I'm Back! by 0Nightshade0
I'm Back!by Ashley
Hiccup runs away from training one day and after a few months of searching, Berk announced him dead. What the teens and Gobber didn't expect was to run into him on an is...
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Mr. & Mrs. Lehner by JosZambrano9
Mr. & Mrs. Lehnerby Jos 😘✌ 💖
Final de la saga Lehner. Axel y Cristel aprendieron que el amor es el más hermoso de los sentimientos, que implica perdonar, comprender y querer a esa persona. Un matri...
  • lehner
  • cristel
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Im Lucky Im Inlove With My Bestfriend by glaishanngg
Im Lucky Im Inlove With My K Y H I L💕
Maiinlove na nga lang tayo sa maling tao pa, at worst sa kaibigan mo pa na may mahal ng iba. -C
  • kyhil
  • crush
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A carl grimes love story- Dixon daughter by PollyFannin
A carl grimes love story- Dixon Depressed-girl❤️
Living in a zombie apocalypse sucks. Vallory Dixon's entire family is gone. Friends, gone. Home, gone. But when she runs into a small group in the woods, maybe even meet...
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Sexiest Goals.  by pretty_liar31
Sexiest Goals. by Jay
©copyrightwattpad2018 Just sex scenes. Stories from different people in different scenes. Hope you enjoy and remember for the mature only. :)
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The Prince And I by Uilosris
The Prince And Iby Uilosris
Meeting a Prince at a ball might seem like a Cinderella 'rags to riches', but for 23 year old introvert and expat Zipporah Roux, it could prove a dream or a nightmare.
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Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid) by Six_The_Demon
Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid)by Ghostz
Yup.. I got into another Anime, anyway this is an Idea I came up with after finishing the series... It takes place 150 years later after the original story, after Miss...
  • maiddragon
  • tohru
  • ravioliraviolidontlewdthedragonloli
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I Still Remeber John Watson's Daughter by GabrielleMartin661
I Still Remeber John Watson's Gabrielle Martin
When John leaves to go to war he leaves behind a teenaged daughter. He leaves her with Harry, his sister. Harry abuses her and John has no clue what his sister does to h...
  • harry
  • fanfiction
  • hudson
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Miss Jackson 2: Mrs. Urie  by Imperfectt_Imposter
Miss Jackson 2: Mrs. Urie by Sinner_69
We follow the life of Brendon and Delilah after "I do" A lot will change and their relationship will be tested time and time again. Death, relationships renewe...
  • brendonurie
  • delilah
  • wattys2017
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Sherlock Preferences / One Shots by JohnlockStark
Sherlock Preferences / One Shotsby Lee Aoifa
What if there was more to life than inspecting dead bodies at crime scenes? What would it take to get you to notice it? A devastatingly handsome psychopath calling you a...
  • mycroft
  • maybe
  • hudson
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Beautiful Monster [BookOne] by SXMmeR_09
Beautiful Monster [BookOne]by UnXcOrNs
Completed "And so the beauty fell in love with the beast" [Book One] [Beauty And The Beast]
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  • harry
  • hurt
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Sherlock Transcript ↦ All Episodes by taesggukie
Sherlock Transcript ↦ All Episodesby yoon + chim
This is script to Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes's and John Watson's incredible adventure. Apparently people need it for fan fiction and stuff and I found this site where the...
  • 221b
  • johnwatson
  • hudson
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Please keep Haunting Me | Sweeney Todd - after death by Horroryas
Please keep Haunting Me | Candy
My 3rd Sweeney Todd fanfiction. All in the timeline of the movie! The past, Present and future! Past: Story 1 - The Demon Of Fleet Street (Sweeney Todd X Reader) Link...
  • lovett
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(Star Wars) - Imperialized #TheRiseAwards by MrsSenatorSkywalker
(Star Wars) - Imperialized Padmé
~ Very AU Vadala Story ~ She's far from royalty. He's far from a peasant. What happens when they meet by chance? Will it be instant attraction or instant repulsion? R...
  • star
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A Lucas Coly Story by rocsthebae
A Lucas Coly Storyby kik? ask
This is a Lucas Coly and Yn story
  • mrs
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Ishita and Raman love story  by Nisaabdul
Ishita and Raman love story by Nisa abdul
ishita and raman love story ghost track more romance
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  • adi
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Henry Danger: Reborn by Nerdsareawesome656
Henry Danger: Rebornby Nerdsareawesome656
My name is the Dark Hero. I am a teenager who lives in a town named Swellview. you don't recognize the name Dark Hero? Well maybe you'll remember the sidekick of a one C...
  • walldogs
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Don't Let Go by ilovetelenovelas
Don't Let Goby ilovetelenovelas
I really, really love IPKKND, but I did not like the way the Sheetal track went. So this is my take on how the Sheetal track and Mrs. India track.
  • sheetaltrack
  • mrs
  • asr
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The beginning by audrey178th
The beginningby @audrey178th
Spoby when they first fell in love 1st book in The Beginning series
  • spencer
  • mrs
  • aria
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Phantomhive wedding  by -Phxntomhive-
Phantomhive wedding by ★Ciel Star★
Welcome! to the wedding of Ms.Midford and Mr.Phantomhive!
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