyato?? LaitoxYui Kinato Karubaru RukixAzusa Yumaxkou
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Me: Hello guys, this is where you can request any dare or truth. And the guests means. I might choose some of you readers, and add you in the story. Hope you enjoy!
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yui was betrayed by the ayato sakamaki (her true love )and can't stay in that mansion so she sneaks out .....
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Yui ya no podía soportar más a los hermanos Sakamakis, así que hizo algo nunca creyó posible, Se Suicido, Los hermanos sakamakis al darse cuenta de sus intensiones,fuero...