Positive?! || Markson by tuanskiss
Positive?! || Markson by jessy
High School nerd Mark Tuan gets accidently pregnant by Badboy Jackson Wang. [includes male pregnancy] Current rank: #18 in Fanfiction Highest rank: #12 in Fanfiction
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✧ Little Lavender Louis ∞ L.S ✧ by -stylesonlyx
✧ Little Lavender Louis ∞ L.S ✧ by ❅ cutely ❅
Louis just loved the color lavender, and Harry just loved him. ((i changed my mind, and i don't want any translations, sorry))
  • niall
  • fluff
  • love
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Something Good || 2Jae by xbygmygx
Something Good || 2Jae by L e a h
"What are you hiding?" "I'm not hiding anything." "Then just say it's a rumor." ---- In which Youngjae becomes pregnant by his older brothe...
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The Tiger's Omega by jaeteal01
The Tiger's Omega by Jae Teal
Kaleb has recently turned nineteen still anticipating the arrival of his mate. Much to his surprise the omega happens upon a giant sleeping male tiger in the woods. Ze...
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  • mpreg
  • gay
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The Mark of An Alpha [1] | ✓  by -loserinabox
The Mark of An Alpha [1] | ✓ by ˗ˏˋ seth ˊˎ˗
WARNING: This story contains violence, sexual themes and foul language. You have been warned. Readers amazing comments: ❝That was great from start to finish.❞ @Jihoona30...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • mates
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THE MAN I WAS IN LOVE WITH by Iryn Jason Albreeves
Three years ago,i was so in love,i was married to billionaire Ryan Alvares,we were happy till the day he threw me out,pregnant with his child and false accusations. We w...
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  • manxman
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End Up Here - l.s (mpreg) by Once_upon_a_larrie
End Up Here - l.s (mpreg) by Bottom Louis writer
Harry Styles, a twenty-nine year old model for Gucci, who just so happened to be cocky and rude. Louis Tomlinson, a twenty-two year old college student and part time par...
  • onedirection
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Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpreg  *EDITING* by signofnarry
Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpr... by signofnarry
"I don't want you, you're a lousy servant. Hell, I want you to die. Why would I want you? You're fat, ugly and a disgrace to the werewolf kind. YOUR A DOG!" Ni...
  • mpreg
  • narry
  • royalty
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Broke  •Cashby Mpreg• by ThatConcertLife
Broke •Cashby Mpreg• by Ty
Alan Ashby is a werewolf that had a one night stand with his alpha resulting in a pregnancy that he had to hide from his pack. After his pack was attacked Alan ends up o...
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Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of the Tantalizing Love Series] by Squidtcyc
Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of... by Squidtcyc
"Sorry, Sir! I'm really sorry!" The small figure apologised repeatedly as he stood frozen in his spot. "It's alright. Are you okay?" I stared down in...
  • tantalizinglove
  • sweets
  • tragedy
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Radioactive: Birth by strawberryichigo15
Radioactive: Birth by Tragedy Collins
In the future, a chemical reaction from both sides of the globe caused radiation to be infused in the air, changing society. For normal people, everyone now is able to h...
  • vampire
  • asexual
  • mpreg
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The Best Kept Secret  by ThatConcertLife
The Best Kept Secret by Ty
This is mpreg So All Time Low is breaking up because Alex has a kid with his fiancé who he is getting married to soon. At the bachelor party Jack and Alex get drunk and...
  • mpreg
  • alexgaskarth
  • gay
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A Chocolate Kiss (B×B) [Book 1 of the Tantalizing Love Series] by Squidtcyc
A Chocolate Kiss (B×B) [Book 1 of... by Squidtcyc
"So Anthony, can you explain why is there a fly in my coffee?" I smirked internally as he squirmed under my hard gaze. "I'm s-sorry sir. I'll get my st...
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  • love
  • mpreg
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The Boy by kitsnake
The Boy by Siren
Uchiha Sasuke gets a rude awakening when a little boy arrives at his office with a note saying "It's time to be a father bastard..." Is this a joke? Nope, its...
  • boy
  • mpreg
  • love
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Alpha Rogue [BoyxBoy] by AuthorCarnation
Alpha Rogue [BoyxBoy] by AuthorCarnation
Being an Omega is no walk in the park. Theo and his best friend Fraya are the only omega's in the Silver Creek Pack. They get pushed around by everyone in the pack just...
  • evil
  • werewolf
  • abuse
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Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG) by iLyna_chAn
Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPR... by iLyna_chAn
REBIRTH,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have b...
  • secondlife
  • mystical-ancientchina
  • crossdressing
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Healing Landon (BoyxMan) (Mpreg) by xAlternativeTwistx
Healing Landon (BoyxMan) (Mpreg) by Liyah
~ COMPLETED ~ Landon was a lost 17 year old boy who ran away from a broken home at 13 years old. With his mom being drug addict and abusive and his dad being deceased, L...
  • mpreg
  • twins
  • adult
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Be Your Everything by NeedForMuke
Be Your Everything by Emma
Otabek is a 21 year old alpha with no mate. Yurio is an 18 year old omega who just got kicked out of his home. What will happen when they meet?
  • yuriplisetsky
  • alpha
  • otayuri
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When he loved me.. ~Victuri MPreg~ by myhappylittlePhil301
When he loved me.. ~Victuri MPreg~ by Trash
Victor Nikiforov is the worlds best figure skater. Going for his 6th consecutive gold medals it seems like nothing in the world can bring him down. It isn't until he bum...
  • victuri
  • otabekaltyn
  • yurio
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Little Alpha Of Mine (BOYXBOY) by Dramanga
Little Alpha Of Mine (BOYXBOY) by Charlie
Ethan is the third son of the alpha of the HeavenlyWay Pack, and has just turned 17. Time to find his mate. What happens when his mate isn't the whiny female he is expec...
  • boyxboy
  • mpreg
  • romance